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What Makes A Man Bad In Bed: 5 Things

What makes a man bad in bed?


Reasons for men’s sexual indifference

1. No interest in you

He has a lover outside. Or no lover, but a one-night stand, or a prostitute, in short, no longer interested in you.

What makes a man bad in bed? Men’s curiosity is heavy. Need each other to have a sense of mystery, which will create suspense, this situation sex most enjoyable. But because you two are married for a number of years, each other are very familiar, so there is no novelty to speak of. The level of pleasure when making love decreases a lot, and there is no attraction. This will be more and more uninteresting after a long time. Therefore, it is necessary for couples to have reservations, which is the source of mystery, freshness and pleasure.


What makes a man bad in bed? Most men can hardly resist the temptation of the outside world, and their hearts cannot stay on just one woman. For the family, they have responsibilities, but this does not stop their restless hearts for sexual attraction. “Sexual courage” is actually the best portrait.


2. Life habits

In the habits of life, although alcohol can make people impulsive desire, but in fact it is more damage to men’s sexuality, especially for those men who have been drinking for a long time. “Excessive use of tobacco and alcohol. What makes a man bad in bed? It is important to know that nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol in wine, after being absorbed by the body, inhibit the body from producing androgens and can block the pathway of nerve reflexes in sexual life, so that sexual function is reduced and sexual sensory disorders occur.”


Therefore, men should put an end to bad habits, more exercise and less alcohol, less smoking or even non-smoking, which is very important to restore male sexual function, improve the quality of sexual life and physical health. “Some men go out in a car, into the door by elevator, work with a computer, usually less exercise. What makes a man bad in bed? In addition to the fast pace of life, mental stress, the human body resistance is poor, all kinds of diseases will be high.” The male appears “sexually indifferent”, need to promptly consult a specialist doctor, reasonable use of some androgens, liver, kidney and blood Chinese medicine, to help restore male reproductive health.

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3. Disease decreases

Physical problems can make men’s libido decline, such as impotence. What makes a man bad in bed? Some data show that 7% of young people suffer from impotence, and the rate increases with age. The rate is 12% before the age of 40, 18% between the ages of 50-59, and rises to 25%-30% in the age group of 60.

Next are chronic conditions such as cancer and low blood pressure, while cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes can also immediately make a person sexually uninterested due to slowing the flow of blood through the body (and also in the penis). What makes a man bad in bed? There are other conditions such as thyroid or pituitary disorders (the pituitary gland controls the production of many hormones in the body, including sex hormones) that can lead to a loss of libido.


4. Increase in age

In addition to this, experts believe that age is also one of the reasons that affects male sexual function. What makes a man bad in bed? As men grow older, the demand for sexual desire will become less and less. This is the objective law of sexual aging. Especially after the age of 50, male genitalia gradually aging, the demand for sexual desire is lower, need to give appropriate care.


5. Estrogen rise

Research found that many men’s body estrogen levels are increasingly high, some even 2-3 times higher than the normal value. This “status quo” has even formed a younger trend. What makes a man bad in bed? In the past, those who came to see sexual dysfunction or infertility were middle-aged and elderly people in their 40s and 50s, but now there are more and more young people in their 30s.




Habits that affect sexual desire


1. Insomnia or stay up late people

Lack of sleep can lead to physical fatigue, naturally can not raise the interest. A survey in the United States shows that daytime sleepiness leads to a serious decline in libido in 1/4 of the United States. What makes a man bad in bed? Quickly adjust the work and rest, adults should ensure 7 to 9 hours of adequate sleep every day.


2. Sedentary people

Sedentary is the culprit that kills health, but also the enemy that destroys sexual desire. What makes a man bad in bed? Long-term sedentary not only brings many diseases to the body, such as diabetes, heart disease, but also make the hips more fat, causing back pain, fatigue, and even lead to prostatitis. It is best to change your posture every half hour, or stand up and move around.


3. Poor relationship between husband and wife

It is inevitable that stumbling in life, if negative response, endless arguments, or even long-term cold war, will give a fatal blow to sex life. What makes a man bad in bed? Whether it is for a happy marriage or happy sex, sincere communication and eliminate the gap is the best way to solve the problem of couples.


4. Obese people

Obese people are vulnerable to poor libido. What makes a man bad in bed? On the one hand, the large body to sex brings difficulties; on the other hand, obesity may also psychologically reduce the confidence of people, easy to produce dissatisfaction, and so on, and then discouraged from sex. Therefore, weight loss and remove the psychological burden need to be carried out at the same time.

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