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15 Signs He Wants To Make Love To You, Not Love You


Do you know these signs he wants to make love to you? Realizing that a person is just using your body for fun is really bad. Knowing Signs he wants to make love to you can help you avoid this completely.


Some people are garbage people. They attract you and make you think they will be the best person in your life, but they just make you cry. Unfortunately, if you know these Signs he wants to make love to you, you can avoid them.


Fortunately, some people make it very clear that some of their behaviors are Signs he wants to make love to you. The hard part is if you are reluctant, then tell yourself that he is different. He will never do that to you, because you care about him so much. It’s difficult, but sometimes you have to admit the facts.


01. Why do men have these Signs he wants to make love to you

The main thing to understand here is that most people don’t actually want to hurt you. They usually only encounter promise problems that must be resolved, or they think you just want to have sex. When you find that he is only disturbed by you, there is usually a misunderstanding.

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This is difficult to solve alone. You think you are very clear, and that all those mushy words late at night mean that he cares more than real. This article only provides Signs he wants to make love to you, nothing more.


1. Signs he wants to make love to you-He doesn’t seem to be very interested.

How interested did he really seem when we first met? This is important because a person who likes you immediately and tries to interact with you is a more sexual person. If he doesn’t seem interested before you become frivolous, he may just want to have sex. This is a sign he wants to make love.


2 Signs he wants to make love to you-When talking for the first time, everything comes to the surface.

You didn’t really discuss anything of value because he might not care. For him, the most important thing about you may be the color of the underwear.


3. Signs he wants to make love to you-He mentioned your views on your character and other qualities. Whenever he compliments you, it doesn’t matter how funny or smart you are. It always has to do with how hot or naked you are. These are not praises from people who want you to be better than your body.


4. Signs he wants to make love to you-Your conversation always ends in a certain way. Everything eventually became dirty and naughty. You may talk about your day and what you have done, but he will always change sex. Even if you try to get things back on track, he will distract you with sexual topics, and eventually you will text.


5. Signs he wants to make love to you-He only sends text messages late at night or when he wants to hang up the phone. Basically, you are getting worse in the relationship until you have sex. Then, he is usually the first person to initiate a discussion about the issue or even a rebroadcast. This is one of the biggest signs that he just wants sex.


6. Signs he wants to make love to you-He never asks serious questions about you. Whenever you talk, it is always the same old thing. He didn’t actually try to get to know you through his naked face. You think he might not even know you at all.


7. Signs he wants to make love to you-He never mentioned anything related to the relationship.

He never lets you think that you are one, and he never lets you become one. A person who really likes you and wants to be with you will definitely at least talk about relationships. If this person does not, he may just be using you.


8. Signs he wants to make love to you-Your “date” is always at home.

You never really go out. Even if you complain about it, he can distract you by saying something he wants to do to attract your attention. However, in fact, he does not want this relationship to become closer. It is also easy to have sex while staying at home. This is a signs he wants to make love with you.

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9. Signs he wants to make love to you-You do not know him or his life very well.

If you think about it, you may not know him. Boys who only want to have sex from girls usually do not reveal details of their lives. They insist on themselves, actually just tell you the most basic content. This is a sad Signs he wants to make love to you. You don’t know anything about him except sex.


10. Signs he wants to make love to you-You have never met his friends.

Because he doesn’t want you to think that you want a relationship, he may keep you away from his friends. A person who just wants to have sex has zero interest in getting along with his friends. So he just won’t introduce you. Basically, his friends may not even know you.


11. Signs he wants to make love to you-You don’t have much in common.

Think about it. In addition to each other’s physical attractiveness, is there any connection? You may not even know enough about him, so you can’t be sure if he wants to have sex. But in the end, you just can’t find the connection and don’t know why you are with him besides sex.


12. Signs he wants to make love to you-every time you hang out, you will have sex.

This is a huge signal, probably the most important Signs he wants to make love to you. Do you have sex every time together? Who started? If it is him, and you are always dirty, he may just want you to have sex. People who like you like you dont have to wear pants every time they hang out.


13.Signs he wants to make love to you-If it is that time of the month, his vacancies suddenly decrease.

He basically used excuses and excuses to hang around until the end. In order to keep you friendly, he may agree to hang out at least once during this time. Otherwise, he will be busy with work, friends or anything else until the end.


14. Signs he wants to make love to you-Foreplay is not real.

And he doesn’t care what you want in bed. In the end, your foreplay may not last long because he is not very interested in letting you go. He is more worried about getting happiness, nothing more. This Signs he wants to make love to you is shown through his body movements to you.


15. Signs he wants to make love to you-you won’t think he really cares about you. 

Trust your instincts. Our intuition is for a reason. If you think he just wants you to have sex-we assume that you came here for sex-then he might do it.



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