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7 Truths You Didn’t Know About sex doll

When it comes to sex doll, some people may blush and snicker, but sex doll have become a huge industry.


Now please answer honestly, do you have a sex doll? If so, will you admit it generously? Once, sex doll (sex doll, or sex toy) was a shameful mail-order product, which was always hidden in the drawer of the bedroom, under layers of clothes.


But now, sex doll is no longer a taboo. It is packaged as an interesting product that can promote the intimate relationship between couples, a veritable sex toy. At the same time, sex doll has also become a multi-billion dollar industry, and global sales have grown exponentially. The sex doll is packaged as a product that promotes the intimate relationship between couples

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1. Global sales of Sex doll reach billions of pounds

It is estimated that the global market size of the sex doll industry in 2017 was as high as 18 billion pounds. What is the concept of 18 billion pounds, it is about 10 times the electric toothbrush market, a little more than last year’s global microwave oven sales. The fastest market is… role-playing.


Joshua, an analyst at the Bangalore market research company “Technavio”, said, “We believe that India and China are the fastest growing markets.” India and China are still relatively conservative in their cultural attitudes towards sex doll. For example, India does not allow it. If you sell sex doll publicly, you cannot open a sex doll store. However, the popularity of the Internet and more and more people accept e-commerce consumption models, making it more and more convenient to buy sex doll.


According to figures from Indian market research company “Technavio”, the largest buyers of sex doll are Europeans, who buy more than Americans. “Surveys show that up to 70% of men and women in Italy have used sex doll.”


Joshua said that it is not only women who buy sex doll, but men also use sex doll. “Take the United States as an example. About 50% of men have used sex doll.” But women use sex doll more often. “About 60% to 65% of women use sex doll.”


2. Sex doll empower women

Braverman (Erica Braverman) said, “People’s perception of sex doll has completely changed.” Braverman’s father founded the sex doll company “Doc Johnson” in 1976.


She said that most of the reasons are related to women. Women who buy sex doll also use sex doll.

In the popular American TV series “Sex and the City” in the 1990s, four main female characters sat together to discuss the vibrator. Braverman believed that this had a great impact on the sex doll. “Feminism plays a big role in this. Empowering women is one of the main reasons why this industry has developed so vigorously in recent years.”

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3. Online sales of sex doll

“Lovehoney”, which sells sex doll on the Internet, had a turnover of only 100,000 pounds at the beginning of 2003, and has grown by about 35% every year thereafter. After 16 years of opening, their performance has grown 130 times, and the e-commerce consumption model has completely changed the sex doll industry.


Richard Longhurst, the founder of “Lovehoney”, said, “The privacy of sex doll makes him the best online product to sell. It is simply delivered in kraft paper bags or cartons without sneaking into the sex doll store. You can buy it by asking the clerk shyly.”

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4. Most buyers of sex doll are couples

Most people who use sex doll are couples or couples. Longhurst said that in the past, people thought that they used sex doll because “you may not find a partner.” “But the real situation now is that most people who use sex doll are couples or couples. , People who use sex doll are more satisfied with their sex lives.. “The sex doll market is aimed at couples and couples. 70% of customers have a fixed long-term partnership.”


5. 70% of sex doll are made in China

You can buy sex doll all over the world. No matter where you buy sex doll, they are probably made in East Asia. The owner of a sex doll factory in China, William, said his business has expanded more than 10 times compared to when it started about 20 years ago. A large part of the reason is that the factory has developed into an export company to supply the growing overseas market.


6. Sex doll sales continue to rise

The sex doll industry continues to grow, and the current global market for sex doll continues to grow, with an estimated annual growth rate of about 7% to 10%. Joshua of the market research company “Technavio” believes that once developing countries overcome their prejudice against sex doll, then a few years later, the global market for sex doll is more likely to reach an annual growth rate of 10% to 15%. Joshua also said that most sex doll are manufactured in China and the cost is not expensive, so the profit of the sex doll industry is more promising.


7. Sex doll, Top5. Massage stick, most popular among women

You can listen to massage sticks a lot, but there are at least 20 styles of sex doll on the market. In addition to the traditional design with different length and vibration intensity options, there are also many options such as simulation, metal, silicone, etc., which are the most special and attractive to customers. The reason for this was originally due to the new dual drilling design in recent years. The owner of Joyful Night said that customers will feel that the orgasm feels more intense, and it can achieve actions and effects that real people can’t do, so it has been selling well.


In addition, according to the boss, many women used up massage sticks and will buy shock eggs again in the near future. The reason is that sex doll such as shock eggs are easy to take out of the street. The most important thing is that the shape design becomes more and more fashionable. When the family member is accidentally seen at home, the other party may not know what the real person is. Many customers will feel more at ease and increase their desire to buy. It can be used at any time and is convenient to take out of the street. The most important thing is that the shape design is becoming more and more fashionable. Even if you accidentally let your family see it at home, the other party may not know what this sex doll is. Many customers will feel more at ease. Increase purchase intentions.


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