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Teach You How To Choose The Sex Doll That Suits You

01. What size should sex doll choose?

Most sex dolls or sex robots on the market can enter the size between 12-18cm, and the diameter is between 3cm-4cm. There is no final conclusion about how suitable the size is. When choosing a sex doll, you can choose according to your own situation. Said that we still recommend young women with less sexual experience to start small, a sex doll with a diameter of 3cm-length of about 10cm would be a good start.


02. What sex doll material should I choose?

The material of sex doll is divided into abs, tpe, silicone, arranged in order from soft to hard: TPEsiliconeABS. TPE is mostly used on Japanese-style sex dolls, because it is soft and can make a lot of exaggerated shapes, and it is also the closest to muscle. The advantage of Silicone Sex Doll is that the material is purer and safer, and it can withstand high temperature disinfection. It is mostly used in European and American style ergonomic sticks. Abs is hard plastic, and it is now mostly used for non-enter body parts such as the shell controlled by Sex Doll. The material of the real doll will also have this.


So how to prevent it, first of all, low-priced Sex Doll or blow up dolls must be out of good products. This is for sure. The principle of business society is that I would rather not sell the milk than dump the milk and not sell it to you at a loss, so less than 200 yuan I really dont dare to use the Sex Doll. Secondly, of course choose the products of big brands, LELO, German fun, Japanese NPG, wild one Chinese lovers, Chunshuitang, etc.


03. What kind of sex doll should I choose?

1. The shape of Sex Doll

A straight rod is not a straight rod, but it means that the main body is often composed of only one main rod body, so it is called a straight rod. But if it is really a straight sex doll, I suggest you dont buy it, because it will not be easy to use. The shape of female private parts is a half-moon shape, and when you use it by yourself, hold the sexy doll to check the movement. The trajectory is actually doing a shovel-like action (see the picture below). If it is a straight Sex Doll, your wrist must be more bent when used because of the angle, and the wrist will become sore for a while, let alone enjoy the pleasure. Its fun, so general sex dolls or adult dolls will choose a curved shape instead of a straight line.


The upward bending of the Sex Doll’s head is not only more labor-saving, but also to touch the female G-spot. The principle of the G-spot has been introduced in the original article, so I won’t repeat it here!

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2. The texture of Sex Doll

Some straight rods have smooth surfaces, such as LELOs liv and monas sex dummy, and they also have certain textures, such as the German fun series. In terms of feeling, the irritation with texture is stronger than without texture, but from many female users In terms of experience, the stimulation effect of lines is not very obvious. The sex doll with a wrinkled design is actually not very obvious in stimulating women


Therefore, in fact, from the appearance design of sex doll and piper doll, the law of female pleasure can also be inferred. The pleasure of female private parts is actually based on points. The key is to find the point in her, not blindly. Slice irritation.


3. Sex Doll-bifurcated stick

On the basis of the straight rod, a branch rod is added to the lower part of the rod body to stimulate YD, which is a bifurcated rod. In fact, bifurcated sticks are the mainstream in the market. The sales of bifurcated sticks are 3-4 times that of straight sticks. The reason is very simple. The female clitoris is more likely to reach its peak than the vagina.


When purchasing Sex Doll-bifurcated sticks, in addition to paying attention to the problems in the purchase of straight sticks, it is also to look at the angle of the bifurcation. This angle is still quite important. There are many vibrating sticks in addition to the design. Either the angle of the stick is too parallel to the clitoris, or the angle is too large, both of which will cause a problem, that is, women cannot continue to stimulate the clitoris when using sexy dolls.


The angle design of the Sex Doll on the right is too small, and the head is designed to be a sharp corner like this long hair. When the Sex Doll is pumped back and forth, there is actually a feeling of poke your body. May I ask how this experience can be used? Okay? Hope that more women can contribute your body data, let us design a more ergonomic sex doll!

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4. Sex Doll-Head and waist

Okay, after talking about the fork, let’s talk about another very important key to being a good Sex Doll, and that is the design of the dollforum head.


The shape of the sex doll’s head can be said to be very important, because it is directly related to the smoothness of entry. It cannot be too big or too small. If it is too big, you cant plug it in. You just wait to be scolded by female customers, too. I dont feel it, you also wait for the female customer to scold me, then what should you do if you call me?


In fact, when choosing a sex doll, we should choose based on erecting an oval head. You can imagine it in your mind. Because the top of the oval head is round, it is easy to enter, but it is erected on the side. The concept refers to an ellipse that is taller than wide, which also conforms to the spatial shape of the vaginal opening.


It is very spacious after entering, so the sex doll’s head is slightly larger to fill the private parts, and then narrowed at the waist, so that when the sex doll is all in, the middle waist will not give the entrance too big a feeling, and the packaging is comfortable. usage of. According to the data of Pippi’s receipt, this position should be around 2.3cm-2.8cm.

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04. Principle of Sex Doll The principle of sex doll is the same as the vibrating egg. There is a motor inside, and a semi-cylindrical copper block used to deflect the center of gravity is installed on the motor, which is driven when the sex doll motor starts. The copper block of the small semi-cylinder followed by rotating, causing the center of gravity of the Sex Doll to shift, resulting in a vibration effect. As the control circuit controls the current, the motor rotates quickly and slowly, so various vibration frequencies are converted.


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