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Spiritual Meaning Of Making Love In Dream

Whats the spiritual meaning of making love in dream? Everyone has the freedom to love and the desire to be loved. In dreams, some people will dream about “sex” related dreams.

The “sex object” in the dream is often unexpected. It may be someone you don’t interact with in reality, such as your ordinary friends, neighbors, celebrities, teachers or bosses. Many people are ashamed to talk about it when they wake up, and in their work life, they will be embarrassed if they unintentionally bump into the “protagonist of the sex dream”.



The causes of sex dreams

Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, believed that dreams are the road to the subconscious. Spiritual meaning of making love in dream: The function of dreams is to protect sleep, when people fall asleep, self-vigilance is relaxed, and repressed desires (often sexual) rush into consciousness to interrupt sleep, and these desires are allowed to be partially expressed in the disguised form of dreams. That is, as Freud said, “Dreams are our repressed desires made up to be realized.”

Normally we are subject to many censorship and restrictions given to us by our consciousness, and in the ocean of our subconscious, those unseemly desires that we usually dare not think about, that we blush and pinch off when we think about them, those impermissible actions that we usually dare not do and will be punished for as long as we do them, only in dreams can they escape the censorship of our consciousness and slip through smoothly.”



In other words, what enters the dream is often what is repressed in our subconscious. Spiritual meaning of making love in dream: Dreams are very clever and intelligent, never nakedly expressed, but all rewritten, made up and distorted, so our naked sex dreams are likely to have nothing to do with sex instead, much like Picasso’s paintings or Dali’s exaggerated and distorted works.”

Dreams, especially sex dreams, are like an alien language we haven’t mastered or a secret code we haven’t deciphered, only to discover that dreams are not dreams and sex is not sex.

Even so, sex dreams are fundamentally different from spiritual cheating. Spiritual meaning of making love in dream: Sexual dreams are not controlled by human beings, especially the object of sexual dreams is nothing more than a representation of some subjective desire and beautiful vision.



The vast difference between dreams and reality does not represent the dreamer’s true wishes, so there is no need to be troubled by the content of sex dreams. Spiritual meaning of making love in dream: Spiritual infidelity (including online dating) is different, as it is the subjective will of the person that plays a leading role, and is often accompanied by some real-life practical actions.





Sexual dreams with sex have the following characteristics

The first form, which is the fulfillment of a wish, such as a passionate battle with a crush in a dream.

Secondly, it is the continuation of sexual experience, the release of physical sexual desire, etc.

One of the most prominent phenomena is the “matchmaking of the sexual object”. Spiritual meaning of making love in dream: The dream episode of sex often expresses not the theme of sex, but implies our relationship with others.

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Let’s see what some representative sexual dreams may mean:


1. Dream of having sex with the same sex

A woman once dreamed that she had sex with a beautiful, plump woman. And once wondered if she was potentially gay.

Spiritual meaning of making love in dream: Psychologists say that whether it is potentially homosexual, this may not be. It is possible that the dreamer is expressing her identity with the same sex, and that the “beautiful, plump woman” may be the woman the dreamer wants herself to be.


2. Dreams about having sex with bosses and colleagues

Spiritual meaning of making love in dream: This kind of sexual dream does not necessarily mean that we have lust for the boss or / colleagues, but may be that we hope that the interpersonal relationship with the boss or colleagues can be transformed, that we are accepted and recognized.


3. Dream about masturbation in public

This kind of dream can make some dreamers feel embarrassed when they wake up because a person is masturbating in public in the dream state.

Spiritual meaning of making love in dream: Psychologists believe that this dream may also have nothing really to do with sex. Masturbation is related to the ego: the desire to be free, to break out from the current limitations, a shouted declaration of one’s self-growth. So when you meet this kind of dream, don’t be too self-critical, sex dreams are a very normal phenomenon.


4. Attention, those seemingly “non-sexual” sex dreams

In fact, more often than not, we have a sexual dream, but we don’t know we are having a sexual dream because there is no sexual element at all.

This makes us feel like the dream is not about sex, so we vividly detail it and tell our friends and family about it. Spiritual meaning of making love in dream: I dreamed that I was in a maze with pipes and pillars everywhere, and I was going around and around these pipes and pillars like crazy, trying to escape, but I couldn’t get out. … “Those who have studied psychology must be able to see the element of “sex”.



Indeed, in Freud’s view, almost all dreams have a sexual connotation. In fact, non-sexual sexual dreams make up a large percentage of sexual dreams, but people don’t know it.

Spiritual meaning of making love in dream: A sexual sex dreams usually convey sexual implications through sexual symbols. If you dream of snakes, walking sticks, pillars, knives, guns, airplanes, cannons, etc., and when you dream of bowls, holes, pockets, houses, cars, etc., then it may mean that the dream is related to sex. Because dreams like symbolism. ” Spiritual meaning of making love in dream: All long, straight, hard and sharp objects are likely to be used to symbolize the male reproductive organs; and all soft, open objects that can be used to contain them are likely to be used by dreams to symbolize the female sexual organs.”

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