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How To Create A Hot Sex With Your Love? 6 Steps Of Right Process Of Sex

How to create hot sex with your love? You already have so much sexual experience, but have you done all the process of sex right? Only the right process can make you have hot sex.

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How To Create A Hot Sex With Your Love? 6 Steps Of Right Process Of Sex

How to create hot sex with your love? 

Some people think that if you want to have perfect sex, you must search Google for a lot of similar “data” or preheat before sex: hot sexy, lesbian hot kiss, hot sex movie, hot nude pic, hotsxe, boob sexy, hot xxx, hotboobs, etc.

How to create hot sex with your love?

You already have so much sexual experience, but have you done all the process of hot sex right? Only the right process can make you have hot sex.

There is a saying: Whether two people are really in love can be seen from the whole process of making love.

If it is true love, you will pay more attention to the feelings of the other person, and be considerate to every detail, so that tenderness can be achieved in the end.

So girls often say – because you don’t pay attention to details, you ruin me a lot of gentlenesses.

But is this the case? NO.

A process of making love that pays attention to details and is considerate can indeed enhance the intimate relationship between the two, but if the other party is thicker, it does not mean that he does not love you.

After all, the process of making love in a hot sex movie is always simple, straightforward, and rude. Affected by this, he probably just doesn’t know how to do it.

Therefore, to make loving couples sweeter, we interviewed many girls and summarized a “girl’s favorite process of making love” for men to learn.

Men remember well, girls can invite their spouse to learn how to have sexy hot sex.

Creating A Hot Sex
1. More important than foreplay is the prelude

The old players who follow me know that if you want to create hot sex, you must pay attention to foreplay.

But you have to pay attention: the “prelude” is more important than the foreplay.

What is the prelude? The essence of the prelude is that if you want to have sex, you must first “love” and then “do”.

Girls are emotional animals. When they are in sex, they will blend the daytime situation into her lingering. So, if you want to meet a tender and moaning kitten on the bed, you have to set off the atmosphere before making love. For example, a flower in the daytime, a sweet word, or a sweet hug are enough to turn your girlfriend into gentle water at night.

If you want to be more interesting, you might as well prepare some scenes before making love. A soft light, a piece of romantic background music, coupled with aromatherapy and candles, is romantic enough without bothering to set off the atmosphere.

The advantage of this is that she can see in these details that you treat her with your heart, and will turn your good points into very gentle, and then into the extreme enjoyment of two people. Please spend some time, romantically get along with the girl before sex, and resonate with her sexual fantasies, so that she can integrate all this into the exercise with you.

Creating A Hot Sex
2. Wash your body well

The prelude is done. At this time, even if she is not moved to tears, she will still feel good about you, so can we move on to the next step? Don’t worry, before that, we must pay attention to one question-have you taken a bath?

If you ask: “What is the most important thing before sex?”

Most girls will answer: You take a shower before you kiss me.

Even the girl who doesn’t like cleanliness hopes that a man can take a shower before making love. Because this involves not only health issues but also girls’ health issues. Girls are often troubled by gynecological inflammation, and most of these inflammations are caused by unclean substances entering their private parts and destroying their resistance.

Moreover, the focus of a man’s bath is to clean the penis.

Of course, if you don’t want to wash, you can also play coquettish and ask your girlfriend to help you wash it. The two bathing-together, this sexy way of bathing is perfect for foreplay and flirting.

Creating A Hot Sex
3. More linguistic teasing

After taking a shower, the atmosphere is also in place, and then foreplay. I believe that fellow males, the skills of foreplay must be as precious as everybody’s, so I won’t repeat them here.

Just talk about one technique that can make us even more powerful-don’t ignore the charm of language.

As the saying goes, men are visual animals, so they have poor hearing, while women are auditory animals, so they have bad eyesight. Many times, girls have no resistance to sweet words.

Creating A Hot Sex
① Praise

If you want a girl to be more passionate before sex, you can try to stimulate her aurally. The auditory stimulation is not to make you “groan”, but to praise her. Bravely use the nastiest words to praise her, praise her figure, her voice, and all her beautiful existence. Increasing her self-confidence not only makes her relax faster but also makes her whole body hot because of your compliments.

Such as:

Your eyes seem to speak;

The smell on you makes me want to get closer;

Your lips are puffy, I want to taste it;

A simple word can inspire a girl’s infinite love.

The benefits of praise do not stop there. After the praise, we can add some inquiries to see if we can proceed to the next step.

For example: Your breasts are so soft, can I take a bite of her?

Such flirting words arouse her love so that you can go one step further and full of fun. Does it kill three birds with one stone?

Creating A Hot Sex
② To stimulate her sexual fantasies

In addition to praise, there is another way to stimulate her hearing – to stimulate her sexual fantasies.

Most girls will have some sexual fantasies when they have sex. Some imagine scenes in movies, and more often they will fantasize about what they want you to do (hot xxx).

How do you do it? It is very simple, that is to describe in words what you are about to do. Experts say that sexual fantasies are healthy because not only is it a great motivation, but what happens in the fantasies does not have to be true at all.

Foreplay usually lasts about 5 minutes. Of course, we don’t need to pinch the watch to see the time but look at the girl’s state. When she is emotional and soft, then you are ready to enter sex.

Creating A Hot Sex
4. Remember to wear a condom

If two people have no plans to have a baby, remember to wear condoms.

With the gradual improvement of sex education, for her, wearing condoms is not only a way of contraception and disease prevention but also rises to the level of respect and being respected. A man who is willing to take the initiative to wear a condom is more like a way of respecting her for a girl, which will make the girl feel subtle. If you can pay attention to these details and are willing to respect her, I believe that your image will immediately become tall and important in her heart.

Creating A Hot Sex
5. Turn off the lights or not?

When we finally put on the condom and are ready to show off, some girls will act half-truths at this time: Is it okay to turn off the light?

But for men, having sex requires more visual stimulation, and they don’t want to turn off the lights. What should I do at this time?

Should you turn off the lights? First of all, you have to know why girls are not willing to turn on the lights when they have sex. Are they shy?

Not really.

Most girls think that only in the dark can she feel a broader space for sex, can be more relaxed, and more easily involved. Sometimes, even if the lights are not turned off, girls are always used to having sex with their eyes closed, so that they can focus more on the feeling of the body.

There is another reason. Girls are always worried about not doing good expression management. They think that their faces will become ugly because of excitement. They don’t need to worry about this in the dark.

So, if you have to turn on the lights and have sex, and she doesn’t like to turn on the lights, don’t affect the mood of the two people, it is better to choose dim lights, but it is easier to create an ambiguous atmosphere.

Creating A Hot Sex
6. Conclusion

Well, the above is the sex process and tips to share with men today. However, having said that, making love, like love, flows in both directions. One person’s efforts are not enough. Only two people work together, care more about each other’s feelings, and learn how to make each other more comfortable, to achieve sweetness like glue. Therefore, not only men must learn, but also girls must learn to make love.

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