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Sometimes You Just Need Two Men Really?

When two people are not on the same page sexually, some will say sometimes you just need two men and some will say you just need two women. All partners experience this at almost all ages, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with your relationship; the reasons behind it could be physical or psychological.

Maybe you feel disappointed and sad that your partner doesn’t initiate sexual invitations as often as you do. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )

You may be comparing yourself to your partner, worrying that you are not normal or worrying about stressing your partner out, when all you need is some simple action to ease your mind.



Try the following 7 ways to bring you closer together


1. Exchange feelings

After two people have made love, they go off and do their own thing with each other without any other communication. This is actually not helpful for the next further.

The biggest killer in a relationship is not talking about the problem head-on and not communicating openly with each other. That’s why it’s important to talk down with each other and share your feelings with each other.


Ask your sweetie how they feel today, is the intensity right, why did you look so pained for a few seconds, were you happy or unhappy? Talking about it is the best way to relieve stress. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )

Human desire is not 100 percent physical; psychological intimacy affects how we feel sexually every day. Keeping unresolved emotions or anxieties hidden from your partner can lead to unknowingly repressing your desires. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )

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2. Do not self-deny

Men and women in love are very sensitive, afraid to leave each other, afraid they are not doing well enough, afraid they are doing too much… Especially in bed, they are afraid that they are a little careless, the other side feel bad, and then there is no then.

Low partner desire many times does not mean anything, maybe he is just too tired for a while, bad mood, for example, met a sandy boss, or life’s chicken little things, or meet each other’s physiological period, will make people feel do not want to love. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )


Although sharing your insecurities and admitting your intimate feelings can sometimes be uncomfortable, only by speaking your truest thoughts can you let the other person know and solve the problem itself together.

At times like this, it’s good to tell each other what you really think and just say, I don’t want to today. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )


3. Take the pleasure in their own hands

Will you DIY yourself? DIY is a luxury feast for one person, DIY is not cheating each other, not a perversion, but a pleasure in the pursuit of self. Wouldn’t it be a blessing to be able to vent your own desires in a reasonable way?

When we can no longer rely on others, psychologically and physically is the real independence and victory. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )


But everything has to have a degree, take care not to immerse yourself in the stimulation brought by pornography for a long time, if the body is over-stimulated for a long time to feel the excitement, but also you will start to lose sexual interest in your partner, look at a small movie can, but do not take it seriously oh, because the reality is not as good as on the screen. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )


4. At some point, ask your partner if he or she wants to help

DIY is fun, but also your husband or wife to participate in this will be more fun. Not all DIY has to be done alone, you can invite your partner to participate in it, which can build a bond between you, increase the atmosphere of interest, and even stimulate each other’s sexual desire. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )

It’s very comfortable for you to immerse yourself in it and for your partner to help you reach out to other erogenous zones, and it’s important that both people are involved. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )


5. Feeling loved and supported

Honey, help me…

Be sure to let him help you more, the other person’s participation and help, can let you understand yourself better, life is a mirror, the other person’s caress and tender consideration, will let you see yourself in the life of the beautiful look. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )

You can also let each other know that you are a little wildcat deep inside.


6. Meet your greater need for intimacy

Sometimes what drives your desire needs is a sense of a general lack of intimacy in your lives. Sex is a common way that we subconsciously try to get our core needs for intimacy met, but it may not even be the best way. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )

It’s easy for us to have the kind of shallow sex that can temporarily scratch the intimacy itch, but it may lack any real vulnerability, presence, or openness qualities that make it a truly intimate act. Sometimes having a thorough and honest conversation with each other can create more intimacy than having sex with someone. 


In general, when you are with someone you trust, be honest and speak your mind. Deal with the uncomfortable things you may have been putting aside and speak up about things you didn’t say in the past. This could be sharing love, overdue gratitude, unspoken frustrations, or stories of insecurities you’ve experienced around you. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )


7. Don’t rule out health issues

If one of you suddenly has a severely low sex drive, don’t rule out the possibility of physical and chemical problems (such as hormonal imbalances).

In addition to thyroid dysfunction, one of the main causes of hormone imbalance is stress. Chronic stress can disrupt your body’s hormone production and cause excessive stress, both of which can greatly reduce your sex drive. ( # Sometimes you just need two men )

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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