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When you are in contact with a girl and launching an active attack on a girl, dating and watching a movie is the best way to get in touch with each other and further their relationship

A girl is reading a book, reading a story.

4 Red Flags In A Relationship With A Man You Should Never Ignore   In a relationship, why do people want to keep their relationship together? And why would they want to separate?   Psychologists also want to clarify these problems in love.   In August 2017, three psychologists from the University

The right clothes Watching a movie is a very casual occasion. Although it’s a first date, don’t dress too formally to give girls a sense of oppression. Just wear the casual clothes you usually wear when you have a party with friends. Viewing time Although there are times to watch

Note 1: choose the right flower Different flowers have different flower language. You can also choose the flower color and flower language matching with their temperament and temperament according to the date. Nowadays, sending flowers is a kind of flower language composed of different types of flowers. Other flowers set

1, Be polite Politeness in a narrow sense is the respect and friendly feelings of others expressed by words. In a broad sense, politeness is not only in polite words to others, but also in proper dress and behavior. When dating a girl, you should pay attention to your dress.