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Outdoor Sex: 6 Scenes For You

Outdoor sex: If you always make out with your partner in the bedroom bed, the same old scene is not like a tired of eating fast food makes you bored? The most intoxicating sensual pleasures often occur at the most dangerous times, and the wilderness is the highest level of lovemaking. Outdoor xnxx: Give love a little room for excitement and change, occasionally changing locations can have a positive stimulating effect on lust, and an open environment can free up taboos and allow couples to focus on experimenting with pleasure.

But before enjoying the thrill of the wild, there are a few things that must be reminded.


Scene 1: Private car compartment – Outdoor sex

Sex outside: Drive the private car to a more secluded place to stop, roll down the windows, pull up the window cloth, due to the front seat has a gear block, the position is small, narrow space makes it difficult to exert the couple easily excited, is this exciting feeling can always bring a real orgasm in the process of intimacy. Outdoor xxx: Considering the space problem, the lathe people generally preferred the female knight position. However, if your private car produced in the United States, then generally no obstruction between the two front seats, put down the front seat, with an ordinary single bed is no different, the posture is at your disposal.


Xnxx outdoor: Special attention.

1. car parking: the location is too remote is not safe, too lively, the feeling is always unable to get wet, if the parking orientation problems, by the police patrol to inquire, it is a great loss of scenery.

2. In addition thermal insulation film, sun visors and other essential tools are indispensable, comfortable and clean seats, but also can prompt both sides to change the posture.


Scene 2: High-rise elevator – Outdoor sex

Sex outside: Elevator in the process of rising and falling to make a moment of vertigo, the feeling is extremely similar to the orgasm. In the rapid rise and fall of the drop to find the opportunity of wild war, enough to make people excited. If it usually comes with three or one glass mirror, it can reflect the wild gestures between lovers from different angles. Outdoor xxx: As there is no seat in the elevator, the war standing position of forward and reverse position is more suitable, and one side against the wall will be more passionate.


Outdoor Sex: Special attention

1. The floor less than 10 floors is best not to try, so as not to start a hot kiss before the door has been pressed two or three times.

2. It is important to choose the time period when passengers are not dense, otherwise the possibility of attempt is very high.

3. Try to be closer to the emergency stop button, if someone is waiting for the elevator on a floor, remember to press the up or down button and don’t let go.

4. Pay special attention to the top of the elevator is not a black hole monitor.

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Scene 3: Movie theater couple seat – Outdoor sex

Outdoor Sex: With the backdrop of the hot shots of the blockbuster, let the rumble of explosions as the accompaniment of the two of them, and, in the high sound Dolby audio, can call out the voice, which is how passionate experience. Therefore, the cinema lights out when the film, many couples in the dark to move.


Sex outside: Special attention

1. It is best for two people in a couple’s private seat. The amplitude of action should not be too large, in case someone walks by in the next seat to cause embarrassment.

2. A small range of missionary position can be tried. The premise is that the woman is wearing a skirt, so that both convenient to make out and can do a certain cover up.

3. Even if you can’t care about the plot of the movie, you should also leave a little attention to the movie soundtrack and character dialogue, so that your voices do not stand out in the short silent scene.



Scene 4: In the jungle of the park – Outdoor sex

Outdoor Sex: The park is a more common place for lovers to go. Perhaps it is because of the hustle and bustle of this place, has not been the first choice of young men and women as a place of passion. But what is more romantic than a clear sky and green grass? Besides, parks with rich landscaping have dense foliage, which can be a good barrier.


Sex outside: Special attention.

1. Avoid parks with too many amusement rides to avoid being encountered by children.

2. Be aware of mosquitoes, bees, nosy and nosy wild dogs, and prying eyes.

3. If it is a sunny afternoon, you can cover the “sports” part with a jacket or dress. The woman should still wear a dress. If it’s nighttime and there is cover, a more intense approach can be considered.



Scene 5: Bar or transportation bathroom – Outdoor sex

Sex outside: Bars are one of the most hormonally stimulating places out there. And the only quiet place in the noise is the bathroom. Bars, clubs and transportation generally have separate booths, and are equipped with washroom facilities and large mirrors. Outdoor Sex: Convenient and stimulating, suitable for a quick sensory journey. Because the space is relatively independent of each other’s attire is not much constraint.

1. The bathroom should be private, check whether the door is inserted.

2. Clean up afterwards, otherwise you will be disgraced by the people who enter the toilet outside the door.

3. On top of the plane or moving train to avoid intensive toilet time, it is best to pick when the passengers are busy with the meal crew.



Scene 6: shopping mall fitting room

Sex outside: In the mall fitting room, just see the intimate lover in new clothes, is the heart shaking, if you have the courage to cloud rain, in a small space, had to be closer to each other, this intimacy has never been experienced, of course, will leave a deep impression.


Special attention

1. Do not choose a lot of foot traffic, space cluttered public store, and extremely quiet rarely patronized boutique is not a good choice. It is more appropriate to choose a store with a medium grade, independent fitting room and strong privacy.

2. In addition, if there are other customers waiting to try on clothes in front of the counter, then do not venture to make out, while if each other are dressed formally is not convenient to make, because the fitting room is generally only a chair, you can make full use of this rare props, conversion of different postures.

3. Do not force too hard, if it is a simple fitting room doors are easy to collapse, in front of the public debut will cause psychological shadows.

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