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Want Girls To Orgasm More Easily ? 18 Crazy Sex Positions

How many Crazy sex positions do you know? Will there be postures that are not realistic? In fact, sex can have different crazy sex positions. Do you dare to try Crazy sex positions? These can make women regain the fun of orgasm. Have you tried all of the following 18 kinds of Crazy sex positions teaching? If you have tried it, you may be able to add a lot of fun!

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For a good sex, any Crazy sex positions are not the most important point. The most important thing is whether your emotional communication is enough, whether your trust is enough, whether your atmosphere is enough, are all direct factors. Asking everyone to try different Crazy sex positions is actually a good time to explore everyone’s body, and it is also a good time to communicate and strengthen the opportunity for everyone to interact without making sex become a formulaic process. The following 18 Crazy sex positions are suggested by Durex of the United States. They have all English names. Even if your sex partner is an English speaker, you can communicate correctly!


1. Crazy sex positions-Female upper and male lower: Earthquake

It seems to be an ordinary female upper and lower male, but the point is that the woman dares to not just move up and down, you can try adding ABAB to the left, right, left and right. This is enough for earthquakes, in exchange for more than just a piston action. A lot of excitement.


2. Crazy sex positions-Female upper and male lower: The Alo-o-o-ha

There can also be many changes between female upper and lower male. The partner’s body may have been seen thousands of times, but sometimes wearing clothes once or in exchange for freshness, especially some sexy underwear, will be more visually divided!


3. Crazy sex positions-Female upper and male lower: The Back Bend

The same is a female upper and male lower, you can try this crazy sex styles, but this is dominated by the woman, she can hold your feet tightly to control the angle and speed, drive her crazy!


4. Crazy sex positions-Female upper and male lower: Close Encounters

This kind of crazy sexy positions of female upper and male, English is Close Encounters, Chinese can be called Huanxi Buddha style female upper and lower male! It is a very intimate entanglement. The man sits cross-legged and the woman sits on top of it. This is a romantic and intimate way, but be careful of the feet, but it can really make the woman more likely to orgasm!


5. Crazy sex positions-Female upper and male lower: The Explorer

The simplest Crazy sex positions, the variation version of female upper and male lower, the woman is back to you, but she can be close to the body, and the action is as the name suggests. With your hands free, you can be an Explorer, but don’t be an internet explorer.

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6. Crazy sex positions-Male upper female lower: Squat Thrust

Men and women are not necessarily missionary. For example, in this Squat Thrust, the woman is lying flat, with pillows under her body, so that the hips can be raised, which will help men to enter more easily, and it will be easier for men to drive straight forward and make girls get orgasm!


7. Crazy sex positions-Male upper female lower: Get it Twisted

The woman picks up her knees and curls herself, while the man lifts her up with his thighs, the girl’s hips are raised greatly, next, you know! The most important thing about this Crazy sex positions is that every time a boy twitches, the girl can automatically improve. That kind of interaction feels first-class! Of course this is also a crazy blowjob positions.


8.Crazy sex positions-The Side Slide

This sex positions that will drive him crazy, the woman is lying flat while the man is kneeling, and the womans legs can be placed on the mans body, making it easier for the man to move straight forward.


9. Crazy sex positions-Up And At Em

The womans legs are placed on the mans shoulders, and you will find that the position is just right, but not too strong, the womans neck will bear a lot of impact.


10. Crazy sex positions-Male upper female lower: Accordion

The super easy variation version of male upper and female lower, can make the sprint easier, but also can go deep into the battle, a very useful trick.


11. Crazy sex positions-Male up and female down: Bottoms Up

This Crazy sex position allows the man to enter at a super high position. It is the most insane sex position, which makes it easier to reach the G-spot and has a brand new vision. Of course, it makes it easier for girls to get an orgasm.


12. Crazy sex positions-Side Entry: The Puppeteer

Suddenly I think that the pork guy sells pork. It is actually a comfortable and simple sex action. The woman’s legs are opened to help in-depth exploration, and the speed is slowly controlled by you.


13. Crazy sex positions-Side Entry: Open and Shut Case

It is a variation of The Puppeteer. The two lie on the bed together. The man needs more waist strength.


14. Crazy sex positions-Side Entry: The Snuggler

This is a fairly relaxed Crazy sex positions, like a paparazzi movement, but turned into a flat position, which is very energy-saving but has a very different feeling.


15. Crazy sex positions-Side Entry: The Wrap Around

The variation of the entanglement of the four legs, everyone can exert force and go deeper in disguise. Have you learned this crazy positions?

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16. Crazy sex positions-Dragon boat hanging drums! The Elevator

The Chinese name of this Crazy sex positions is so clear to everyone, it is the dragon boat hanging drum! What is more important is the mans foot strength and core muscles. Hand strength is second. If necessary, find a wall helper and hug and hug. Its actually easier than you think, but the first requirement is that the opponent is not too heavy… . And don’t forget yourself too much, otherwise your little brother will bump into the kiss if the momentum is too strong.


17. Crazy sex positions-Universal backward style: Toe Touch

I believe everyone will understand this trick, and it can be used in the field or in the bathroom. The problem is that the height of the male and female is the key. If the gap is too far, the man may have to bend his knees. !


18. Crazy sex positions-Five Star Difficulty: The Yogi

This Crazy sex positions should be more suitable for everyone who plays yoga, but it must be fun, but don’t try it randomly.


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