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He insisted on not wearing condoms during sex

Recently, a fan named Kelly wrote to me that she broke up with her boyfriend because her boyfriend never wore a condom when he had sex, and insisted that she take contraceptives. Finally, she was pregnant again. She was pregnant for the second time. I still remember that when she went to the first abortion the year before last, she was still in pain and swore that she would never let her go I came here again, but I didn’t expect that after only two years, I would repeat the same mistake.

Now that you’re pregnant, get married. I told her.

“You think too much. When I was pregnant with my first child, I thought about offering to marry my boyfriend, but my boyfriend refused. He said that his career was not stable and I didn’t want to accept the arrival of the child!” Kelly told me.

At that time, I thought Kelly’s decision to break up with his boyfriend was really right. Why didn’t you think that when you had sex, not wearing a condom would cause a girl to get pregnant! All of us are adults. We should learn to pay for our mistakes. At the beginning, boys didn’t wear condoms for comfort, but let their girlfriends bear the consequences. It’s just inhumane.

I don’t object to premarital sex. After all, it’s the 21st century, and we’re all adults, but I’m against not wearing condoms when making love, unless it’s couples who are really determined to get married or to welcome a new baby. Otherwise, you’re just looking for exciting and passionate men during sex. Why don’t you wear condoms?

To judge whether a boy loves you or not, it’s easy to see how he treats your sex!

Many boys only pay attention to their own feelings when they have sex. They think that not wearing a condom will make them more comfortable, but ignore the impact on girls’ physical and health problems.

Girls have to be clear about the fact that if you accidentally get pregnant, it’s only you who suffer.

If a boyfriend doesn’t wear a condom, he is irresponsible. If he has sex without safety measures, he will hurt others!

Having sex without a condom is as dangerous as driving after drinking, because you are very irresponsible to yourself and others.

A friend got married last month. Because of one night stand, she got pregnant. After her parents knew about it, they forced her to marry their daughter. But in my friend’s words, I didn’t like people at all. I just had a one night stand with her!

Seriously speaking, the man who said this kind of words really has no human nature.

If a boy refuses to wear a condom when he goes to bed with you, it is actually a kind of self-interest, regardless of your interests, only care about his own feelings.

What if you accidentally get pregnant? Will he marry you?

I don’t think so, because he is not willing to do such a small thing as wearing a condom. I’m afraid he will let you make greater concessions in other things in the future!

Love you, often do not want to let you be hurt! Both physically and psychologically!

Because love you, so will choose to stand in your angle to consider the problem, rather than only care about their own feelings!

A person who really loves you will have a complete plan for everything you do, and will not let you have the chance of accidental injury!

Even the safety measures are not willing to do a man, how can you rest assured of his life to him?

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A responsible person should understand, can’t let their own women, because of their own reasons, and to bear the pain! The person who really loves you, in bed performance, can explain.

Men who don’t wear a condom when they make love, they don’t really love you. You’ll never love this man again.

Women must learn to stick to their bottom line, never for a man a little sweet talk, on his easy compromise!

In fact, through whether he is willing to wear a condom or not, we can see whether a person loves you or not, is worth your love, has a sense of responsibility and responsibility, and is worth trusting for life!

If he wears a condom while having sex, at least it proves that he is afraid of you being hurt, and he still loves you to a certain extent.

If he doesn’t wear a condom, in case you are pregnant, he is willing to marry you, and the outcome is good!

Who are you afraid of meeting? Unfortunately, when you are pregnant, he abandons you and doesn’t want to marry you. You have to bear all the pain

Well, your life has been basically destroyed, because there are some injuries that you may not be able to make up for in your lifetime!

We all love someone blindly. However, you should also understand that you should not be with a man who intentionally makes love without wearing a condom. The reason is simple

If he loves you, then he will understand that the risk of pregnancy without condom is very high. If he does not love you, then you should bear the risk of abortion and damage your own body for a person who does not love you, and you will suffer losses and be hurt!

Don’t hurt your life only once in order to have sex many times!

Men should pay more attention to, if you love your girlfriend, must not for a moment of passion to her harm. You should know that she trusts you and hopes you can take good care of her.

So I hope all the women can stick to their own stand. If you really meet a guy who doesn’t wear a condom when having sex, I really suggest never to like him again.

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