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Is Lust An Addiction? What Does Real Sex Addiction Mean?

Is lust an addiction? What does real sex addiction mean?

Today we talk about a term that is easily misunderstood: sex addiction.


What are the manifestations of sexual addiction?

Is sexual desire, promiscuity, infidelity and promiscuity really equal to sexual addiction?

There may be a little misunderstanding about sex addiction.



Sexual addiction, also known as sex addiction, is a state characterized by compulsive participation or engagement in sexual activity, particularly sexual intercourse, despite negative consequences. 

Proponents of a diagnostic model for sexual addiction consider it to be one of several sex-related disorders within hypersexual disorder. The term sexual dependence is also used to refer to people who report being unable to control their sexual urges, behaviors, or thoughts. Related or synonymous models of pathological sexual behavior include hypersexuality (nymphomania and satyriasis), erotomania, Don Juanism (or Don Juanitaism), and paraphilia-related disorders. [WIKIPEDIA]


1. What is a real sex addict?


Sex addiction is a kind of addictive behavior which is related to sex, compulsive, encroaching on thinking, making patients feel depressed and ashamed.

Sex addiction and lust are not the same concept.

People with high libido control sex, while sex addicts are controlled by sex.

People with strong libido have no burden on sex. Sex is just a cake for their life.

But sex addicts are different: for sex addicts, sex is both pleasure and pain, and they are controlled by sex in their daily life.

When the sexual addiction attacks but can not be satisfied, the sexual addicts will have a strong anxiety, which will seriously affect their work, life, interpersonal relationship and even health.

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2. Invisible sex addicts in the crowd


Although rarely mentioned, there are not many sex addicts in the world.

Research shows that the proportion of people who have or have had sex addiction is 3% – 6%, among which 80% are men.

That’s close to the prevalence of depression.

However, sex addicts are more secretive than depression patients.

Sex addicts are often ashamed of their sexuality, so it is difficult for them to describe their feelings to their friends with normal sexuality. So sex addicts haunt the crowd, hiding their desires and suppressing their impulses, trying to pretend that they are no different from people with normal sexual desire.


3. Stigmatized sex addiction


Real sex addicts hide in a secret and painful corner. At the same time, this identity is maliciously used by some people with ulterior motives: the word “sex addiction” can easily be used as a defense excuse for adults when they are accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault, infidelity and other crimes.

The most typical example is Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse incident, which is the fuse of me too movement. Weinstein claimed that he was a sex addict, but he did not get the clinical proof of the addiction therapist in the end.

In addition, due to the lack of relevant science popularization. Many people have misunderstandings and prejudices about sex addiction. They think that sex addiction is a pornographic maniac who lacks self-control. In fact, sex addiction can not be controlled by self-control alone. It is caused by the differences of physiological structure and social experience.


4. Is sex addiction a disease?


Sexual addiction, once listed as a mental illness, has been excluded from the fifth edition of the latest diagnostic manual of mental illness of the American Psychiatric Association. The latest WHO International Classification of diseases no longer regards sexual addiction as a disease.

This may be because sex addiction is hard to diagnose and easy to use as a cover for sex crimes.

We don’t know: do people who claim to be sex addicts really lose control of their sexuality?

However, whether or not sexual addiction is included in the diagnostic manual does not affect the fact that:

Sex addicts are real, and so is their pain.


3 ways to help you improve your sex addiction


First, resist temptation and purify stimulus.

Pornographic books and magazines, obscene audio and video are spiritual opium, which is the source of the crime of inducing sexual impulse and abetting improper behavior. If we are not vigilant, we are most likely to be captured. Therefore, it is particularly important to consciously resist temptation, avoid reading or listening to sexually stimulating books and magazines, audio and video, and purify the source of stimulation around us. In your spare time, you might as well read more books about natural science, social science, or learning. Naturally, your mind will not go astray.


Second: buffer shock absorption, weakening impulse.

Love is incomparably magical and wonderful, its beauty lies in the mysterious color and a few silk hazy has a strong attraction and temptation, makes people yearn and dream. Men and women get along with each other for a long time, it is inevitable that love will grow with each passing day. When one party is impulsive and unable to control his feelings, the other party had better be patiently persuaded and politely refuse. Use your wisdom to weaken his or her impulse and desire. You can’t be unkind or indulgent. Let him (her) in your buffer shock absorption effect, restore reason, calm face reality, avoid unfortunate things happen.


Third: Reserve reason and strengthen self-control.

Man is not an extraordinary immortal, nor is he living in the Peach Blossom Land. He can’t have any desire. But people’s impulse is constrained by morality, and people’s will can completely overcome the human instinct desire. Strengthening self-control exercise can overcome desire. Generally speaking, a reserved and rational person with strong self-control tends to be cheerful, interested in a wide range of positive, with good moral quality and better life rhythm and habits.


If you have a serious sexual addiction, please go to the hospital to consult an expert.


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