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Show Your Sexiness To Men Like Flirty Cougars

Do you know how Flirty cougars show off their sexy? Learn to be like Flirty cougars, you can also be sexy. The biggest enemy of women is women like Flirty cougars. They seem harmless and actually each action is carefully designed. My dear, it doesn’t matter if we are ordinary, but our minds and acquired efforts can’t lose people! Take notes for the next Flirty cougars action. Flirty cougars’ skills will definitely let you reveal sexy moments inadvertently.

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1. Flirty cougars technique-lazy pulling hair

Play with your hair like Flirty cougars. Long flowing hair has an unexplainable attraction to boys. Its even more lethal to brush your hair. In addition to the fragrance will be transmitted to their hearts, exposing the white and tender neck is even more fatal. Attract boys, remember to act like Flirty cougars, do not move too exaggerated, gently move back to the back, the fragrance and the neck line definitely make him want to plant strawberries on it!


2. Flirty cougars technique-clothes slightly exposed clavicle

The clavicle is the second breast of a woman. The deeper the better. Both men and women love it. It doesnt matter if you dont have a “chest”. We still have a deep clavicle! Like Flirty cougars, show your body. You can use a small vest to add some simple accessories in the summer, or let one side of your clothes drop your shoulders inadvertently, so that the attractive curve of the clavicle will be revealed. Boys are frozen. You are a charming Flirty cougars in his eyes.


3. Flirty cougars skills-wearing a boyfriend’s big kick shirt

“Wearing boyfriend clothes” is a sexy action like Flirty cougars that many male friends of Nong made unanimously agree with. The wide clothes not only look cute, but the slender legs are even more visible, especially the white shirt (the name of the boyfriend is super emphasized = =) The looming skin will make their blood spurt, and they want to take you as their own ~ This trick will inevitably not work after a long time, so the “advanced version” is here to wear, take out the boyfriend’s generous white kick shirt , And then tie the end with a knot, so that the sexy panties and hips are artistically exposed, wow! This kind of seemingly non-existent feeling absolutely makes him fall in love. At this moment, you are as sexy as Flirty cougars.


4.Flirty cougars skills-when suddenly shy

This trick must be used in front of people you like. Boys like to tease girls. As long as they see girlsangry PuPus face, they feel cute. Similarly, if you are shy enough to blush, it has the same or even doubled effect. Seeing you shyly lower Their heads and flushing faces completely arouse their inner desires. Is the friendship not satisfied with the lovers, so it’s almost impossible to stop by the door? Use this trick, like Flirty cougars, to make him want to kiss you impulsively!


5.Flirty cougars technique-tight curves

Wide pants and old-fashioned trousers can be put away first, because straight men cant understand them. In the eyes of these single-celled creatures, as long as they are tight, they are sexy (without opening the yellow cavity). Tight jeans, tight and small Dresses and short tops are all within the range. Although nothing seems to be exposed, the tight tunes wrapped up, like Flirty cougars, are also another sexy line for men.


6. Flirty cougars skills-suck your fingers after eating the biscuits

The mouth has always been a very ambiguous part. Whether it is biting the lips, licking the lips, or sucking the fingers of the cookie just after eating, any relationship with the mouth will have a feeling of indescribable, but remember to use this trick when the size is required. Handle properly and remember the two key points of “lightness and lessness”. Like Flirty cougars, the ratio of light bite to bite is small, that is, lightly bite the fingertips. Do not put the whole finger in and suck hard, male The companion was directly scared away.


7. Flirty cougars technique-tongue out/single eye blinking

It has the same effect as sucking fingers. In addition to being sexy, tongue out is more provocative. Girls who take the cute route will spit down. If they want to be sexy, they will hook up their mouths (as shown in the picture on the left). If the tongue is stiff and watery Water can try to blink with a single eye. A quick and light blink can shake the waves in his heart. It is not recommended to use the two tricks together. If you accidentally fail to fix it, you will change your eyes and mouth.

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8.Flirty cougars technique-pull his neckline

Now Guaiguai girlfriends are not popular anymore. Women are not bad and men dont love. Herbivorous girlfriends are always good for a long time. You may occasionally mess them up. Like Flirty cougars, take the initiative to pull his collar or tie and let him rely on you without warning. Its super close. Even the boyfriend and boyfriend who have been dating for a long time will be throbbing instantly, letting the dying love find the throbbing of love again!


9.Flirty cougars technique-biting something and looking at him

Biting toast and looking at him with round eyes, which man can stand it! Seeing what you are biting, they dont know where they are dreaming. If they want to tease the other half of the water, they might as well start with the trick of “biting something”, like Flirty cougars, to make sure they love you. Endless~ (shame)


10.Flirty cougars skills-just waking up misty

The last trick is the most powerful! Many boys like the way girls sleep soundly, because after the tough and capable girls fall asleep, like Flirty cougars, they will become very gentle and cute, and boys who have wrinkled clothes and messy hair when they wake up are actually super loving. Girls may think: Hey plain makeup, why is it sexy? But in fact, when a girl just woke up, the lazy look of stretching and rubbing her eyes really attracted boys!

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