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Girls: If You Forced Sex Videos, How To Protect Yourself?

How can women protect themselves after the incident in Room N?

When girls forced sex videos/ forced xxx/ forced porn, what should they do?

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Girls: If You Forced Sex Videos, How To Protect Yourself?

How can women protect themselves after the incident in Room N?

When girls forced sex videos/ forced xxx/ forced porn, what should they do?

Note: forced sex and forced sex video will hurt girls. We all know.

Forced Sex Videos
1. The incident of Room N in South Korea

“Room N” was first founded in June 2018 by a high school named ‘godgod’. Subsequently, in February 2019, “godgod” disappeared, and the management authority of all rooms was transferred to a person with the screen name Watchman. After that, more and more members joined the “Room N”, and Watch Man began to hire an administrator to help him take care of the other rooms in “Room N”. As a result, the number of “high-walled rooms” for junior members also derives from 4, and the number of members immediately exceeds 7,000. Among the videos circulating in these “rooms”, both adult women and underage girls were coerced to film sexual exploitation videos. Many of these victims were coerced and lured on social networking sites.

Forced Sex Videos
The following is the process they commonly use to scam women:

Initially, these initial members searched for “prey” on the Internet. Once they were targeted, they would send phishing links. They often claimed that the victim’s personal information or secretly taken photos appeared on pornographic websites.

After the victim clicks on the link and fills in more identity information, he will be induced step by step. In the beginning, the victim will continue to take more and more revealing photos on the grounds of verification. When the woman responds and wants to quit After discovering that the person has taken his own private photos, these handles have become tools to intimidate the girls to escalate. In the end, the girls will become the sex slaves of these members, at the mercy of this group of perverted sex monsters. “

At the same time, in South Korea alone, the number of members has reached 250,000. How many victims are there? Statistics are not yet available!

Forced Sex Videos
Brief summary:

Their process is actually the same as some illegal campus loans some time ago. They use nude photos to train girls to become sex slaves step by step.

There is an angel and a demon in everyone’s heart. The more we yearn for truth, goodness, and beauty, the harder it is for us to be swayed by that devil. Regardless of how restrained, we are mostly good people, but if conditions permit At the same time when the cost of crime is very low, some people we know may also become bad guys. Of course, in principle, the more positive and optimistic, and positive energy one is toward truth, goodness, and beauty, the less likely it is to become perverted.

In “Room N”, many of the members are social elites on the surface, but in a different scene, they have become abnormal and inhuman demons.

People live longer and longer, more efficient, faster and faster, and more advanced in technology. At the same time, the pressure of survival and growth is becoming more and more unbearable!

A small number of parents who do not pay much attention to education yelling at their children and severe corporal punishment, as well as a small number of wretched and perverted teachers also left indelible trauma to the children. This kind of social phenomenon indirectly creates a variety of personalities. There is no shortage of metamorphosis in modern society because of the diversification of sex and sexual preferences:

Those who deliberately spread AIDS, learn PUA to retaliate against women by forcing women to commit suicide, use campus loans to force women to move from taking nude photos to a place of time, and then to the nearest “Room N” to continue to force women to become sex slaves through fraud, Is just the tip of the iceberg.

Forced Sex Videos
2. How can we protect our female relatives and friends from persecution?

As mentioned above, we need to know that everyone can be a bad person, so in some principled things, such as:

① Take nude photos

② Tell others things that will affect your reputation

③ Taking sex videos

Forced Sex Videos
(1) Reject the “forced sex videos”

When someone makes the above request, you need to directly and firmly reject him. Those who have such a request may make you the next victim. As long as they make these requests, you can directly define them as irresponsible. people.

Forced Sex Videos
(2) If you want to take a sex videos

If you want to experience the filming, you need to make sure that guy is a person who keeps his promises. If that person has the resources and status in society, you can rest assured, because this film will affect and affect him. Under normal circumstances, he does not dare to announce to the public; if that person is very young, impulsive, and has nothing, then you can be careful, he may directly share your video to pornographic websites after being angry for a certain time; if that People have known you for less than two years, so you must not shoot videos or share your secret photos with him.

Forced Sex Videos
(3) If you must shoot “forced sex videos”

If you must shoot, you must use your phone to shoot, and you must set your phone password before shooting to prevent the video from leaking.

For those who ask you to share videos, you need to be careful. If they really love you, they will work with you to protect your privacy, your reputation, and your safety.

Forced Sex Videos
2. What if that person already masters the film?

Forced Sex Videos
(1) That person has not threatened you yet

First of all, I want to tell you bad news, your influence may have been shared by him on pornographic websites.

Secondly, you need to ask him out to meet, record on your phone during the date, and say this paragraph: “Show me your phone and see the photos we took before.” If you can get your phone, start deleting your previous ones. After the video and chat history are deleted, enter the deleted photos for complete deletion, and then take another photo to make the data unrecoverable.

Finally, if that person is unwilling to give you a cell phone, you can say in a normal tone in a low voice: “Can so-and-so (his full name) delete the sex scenes we filmed on your phone?”, as long as that person, It is no longer important to say whether to delete or not to delete. This can already become evidence of the protection of your rights.

Forced Sex Videos
(2) That person has threatened you through videos or photos

You can record during the call, or you can leave text chat evidence in WeChat. The content should preferably be:

“(His full name), you should stop threatening me with these things, OK? I feel so tired. I don’t want to be threatened like this anymore. Can you stop threatening me with these things?”

If the person replies, then this can be evidence that he has threatened you in the past. You can directly ask a lawyer to defend your rights or go directly to the Public Security Bureau to report the case.

Forced Sex Videos
3. What if I call the police and he sends out the video or photos?

Don’t be afraid, believe him, you will eventually become a sex slave, and eventually, you will become his sex toy, and even eventually he will let you lose your freedom through your larger-scale movies and become a sex slave or a prostitute.

Only by trusting the police can your information disappear on the Internet, and the police will help you catch this scumbag. The police have always been protecting us, but sometimes we forget it ourselves.

Anyone who contacts you and says your information has leaked, you need to be careful, because you may become the next victim at any time!

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