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Old Man Sex: Sex And Love Of The Elderly

Old Man Sex was deliberately ignored. Invisible desire: sex and love of the elderly. Old man having sex seems to be a taboo topic.

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Old Man Sex: Sex And Love Of The Elderly

Old Man Sex was deliberately ignored. Invisible desire: sex and love of the elderly.

In recent years, discussions on gender issues have become more heated. However, a group of people was left behind by this passionate sexual liberation after words such as “grooming”, premarital sex, and same-sex relationships have gradually become normalized.

They are the elderly. Old Man Sex was ignored by people. Old Man Sex was deliberately ignored.

When the image of sexual openness is always confined to young and energetic bodies, the public’s imagination of the desires of the elderly has always been hidden in a secret corner. Old man having sex seems to be a taboo topic. People cannot accept “old woman having sex with young man”, and even the topic of “old guys having sex” is avoided.

Old Man Sex
1. The elderly: a “sexually insulated” group

According to data from the World Health Organization in 2020, the elderly population is the group with the highest growth rate of HIV-infected people in China. Since 2019, the newly diagnosed HIV-infected persons aged 60 and above have reported more than 100 cases every day, accounting for 25% of all newly reported HIV infections. Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist at the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, judged that the current growth rate of HIV-infected elderly people has exceeded the growth rate of the elderly population.

Even so, in the public perception, the elderly are still a sexually insulated group. Sexual needs, sexual crimes, sexual assaults, etc. are difficult to associate with the elderly and are often considered impossible, and this has caused many social contradictions.


Faced with allegations of sexual crimes against the elderly, “my dad/mum is not such a person” is a response we often hear. The defense of the perpetrators with similar words is as untenable as common cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault, but because the accused is an elderly person, it becomes more convincing.

At the same time, the elderly are even more miserable after being sexually assaulted. After all, how can a wrinkled elderly body without sexual attraction be a victim of sexual violence?

In these incidents, the asexual imagination of old age has strengthened people’s stereotypes about the sex life of old people. In these discussions about the rule of law, justice, and morality, the sex of the elderly has always been avoided. Maybe you can’t imagine that old people go back to Google “young and old porn” or “old man sexy” just like young people.

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Old Man Sex
2. Twilight Love: Is it emptiness and loneliness, or true feelings?

In the few discussions about the sex life of the elderly, the word “demand” is always mentioned to explain all the phenomena that make people “slap the tongue”. But if we can only see the helpless and need to be “solved” part of sex, and cannot understand the sincere emotions and desires of the elderly, then the best understanding of the elderly is that they are easy to fall into loneliness and cannot have them in the eyes of the public. The poor man of sex.

Whether sex and love can be separated is still a controversial issue, and it also depends on the experiences, values , and choices of different people. But from a social perspective, being able to see the emotional world of the elderly is an indispensable part of understanding the sexual desire of the elderly.

The most important point in sexual liberation is not only to get rid of the myth of talking about sexual discoloration but also to see people’s subjectivity to their bodies and desires. In this way, we will not only hope that the elderly will be satisfied but also helplessly justify the elderly’s sexual crimes.


Old Man Sex
3. The invisible desire of “old women”

If older men are given natural sexual needs, then middle-aged and older women are almost invisible in sexual issues.

In popular perception, it seems that after women have reached menopause and the body has no reproductive function, sex ceases to exist. Not only do they have no desires, but also have no needs in terms of body structure.

According to many physiological and medical studies, the decline in female sex hormone levels after menopause will indeed lead to a decrease in secretions, but this unrepresentative desire will disappear. At these times, women need the assistance of sex products and the patience of their sexual partners.

Old Man Sex
4. The elderly have quietly begun sexual liberation

While young people are becoming more and more bold and open, the elderly have quietly begun their sexual liberation.

We also don’t want to see that when we get older, we will become grandparents and grandparents that the next generation cannot understand and understand.


Old Man Sex


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