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Surprise: Women Who Love Anal Sex Are More Likely To Have Orgasm


01. Why is it easier for Women Who Love Anal Sex to get orgasm?

Do girls like anal or Do women like anal? There are many answers. After the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first drug to treat female sexual dysfunction, someone found a set of data from the 2009 National Sexual Health and Behavior Survey, and the results were surprising. Women who love anal sex are easier to get orgasm!

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In a chart that divides the probability of reaching orgasm according to sexual behavior and gender, one behavior is particularly prominent: Women who love anal sex are more likely to get orgasm, and Women who love anal sex are more likely to get orgasm. Once the news comes out, many people I was surprised, because Women who love anal sex is actually not in line with normal sex life. People think that Women who love anal sex women often have a lot of sexual addictions, and many women don’t want to try to do this kind of women who love anal sex. 


However, the data shows that 94% of Women who love anal sex have reached an climax in the process. Of course, the sample size of Women who love anal sex in the survey is not large, so no conclusion can be drawn, but this result is still beyond people’s expectations. This data also caught the attention of financial reporter Felix Salmon, who usually discusses money, not Women who love anal sex.


According to Felix’s analysis, he put forward several speculations about the abnormally high rate of women who love anal sex having an orgasm during sex. One of them is that Women who love anal sex is still regarded as a taboo, the kind of sex that can happen once a year if you are lucky. In this view, those who regularly engage in anal sex will be considered a bit nasty or very perverted. In addition, he also put forward the principle of reciprocity in social sciences, that is, if a woman is willing to let a man have anal sex, he will do his best to get her to orgasm.


Why do girls like anal? In fact, both men and women like anal sex for some basic physiological reasons. So Women who love anal sex is still very common. Girls who like anal or women who like anal is not a shameful thing either.


The principle is this, Women who love anal sex during sex. Sexually sensitive areas are all around the body part where it happened. For Women who love anal sex, anal sex can stimulate the G-spot. There is only a thin layer of tissue between the anal canal, which means that some Women who love anal sex can obtain indirect G-spot stimulation through anal sex.

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For men, the pleasure of anal sex comes from the prostate. Within a few inches of the anal canal, the prostate may swell during sexual arousal, and with appropriate stimulation, it will increase the intensity of pleasure. That’s it. Although there may be many reasons for the orgasm in anal sex, the most important thing about Women who love anal sex is to feel comfortable.


02. How to make your girlfriend a Women Who Love Anal Sex

Anal sex, presumably not every girl can accept, first is the psychological problem, then the fear of pain, but this is not important, the important thing is how do you guide her to accept you and your anal sex, let him change Become a Women Who Love Anal Sex, this is about anal sex skills, good guidance, she will generally accept, many Women Who Love Anal Sex get more exciting pleasure from anal sex, this article mainly introduces how to create opportunities Guide your partner to have anal sex with you and make her a Women Who Love Anal Sex. And what kind of actions and problems should be paid attention to during anal sex.


Make her a Women Who Love Anal Sex, two ways

The first method is to use the so-called sm game. Playing a bit of a game is the only way to stay fresh. You may have seen it in movies. The simplest sex game is to use a very thick and soft rope to help your girlfriend’s limbs on the bed. The girl accepts under the condition that her limbs are constrained, even normal intercourse is particularly comfortable, and she has a feeling of life and death. If you usually play this kind of game, you can have a lot of opportunities to make your girlfriend become a Women Who Love Anal Sex, because then it will be useless for her to cry and cry. You are forcing her to pass the pain.

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The ethical basis for using these methods is that after the painful period of anal sex, girls will truly enjoy the orgasm brought about by anal sex, and then become Women Who Love Anal Sex. What you have done is to overcome the pain, your original intention is still for your girlfriend’s sexual pleasure. So don’t condemn your own thoughts and practices, you are normal. After the first few times of pain, the girl’s anal expansion ability is greatly enhanced, and anal sex will be regarded as a normal sexual activity in the future. Let her know that Women Who Love Anal Sex is not shameful.


The second method is if the girl loves you very much, you have a chance. When the girl knows that you are leaving her because you have another new girlfriend. At this time, you make your request again to find an excuse to explain why you want to leave her, most of the girl will agree to you at this time, and may become a Women Who Love Anal Sex.


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