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These Foreplay Ideas For Him Make Man Obsessed

In order to become the sexy goddess in his heart, we need to work hard, because sexuality can not be achieved by naked exposure. It is a kind of charm that can make men have unlimited associations and stimulate their inner enthusiasm. So, how can women cultivate such temperament? You have to know these foreplay ideas for him!

What foreplay ideas for him will make men obsessed?

Foreplay ideas for him – the temptation of silk stockings

Black silk stockings and underwear that set off the curve of the chest are often women’s sexy weapons. In front of him, gently lift the skirt, slowly remove the silk stockings, expose the soft skin, and then turn his back to him, untie the bra, let him watch the beautiful back, but also want to see the front of you. Grasp the rhythm and movement, I believe it will become a beautiful picture in his eyes.


Foreplay ideas for him – show your sexy feet

If you have beautiful, petite feet, don’t forget to make the most of them. Whether you are wearing high heels or barefoot, they can make your lover’s dream come true. When putting on his shoes, he sits opposite him, groping between his legs, then takes off his shoes, and gently touches the outside of his thigh with his toes, then the inside. I believe that at this time, he can’t support himself.


Foreplay ideas for him – words convey feelings

Not with him? Don’t worry, you can also make him worry about you. Send a text message like “I’m going to roll in bed with you tonight”, or secretly add a “7:00 p.m. world for two” in his work plan notes. I believe he will be on time after work and look forward to seeing his sexy and enchanting girl at home.


Foreplay ideas for him – association

Once in a while, when you go out for dinner, don’t take off your coat or tell him why. When he finally finds out that you don’t wear anything except your coat and shoes, I’m afraid his heart will beat faster and he will eat fast. What he thinks is the image inside your coat.


Foreplay ideas for him – give him privileges

Meet his visual desire, give him the right to choose your underwear, as long as he dares to buy, you dare to wear. When he looks at the sexy and fashionable underwear, he has already put you in the right place in his heart. His fantasy is already the beginning of the foreplay. Why worry about not being ignited?


Foreplay ideas for him – unintentional interference

When the fuse of sex is accidentally lit, I believe the spark will be more dazzling at this time. If he is sitting on the sofa watching a movie, you lie on his lap, pick up his hand, gently kiss each finger, and keep your eyes on him, he will turn off the TV very knowingly.


Foreplay ideas for him – unexpected provocation

In a crowded environment, your private actions often have an unimaginable aphrodisiac effect. Your chest is a weapon. Rub his arm gently with his soft chest, then change the other side, in the crowd, the intention of this action is only known to you. But in public, you need to suppress the excitement, give each other a bad smile, increase the intimacy index, and then he will find a place with few people to kiss you.

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Foreplay ideas for him – face to face focused love

The next time he wants to shave, you can volunteer to stand in front of him in sexy underwear and carefully apply shaving cream and shave for him. This kind of loving performance will undoubtedly make him moved and fascinated. Then, he may involuntarily embrace you


Foreplay ideas for him – give full play to the charm of professional women

If he comes home and always sees you in your home clothes, your image will be fixed in his mind after a long time. Show him the other side of you. Return home after work, continue to wear high-heeled shoes for 10 minutes, walk gracefully in front of him, hip rhythmic swing, he can’t help but put you to bed.


Foreplay ideas for him – the killing power of gentle praise

Women’s gentleness and kindness are the magic weapon to capture men. Give him meticulous care, occasionally add a little action: in his ear, say, “you wear this shirt really sexy” “I love you”, and then touch his ear with his lips, teeth bite his ear, his body has already been melted by you.

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