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Drunk Sex: Uncontrollable Desire

Drunk sex: In modern people’s consciousness, alcohol and “sex” are very closely related, and the saying “Drunk sex” has become more popular.

It is true that when people are drunk, their consciousness will fall into a blurred state, and their normal rationality and clear thinking will become difficult to maintain, making them more likely to act out of character than when they are sober.

But is it true that people will have “xnxx drunk” after drinking? Different people have different views on this, so we will combine physiology and psychology to answer this question.


Drinking alcohol and pressure release

Drunk sex orgy: As the pace of life nowadays is getting faster and faster, the workload is getting heavier and heavier, and the pressure of life is increasing day by day for many people, especially men. Drunk sis: This makes most people lack sufficient communication with their partners, the two often because of some small differences and feelings do not fit, and naturally lack of quality married life.

Drunk sex: Many people are actually in a state of sexual repression, and the tension and anxiety of daily life does not release this repression. However, in the state of drinking alcohol, this will change.

The University of Chicago in a psychological research report pointed out that the body’s way of coping with psychological stress in the drunken state will change significantly.



At this time, because the person’s consciousness is in a blurred state, the ability to think is reduced, so they will temporarily forget about their own troubles and enter a relaxed state.

Drunk sex: At the same time, in the drunken state, the rational mind has less control over the person, and the individual will pay more attention to the body’s feelings and prefer to act with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a reflection of what we usually call the “truth after drinking”.

Drunk sex orgy: Out of male instinct, drunk people tend to be more aroused in the presence of sex-related stimuli, thus creating physiological conditions for “promiscuity” and violent, paranoid and other deviant behavior.



Paralyzing effect

Drunk sex orgy: Modern medicine proves that alcohol (Ethanol), as a central nervous system depressant, has a paralyzing effect on the body’s nervous system.

In the state of intoxication, people are generally in a highly excited state, and then enter a state of inhibition, when the human perception of the outside world (sound, light, touch) is reduced, and the reaction speed is also significantly reduced, which is the reason why the state strictly prohibit drunk driving.

Drunk sex: On the other hand, drunk people often lack control, not only in physical terms (reduced balance, weakness of limbs and other cerebellar inhibition symptoms), but also in mental terms.



Drunk sex orgy: For example, drunk men tend to ignore women’s rejection and rebellious behavior.

In most cases, drinking is a social behavior, and in life, we drink mostly at friends’ parties and social gatherings, and often times, drunk women are an important cause of “drunkenness”.

Drunk sex: Most women who are paralyzed by alcohol lack a basic sense of self-protection, and most of them choose to accept and cater to sexual assaults by instinct, in a sense, this feedback from women contributes to the occurrence of “drunken promiscuity”.

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In recent studies, alcohol has been shown to be associated with sexual activity in humans.

When the body consumes a certain amount of alcohol, the prefrontal lobe, which is responsible for the higher consciousness centers, is affected, leading to changes in the human sexual psyche.

Drunk sex orgy: Specifically, when people are drunk, they are more sensitive to things related to “sex”, and many scenes and behaviors that normally seem normal to them become sexually suggestive, thus creating an impulse to engage in related behaviors.

However, many people overlook the important point that as soon as a person loses consciousness, he or she loses control of the body and falls into a comatose state. In fact, most people are not physiologically equipped to perform sexual acts when they are deeply intoxicated.

Therefore, the vast majority of “drunk and disorderly” people do not lose consciousness, but simply use their dazed state to leave morality and rules behind to satisfy their desires.



Drunk sex: Many people will use drunkenness as an excuse to avoid risk and punishment, and see drunkenness as an opportunity, after all, if the other party agrees or lacks resistance, they can take advantage of the opportunity to satisfy their own desires, and if they are resisted, they can defend themselves with the phrase “I was drunk and didn’t know anything”, so as to get the other party’s forgiveness or escape moral and legal punishment. If the person resists, he or she can defend himself or herself by saying “I was drunk and didn’t know anything”, so as to get the other party’s forgiveness or escape from moral and legal punishment.

On the whole, there is no direct correlation between drunkenness and sexual behavior, let alone a reason for some people to harm others.

Drunk sex: Alcohol itself does not produce sinful behavior, but it can wear down a person’s reason and self-control, and magnify the darkness and desire within a person.



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