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Atypical Sex Stories, Do You Have The Guts To Try It?

Have you seen the Sex Stories of “Eyes Wide Shut” (Eyes Wide Shut)? This Sex Stories is directed by Stanley Kubrick and performed by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The whole show is surrounded by intimate themes such as Sex Stories and betrayal, full of Kubrick-style bizarre dreams.

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I remember that in Sex Stories, a part of the character of Tom Cruise went to the mansion to participate in an underground sex party. In Sex Stories, everyone on the scene wore mysterious masks, wandering in the maze-like mansion with barely perfect lines, and some people were fiercely lingering. Some people were watching the battle. The atmosphere on the scene was intimate and weird. At that time, when I was young, I thought, is there really such a party?


When I grew up, I chatted with my friends about Sex Stories, only to find out that such Sex Stories really exist, and there are even a few friends who have experienced it personally. The following pseudonyms visit the stories of a few friends, and their Sex Stories, would you want to try instead?


01. Sex Stories-exchange keys at a partner swap party

When I was in college in Madrid, a girl friend told me that she went to the Sex Stories where she went to a party on the weekend. After listening to this Sex Stories, I was very curious and asked my boyfriend at that time if she wanted to try it. . After listening to Sex Stories, although he said it was good, he was actually quite nervous. When we drove to the club that day, we also did deep breathing exercises in the car, but he was still too nervous. I promised him, wait. If he wants to leave, we will leave immediately. After he listens, he feels a little more relieved. This is also our first contact with Sex Stories.

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This party swapping party is not the kind of Sex Stories where everyone is in the same room. Instead, it is more like a university friendship, that is, everyone first chats and meets in the hall, and then draws the key. It is just that the key is not to take someones motorcycle to go for a drive. With whom to go to bed elsewhere, obviously such Sex Stories are very exciting.


The people who went there that day were all about the same age as us. They were 2 and 30 years old. They were all lovers. Everyone was very friendly. The host helped us prepare snacks and tea. There was also a host who helped me start a topic and a hot scene. It felt like good. Friends are chatting. Then when it came time to pull the key, I was actually very nervous at this time. I turned my head to look at my boyfriend. His eyes looked like a frightened deer. He was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t speak. I immediately followed him when I saw it. Say, well, let’s go. We stood up and said goodbye to the host and everyone. No one kept us or questioned why we were leaving. We walked out of the hall holding hands and only breathed a sigh of relief until we got back to the car. So this Sex Stories ended. Later, I told my friends about Sex Stories. They were very curious and expressed that they wanted to participate in this kind of Sex Stories.


02. Sex Stories-S&M party unexpectedly evokes the potential for abuse

The ending of this Sex Stories was not good, but after I went back, I had a big fight with my girlfriend

I attended a private S&M party in Singapore last month. My girlfriend didn’t want to go, but I told her that she didn’t have to do anything when she went, and it didn’t matter if she was there. She was actually a little curious at first, and she was convinced by what I said. The beginning of Sex Stories is generally like this.

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In this Sex Stories, there will be an event similar to the “pre-departure meeting” in the previous two weeks. It will be held in a Lounge Bar. The organizer will send people to exchange knowledge with us and see how we are. People, make sure we have no problem, and then they will send you a notification invitation letter within a few days. After receiving it, they will be ready to go to the party. So, when my friends and I shared this Sex Stories, they said it was a little troublesome.


The event of Sex Stories was held in a beautiful mansion. There are people from all countries on the scene. There are a few men with good figures and chatting with my girlfriend. I took the initiative to find the two most beautiful in the room. Girls chatting. I remember that there was a man who assured the women present that his skills were very good and that he would be able to squirt each other with his fingers. Then he was really fingering a woman on the sofa, and there were two other girls in line behind him. There were a bunch next to him. People looked around. In Sex Stories, such a scene is really exciting.


Later in Sex Stories, I turned my head to find my girlfriend and found that a boy was helping her massage. Then he took out some self-prepared S&M props from the bag and asked my girlfriend to tie him up and beat him. My girlfriend looked overwhelmed, so I walked over, dragged the man to the chair, tied him firmly with a rope, and then took the whip and whipped him again and again. The mans screams attracted many people to watch. I continued to beat him, and then asked him to count from one to ten in French (I dont know if he can speak French). If he said one wrongly or pronounced one wrongly, I would beat him. He clicked. In Sex Stories, the man is hesitating over there Un Deux Trois, and I will whip him once when it comes to numbers that dont. Then I took a sharp weapon and wandered around his lower body. I leaned in front of him and asked him how he felt. He whispered to me, “Man, I’m not gay.” I said back to him, “I’m not gay either. . But this is the end of your chat with my girlfriend just now.So in Sex Stories, you may also be at a loss.


After working with that guy for half an hour, I got tired, so I left him there to drink a drink. At this time, a bunch of people came to chat with me. Many girls asked me to call, and my girlfriend was beside me. I saw my eyes widened. Later that night when I went home, I had a quarrel with my girlfriend. On the one hand, she was angry at why so many people asked me for phone calls, but no boys asked her. On the other hand, I was angry that I seemed to understand S&M. Sex Stories is also easy to be misunderstood by your partner. If you want to try this situation in Sex Stories, you must be mentally prepared. After listening to this Sex Stories, do you also want to try the exciting plot of Sex Stories?


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