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What To Say After Sex + What Cannot Be Done

What to say after sex? I’ve done a special survey. According to the psychology of different women, after sex, especially after the first sex, what women most want men to say generally includes the following:

1. If she is a virgin, what she likes to hear most is: “I will be responsible for you.

2. If she is a married woman, what she likes to hear most is: “it’s a pity that he won’t appreciate you because you are so good.”

3. If she is a single career woman, her favorite words are: “I am completely conquered by you.”

Of course, the above is based on the situation that you want to keep a long-term relationship with them, otherwise, it’s better to hold her gently, kiss her and fall asleep quietly after sex.

Of course, besides knowing what to say after sex, you also need to know what to do

Things you can’t do immediately after sex

You can’t take a bath immediately after sex

Careful cleaning of the genitalia before and after sex is one of the important measures to prevent genital tract inflammation and block various infectious diseases. Men should pay attention to clean the penis and scrotum, and pull the foreskin to the penis to fully expose the glans and clean it. Female cleaning vulva to pay attention to the size of the labia, vaginal vestibule, vagina does not need cleaning.

Many people are sweating profusely after sex and feel uncomfortable with sweating all over the body. You have to take a cold bath first. In this regard, experts pointed out that sex is a more intense activity, after a bath will cause panic, asthma and other diseases. Especially after the intense sex life, taking a cold bath will make the skin blood vessels contract suddenly, and a large amount of blood will flow back to the heart, thus increasing the burden of the heart.

It’s not suitable to take a hot bath immediately after sex. Because Bathing will make the blood flow into the skin and muscle tissue, it is easy to reduce the blood supply to other important organs. Once the blood supply to the heart and brain is reduced, their normal physiological functions will be affected, and some diseases will be induced.

Therefore, it is suggested to have a rest for a while and take a bath when the body recovers to a certain extent.

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You can’t go fall asleep right after sex

Men in the sex life, generally feel tired, therefore, many people like to fall asleep, think that this can eliminate fatigue. In fact, the opposite is true. Sleeping immediately after sex will not only make the woman unhappy, but also make the fatigue after ejaculation last until the next day.

Usually, when couples have sex, from the beginning of sexual excitement to the end of orgasm, under normal circumstances, the duration is about 5-20 minutes, there are also longer than this. During sexual life, human sympathetic nerve is in a state of high tension, and the secretion of various hormones, especially sex hormones, is exuberant.

At this time, not only the sexual organs of both sides are in a state of high hyperemia, but also many tissues of the body participate in this special physiological process from the period of sexual excitement to climax, such as: faster heartbeat, higher blood pressure, faster breathing, skin vasodilation, increased perspiration and so on. Therefore, in this process, the body’s energy consumption is significantly increased, and the metabolism is enhanced.

The reason why they feel tired after sex is mostly due to the relaxation of the reflex function of the brain and spinal cord which controls the ejaculation. During ejaculation, the nerves are excited and tense, and the nerves and spinal reflex nerves are relaxed after ejaculation.

Young people are sensitive and active, so they recover quickly, and some even recover immediately. Elderly people have a slow nerve reaction and a relatively long recovery time. If they fall asleep immediately after ejaculation, the reflex function causing fatigue will continue to relax, and the fatigue will hardly disappear.

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If you don’t go to bed immediately after sex, you can get up and continue to do something in daily life, which can make the reflex nerve become dull due to sexual stimulation recover smoothly. If you go back to sleep immediately after the event, the dull effect of sleep plus the dull effect of sexual stimulation will make you tired until the next day, making your back ache.

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