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14 Sexology Podcasts Recommended For You!

Do you like Sexology Podcasts? Do you like sex? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you are in luck-we have compiled a master list of the 10 best Sexology Podcasts that will help anyone become a better lover.


Sexology Podcasts are a great resource, no matter what you are looking for, there is a podcast. Want in-depth reports to educate you and stimulate your curiosity? There are podcasts for this. Want to have frank conversations and interviews with interesting people whose personal stories will expand your horizons of the world? There are Sexology Podcasts for this. Want to make your brain happy? There are many. Here, we have collected some of the best series that the Sexology Podcasts community must offer, from advisory shows with frank discussions and interviews to completely fictional (but completely sexy) audio porn.


Sexology Podcasts refer to even those who think they know all about sex, well, they may be wrong, they should listen to these Sexology Podcasts anyway, because as Mr. Francis Bacon (or schoolhouse rock, whichever) once said , “Sexology Podcasts are power.”

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1. Sexology Podcasts-Call her dad

This Sexology Podcasts, hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklin, is a popular Sexology Podcast from Barstool Sports. He clearly covers all sexual things and can be traced back to the eyes of two New Yorkers in their 20s, so you Will definitely learn something about how to please.


2.Sexology Podcasts-Guys, let’s fuck together

This Sexology Podcasts consists of the hosts Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson-who together form the comedy duo “Sorry about the last night”-interviewed some very frank and sexually active men who like Sexology Podcasts.


3. Sexology Podcasts-Sex Science

In this weekly Sexology Podcasts, sex researcher Dr. Zhana Vrangalova and co-host Joe Pardavila debunk the myth of sex. This Sexology Podcasts mainly discuss topics such as orgasm, entanglement, pornography, and relationships, and interview recent research by sex scientists.


4. Sexology Podcasts-Ask Marni Kinrys and Kristen Carney about women

The themes of this Sexology Podcasts are “What You Should Not Say to a Woman”, “Easy Ways to Increase Your Sexuality”, and “How to Catalyze Women by Yourself”. Dating coaches Marni Kinrys and Kristen Carney are here for you in this Sexology Podcasts Provides real inner tips on how to understand women and find out what makes them feel.


5. Sexology Podcasts-Kinsey Confidential

This Sexology Podcasts is mainly in response to Debra Herbenick, the director of the Sexual Health Promotion Center at Indiana University Bloomington. When PhD, MPH and director provide questions about sex and sexual health, she provided her expert answers while maintaining anonymity. , If you are interested, you can search for this Sexology Podcasts.


6. Sexology Podcasts-The Shameless Sex of April Lambert and Amy Baldwin

This Sexology Podcasts is where sex educators April Lampert and Amy Baldwin brought expert guests to explain some things, such as where to find the g-spot, squirting, and how to have awesome sex.


7. Sexology Podcasts-Sex with Emily

In her Sexology Podcasts show on Sirius XM, sexpert Emily Morse has an in-depth understanding of the details of sex and relationships. In her recent episode, she talked about how to “raise the roof of your sex life” and discuss how to “improve your performance.” A sexy bar as high as possible, an ultimatum is never a good sign, but Sexology Podcasts talk about how to restructure the conversation and the best way to enter the dating scene.”


8. Sexology Podcasts-Savage Lovecast

Sexology Podcasts are hosted by Dan Savage, people submit their questions (you may have them too), and Dan answers in an interesting and very helpful way.

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9.Sexology Podcasts-Sex and Psychology

It is not exactly a Sexology Podcasts itself, but the website of the famous sex researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller. Sex and Psychology is a gold mine of scientific information. Good doctors discuss fantasy, the science of love and sex, and other scientifically supported gold. Blocks can help you with information between worksheets. Any Sexology Podcasts he has as a guest are worth listening to.


10. Sexology Podcasts-Having sex with strangers

Unlike most other Sexology Podcasts, Sex With Strangers covers topics from all over the world. The host of this Sexology Podcasts, Chris Sowa, travels around the world and talks with locals about their sexual experience in their home country, or experience it for themselves. For example, in episode 1, he went to Tokyo to find a vending machine for underwear.


11. Sexology Podcasts-Be polite with Hannah Witton

YouTuber Hannah Witton’s show is home to some of the most honest discussions about sex and diversity. Witton, she is very open to her journey. She has stomata (forms an opening in the abdomen so that waste can be transferred outside the body) when dating, and talks with clients about all aspects of dating, from disability in sex work to autism and The intersection of kinks.


12. Sexology Podcasts-Death, Sex and Money

In Death, Sex, and Money, the host Anna Sale not only focuses on sex, but also delves into major issues and difficult choices in various areas of life. These issues and issues are not considered “polite”. Since real life is not polite, this is absolutely necessary.


13. Sexology Podcasts-Nature

Nature This is where anyone who has sex with people who grew up in a religious or repressive environment can find anyone who needs to speak out in their sex life. The host Chris Duce knew this firsthand-he grew up a Mormon and spent a lot of time reflecting on his growth experience and relationship with growth. These days, he also invites visitors to interview their experiences in the same field.


14. Sexology Podcasts-Foreplay

If you want to provide information about sex that is straightforward and effortless, let yourself be addicted to foreplay, the Sexology Podcasts radio station, which is run by sex therapist Laurie Watson and couple counselor George Fa Hosted by George Faller. The show covers everything from kinks and orgy to trauma and sexual humiliation.


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