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Why Do Men Want Sex So Much? 10 Health Reasons!

Many boys open the door to a new world after their first sex, and their passion for sex is growing day by day.

Why do men want sex so much? In fact, it may be his body saying: this sport can make me healthier.

Why do men want sex so much? Why do men like sex so much?

1. Why do men want sex so much: Sex can enhance immunity

Dr Yvonne K. Fulbright, a sexual health expert, said: “people who have a lot of sex have fewer sick days.” People who have sex have a smoother immune system, which can protect their bodies from bacteria and viruses.

University of Pennsylvania Vickers found that compared with less sexual life, college students who have sex at least twice a week also have higher levels of certain antibodies.

2. Why do men want sex so much: Sexual love enhances male bladder function

A strong pelvis is essential for boys. You know, about 30% of men in the world may experience urinary incontinence.

High quality sex can exercise pelvic muscles. When reaching orgasm, lower abdominal muscle contraction can strengthen and exercise bladder function.

3. Why do men want sex so much: Sex can lower blood pressure

Many studies at home and abroad have shown that there is a certain association between sex and lowering blood pressure. Joseph J. pinzone, CEO and medical director of Amazon wellness, said: “there are many similar studies. One of the most representative studies found that sexual intercourse (masturbation is not included) can indeed reduce systolic blood pressure.”

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4. Why do men want sex so much: Regard sex as sport

Sex is a wonderful sport. Pinzone also believes that “it’s the same as exercise. Only by sticking to it can we get the maximum benefits.”

Sex burns 5 calories per minute, 4 more than watching TV. Having sex not only increases your heart rate, but also allows you to move muscles all over your body.

5. Why do men want sex so much: Sex can reduce the risk of heart disease

Good sex is good for the heart. On the one hand, it can effectively improve heart rate, on the other hand, it can maintain the balance between estrogen and androgen. Once the two hormones are out of balance, the body will have problems like osteoporosis or heart disease

A study conducted by the Methodist Hospital of Houston in the United States shows that increasing the frequency of sex is also beneficial to health. Men who had sex at least twice a week had a half lower risk of dying from heart disease than men who had little sex.

6. Why do men want sex so much: Sex can relieve pain

Does it hurt? Don’t rush to aspirin, try sex and have a one-time orgasm.

“Orgasm can relieve pain.” Dr. Barry R. komisaruk, a professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey. In his view, making love can release a hormone, which can improve people’s tolerance to pain.

More than that, komisaruk said: “vaginal stimulation can effectively stop back and leg pain. Many women also said that do it yourself, stimulate the vagina, can also relieve dysmenorrhea, joint pain, and even headache.

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7. Why do men want sex so much: Sex can reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Boys who ejaculate at least 21 times a month have a lower risk of prostate cancer, JAMA has published.

If you want to do this, you can not only have sex with someone, but also do it yourself( Frequent flying is not good for your health. It’s better to find a girlfriend

8. Why do men want sex so much: Sex can improve sleep

It’s a good thing that you can fall asleep soon after your passion.

“After the climax of sex, the body releases prolactin, which regulates your sleep and enables you to fall asleep as soon as possible,” said sheenie ambardar, a psychologist and medical doctor

9. Why do men want sex so much: Sex can promote sexual desire

“Making love can improve your sex life. It can also improve your libido.” So says Lauren Streicher, M.D., of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of medicine.

For women, making love can lubricate the vagina, promote blood circulation and improve the flexibility of vaginal muscles. On the contrary, these factors can improve the quality of sex life and make you more obsessed with it.

10. Why do men want sex so much: Sex relieves stress

It’s more comfortable to have a partner around. Ambardar said that simple physical contact and hugging can help the body release adrenaline. After being aroused, the brain also releases a chemical to activate the part of the brain responsible for “enjoying”.

Psychologically, making love and intimacy can also improve people’s self-confidence and happiness. So, dare to love, it brings you not only health, but also happiness. Don’t say you’re too busy. Find time to have regular sex.

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