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Post Erotic Flirting Tips From Flirt Site


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Post erotic flirting tips from flirt site. Many lovers know how to swing and creak the mattress violently at the moment of sex, but they may not know how to keep the heat of the fish and water “warm” after the climax.

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The sequel after sex – cuddling, chatting, frolicking, or having another time – is a great way to enhance intimacy.

There are various ways to play before a formal battle. At best, they are just to help you feel orgasm more easily in bed. But what to do after sex? This is ignored by most people.

Here are four great flirting websites that offer post erotic ways of flirting. You two might as well feel for yourself what’s the difference after orgasm.

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Post erotic flirting tips from flirt site 1Feel each other breathing

From flirt site: Face the reality! Although a man will not whisper how ecstatic it is to flirt and caress, it does not mean that he does not like to lie comfortably beside you and cuddle with you all night. So, even if your man always looks numb and weak after sex, maintaining a certain degree of physical contact will actually continue his satisfaction.

When he regains his mind from the excitement of ejaculation climax, you can start the plan of body friction by flirting and caressing: stick your predecessor close to his back, so that every cell from his back to his toes can feel your exquisite curve slightly;

In addition, you can also use your fingernails to gently slide back and forth from his wrist to his elbow; Or caressing his hair with the palm of his hand; You can also kiss his temple, palm and other easily overlooked places, as long as you move gently and comfortably, instead of signaling to the other party that he has to have a fierce response.

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Bonus tip: even if he likes to cuddle up with you after sex, he should still maintain a comfortable posture and avoid numbness. When you slowly cool down in each other’s arms and go to sleep, gently ask him if he is comfortable.

Post erotic flirting tips from flirt site 2Make your bold ideas public

From flirt site: After the climax, sometimes you don’t need any physical contact at all, that is, you can connect your hearts tightly. Because there is no expected mentality at this time, chatting in bed becomes the best way to enhance mutual understanding and intimacy without pressure.

But this is not a good time to talk about serious issues or criticize your boyfriend’s Kung Fu in bed. There are other more appropriate moments to discuss the problems in your relationship. Use the moment to create intimacy, not oppression.

If you want to make the conversation more provocative, try this: describe in detail the tricks you haven’t tried with him, but can’t wait to play with him next time. Maybe that “next time” will become an unforgettable experience for both of you

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Post erotic flirting tips from flirt site 3Play some intimate gadgets

From flirt site: You’re full of energy after sex? If you have excess energy but don’t plan to play it again, you might as well play a passion game to make the intimacy between the two people deeper. You can play “bubble bath sex war” with him. It’s so intense that it’s worth having sex a second time. If, like most people, you don’t have soapy water on hand,

There are many other ways to vent your excess energy. For example, add some Sandalwood oil in the bathtub, ask him to take a mandarin duck bath with you, or fight a pillow fight, or play some music or dance naked.

If it’s not enough, go to the kitchen to play more sensational: feed him a juicy strawberry, and look into his eyes affectionately. As long as it’s a man, he will feel excited. Cover his eyes, tease his taste buds, let him guess what you feed him.

Bonus tip: if your partner has to play some games to get excited, try tickling. But if your man is afraid of scratching, you’d better give it up.

Post erotic flirting tips from flirt site 4Go on

From flirt site: Sometimes the end is just the beginning of another round. Even if the first round is brilliant enough, the second round can be equally interesting. You might as well present a different visual style in order to renovate the pattern: dance a erotic dance for him, let him watch you twist and put on a sexy lace bra and underpants, and stir up his desire to rip those things off you again.

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have these props. A single shirt with open buttons on the front is enough to make his heart itch. If that doesn’t work, show him your feminine skills and hit his perineum (the location of the perineum is at the center of the scrotum and anus). Gently massage and caress the part about one inch, stimulate blood circulation, and ensure that he will be full of vitality in an instant.

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