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Look: Making Love vs Having Sex

Do you think there is a difference between making love vs having sex?

What is the difference as you understand it?

For some people sex is not the same as sex, for some people sex is just venting desire, with the A B C D who on actually are similar.

But sex is love to the depths of the soul and body, it is not a one-sided feeling.

And do not love people on the bed is just bed, and love people on the bed is sex!




A fan once told me what she thought about lovemaking.

I am a relatively independent girl, probably because I came out of the city early to work alone.

Sex vs Making love signs: In the matter of sex, I have always felt that men and women are both equal and in fact very unequal.

The equal thing is that both men and women will have the desire to choose the way they want to go about it.

The inequality is that the boy is active in bed a little, at most only to say that he is philandering that he slag, but if it is a girl, “slut” “bitch” “watery woman” is a common description of the The “slut” “bitch” “watery” are common descriptions.

In this society, girls are not allowed, not allowed to have normal desires, not allowed to pursue the sex they want.

There are many men around, talking about sex, are proud of the long time.

But girls want more than that.

Making love vs Just sex: Girls also want to be respected above sex and want to feel the love of the other person.

Making love vs having sex: At least the need to have emotional communication, not a simple human-shaped “pile driver”, now outside so many sex toys, if only for the simple physical needs, spend some money on the line, why risk sleeping with a man?

But many men do not understand, and do not want to understand this, they feel that as long as the time and length can be satisfied is enough, the other does not matter.





Making love vs having sex: There was a survey done online, asking a hundred women about their partner’s unforgettable memories of the bed. The answers received were varied.

Sex vs Making love signs:  

“Every time he was in bed he knew to constantly ask, are you cool big or not I’m awesome are you orgasmic?”

“The first time after finishing leaving me behind, only to clean up after themselves.”

“Every time there is no foreplay, smear some lubricant and go straight in, only care about their own pleasure, with him, I have not had an orgasm. He only uses his own preferred position, and is usually very selfish, thinking only of his own feelings about everything.”


All three share one common trait.

Making love vs Just sex: Unable to find respect, consideration and care for women in their midst, they only care about their own pain and have no eyes for each other.

These things may seem small, but behind the reflection of the problem is very serious.

An online friend who had just fallen in love with her boyfriend for a year, suddenly made a fuss about breaking up.

The reason is that the boyfriend is particularly rough in bed.

“He is particularly rude, every time I forced me to scream out loud, ask me if I feel good, but also pinch my neck to make me call him ‘Dad’. At first, I thought it was new and exciting, but every time, it made me feel like he was just treating me like a lady to let off steam.”

The person who only cares about his own pain in bed, off the bed will not think about you.

She has a good saying.

Making love vs Just sex: He can’t treat you gently in bed, and you can expect him to treat you much better in the future?

The man with no bedside manner, sex as a purely physical vent, or even their own bragging capital.

Women as a relatively passive party, not get pleasure is just, and may be hurt.

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The actual love of sex with their own, and how is it?

A female netizen said.

Making love vs having sex: Every time they are having sex, her boyfriend is particularly warm, often asking me if this will hurt you ah, uncomfortable you tell me, I will stop immediately, and he did so.

Sex vs Making love signs: The most important thing is that he is offering to have sex and they are having sex this whole time, she can feel that she is respected and understood.

In other words, they were completely reciprocal during sex.

Making love vs having sex: He wouldn’t touch her even if he wanted to if she wasn’t feeling well.

Once she asked him how he could be so sensible in this matter. I thought men don’t think so much when they are sexually aroused?


Sex vs Making love signs: He smiled and said to her.

I don’t know about other men, but because I love you, so I love you ah, lovemaking is originally a matter of two people, let you sacrifice all your feelings to let me get satisfied, I can not do.

Haruki Murakami once said: the so-called gentleman, is not to talk much about the taxes paid and the women who have slept.

A true gentleman, the bed under the bed are the same.

So that the man’s bed, is a concentrated reflection of his character.

Making love vs having sex: A man with poor bedside manner must not have a good character either. And the wrong person together, like wearing a pair of shoes that do not fit, the shoes are beautiful, and ultimately hurt or themselves.

Men’s bed is very good also reflected in what place?



Do not force each other.

In the case of a woman completely voluntary before having sex.

Also do not force women to do not like the position and action.

Take the initiative to take effective and reasonable contraceptive measures.

Respect and protect the privacy of the woman.

Making love vs having sex: Take care of each other’s feelings, communicate more, be more considerate, and pursue a sexual experience that both parties are satisfied with.

A good partnership is one in which the freedom of the other is not restricted with a trusting heart, and one in which the freedom of the other is not abused with a cherished heart.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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