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Why Do Men Want Sex So Much? Matters Needing Attention For Men

Sex life is a part of normal life between men and women. Compared with women, men prefer to have sex. Many people say that men are animals thinking with their lower body, that is to say, men’s sexual desire is higher than women’s. Some people wonder why men want sex so much. In fact, it has something to do with the nature of men.

Why do men want sex so much?

The reason why men want sex so much is because of their physiological structure. The psychological structure of men and women is different, and it is precisely because of the different physiological structure that men are more prone to sexual desire. In addition, studies have found that most men subconsciously have a desire to conquer. They think that to realize this idea, they need to have sex. What’s more, the burden on men is heavy. Having sex can make them happy physically and mentally. From this perspective, it can also explain why men want sex so much.

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What should men pay attention to when having sex?

1. Control the frequency of sex

Although men’s libido is relatively high and they spend more time having sex, they should pay attention not to have sex too frequently. If they have sex too frequently, their prostate will be congested for a long time, and it is easy to hurt their prostate. In addition, frequent sex, easy to let men appear the phenomenon of loss of essence, more likely to let the body immunity decline, thus causing a series of diseases.

2. Clean the penis

Before having sex, men should clean their genitals to avoid the bacteria on the genitals entering the female vagina, which will lead to female vaginal diseases. It can also avoid female vaginal diseases and cross infection when having sex next time.

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3. Avoid having sex when you’re tired

Sex life will be affected by physical factors and external factors, leading to a decline in quality. If men are too tired to have sex, it will not only consume a lot of energy and reduce the body’s immunity, but also lead to the phenomenon that they can’t do what they want, which will lead to a decline in the quality of sex life.

Generally speaking, compared with women, men are animals that think with their lower body. Although proper sex life can help each other to enjoy their body and mind, it can also let men release themselves. But we should know that when we have sex, we should pay attention to some things, so as to avoid physical injury caused by our wrong sex life style.

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