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Can You Have Sex When Feeling Distant From Husband During Pregnancy

Can you have sex feeling distant from husband during pregnancy?

Can you have sex during pregnancy? The answer is: of course!

Many expectant mothers think that love during pregnancy will hurt their babies, so they always restrain their desires during pregnancy and refuse to meet their father’s needs. The expectant father also becomes desirous and wants to suppress them as much as possible. Finally, his wife feels far from husband during pregnancy.

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There are many examples of stars being derailed during pregnancy, which makes us reflect on whether love is untrustworthy or sexual desire conquers everything? After feeling, there is a question worth thinking about: can’t we have sex happily during pregnancy? Can you have sex during pregnancy? The answer is: of course! But in stages!

Can you have sex feeling distant from husband during pregnancy? Early pregnancy: No

Sex should be avoided before 12 weeks of pregnancy (3 months before pregnancy). At this time, the development of placental villi is not mature, and the connection between embryo and decidua is not firm, which is a good time for abortion. It is easy to have uterine contraction during orgasm, which increases the risk of abortion.

Pregnant women with a history of abortion, a small amount of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy and older pregnant women should be prohibited from having sex. In addition, pregnant women in early pregnancy often have different degrees of early pregnancy reaction, such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite, so the interest in sex will be reduced, the spouse should understand, care and care for his wife.

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Can you have sex feeling distant from husband during pregnancy? Second trimester: Yes

In the second trimester of pregnancy (April to July), the placenta has been formed, and the pregnancy is stable; the reaction of early pregnancy has passed, and your mood begins to become comfortable. Sexual organ secretion also increased, is the period of high sex appeal, therefore, can appropriately lead a sexual life.

But to control, but also pay attention to sex position and time, to avoid the impact on the fetus. At this time, the stomach is more and more prominent, pay attention not to press the abdomen. And because sexual climax causes uterine contractions, there is the possibility of inducing abortion. Therefore, the regulation of pregnant women themselves is also extremely important.

In addition, the husband should also pay attention not to stimulate the nipple. If you are still not interested in sex, the husband must try to understand his wife. Therefore, 4-6 months of pregnancy, although not strictly restricted sexual life, but also to be moderate.

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Tips: in April of pregnancy, the risk of abortion is lower than that in the early stage. The reaction of early pregnancy disappears and the secretion increases. At this time, you can have sex, but you should pay attention to the range of action.

Can you have sex feeling distant from husband during pregnancy? Late pregnancy: better not

After the eighth month of pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s stomach suddenly swells, low back pain, the body is too lazy to move, and the sexual desire decreases. At this stage, the fetus grows rapidly, the uterus is obviously enlarged, and it is very sensitive to any external stimulation. Couples should stop having sex as much as possible to avoid accidents.

If you must have sex, you must control it, pay attention to your posture, and control the frequency and time of sex. Don’t be rude. It’s best to hold the pregnant woman’s back position from the back by her husband during this period. This will not oppress the abdomen, but also reduce the amount of exercise of pregnant women. Especially before parturition 1 month or 3 weeks must prohibit sexual intercourse. Because the fetus is mature at this time.

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In order to meet the birth of the fetus, the uterus of pregnant women has declined and the mouth of the uterus has gradually opened. If at this time of sexual intercourse, amniotic fluid infection is more likely. Infection not only threatens the safety of pregnant women who are about to give birth, but also affects the safety of the fetus, which can make the fetus premature. Premature infants have poor resistance to infection.

For the husband, this is a period of patience, limited to gentle hugs and kisses, and forbidding behaviors with strong stimulation. In order not to affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses, couples should not only learn to restrain their emotions, but also better sleep separately to avoid unnecessary sexual stimulation.

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