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Alcohol That Make You Hornier? 1 Scam, 1 Excuse

Alcohol that make you hornier? Is this true? This article makes it clear!

In real life, boys confess to their favorite girl, and often declare before confession, “I drank too much” as if alcohol can reduce some embarrassing costs.

Does alcohol make you hornier? Can wine really be “courageous”? To understand the truth of this problem, you need to start with the metabolism of alcohol in the human body.

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Alcohol That Make You Hornier? 1 Scam, 1 Excuse

Alcohol that make you hornier? Is this true? This article makes it clear!

In real life, boys confess to their favorite girl, and often declare before confession, “I drank too much” as if alcohol can reduce some embarrassing costs.

Does alcohol make you hornier? Does wine make you hornier?

Can wine really be “courageous”? To understand the truth of this problem, you need to start with the metabolism of alcohol in the human body.

Alcohol that make you hornier?
1. Human metabolism of wine

No matter what kind of wine, the main ingredient is alcohol, which is also called ethanol. After entering the body, alcohol with different concentrations of ethanol enters the liver after being absorbed through the digestive tract.

The liver is the main site of ethanol metabolism. About 90% of the alcohol is decomposed in the liver. Except for the liver, a small part of the alcohol that has not been oxidized and decomposed is directly excreted from the urine through the kidneys, or from the respiratory tract through the lungs, or through the skin and sweat glands. Evaporate out of the body.

If this process is successfully completed, most of the alcohol will be metabolized in the human body and be excreted from the body quickly.

If it cannot be completed successfully (for example, alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase are not strong-activity and quantity affect ethanol metabolism), acetaldehyde metabolism competitively inhibits the formation of normal neurotransmitters in the brain, plus the kidneys and lungs The ethanol concentration in tissues and other places gradually accumulates and increases, and under the combined effect, it has an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system.

Alcohol that make you hornier?
2. How does alcohol affect human behavior?

Why does alcohol make you hornier?

After drinking, the pharmacological effects of alcohol on the human body can be divided into the hazy period, excitement period, anesthesia period, and respiratory anesthesia period.

When the amount of alcohol in the blood rises slightly, it enters the hazy period and the excitement period, and the acquired normal rational thinking and social alertness are restrained and subtracted, highlighting the original manic-like experience of people’s smoothness, aggressiveness, roughness, and wildness;

As the intake increases and enters the anesthesia period, the central nervous system is further inhibited, and appears similar to delirium, coma, and exhaustion;

If you continue to ingest it at this time, it will enter the respiratory anesthesia period, causing paralysis of the brainstem blood flow center and respiratory center, and even subcortical center problems, and life-threatening.

Alcohol that make you hornier?
3. Is it true that wine can make people braver?

Does red wine make you hornier?

Drinking in moderation can relieve fatigue, relieve anxiety and guilt, and feel relaxed and brisk psychologically so that the brain is in a state of excitement, which gives people the auxiliary role of courage, which will make people get rid of some constraints on the mind to a certain extent, and can be more Show the side that people don’t often show.

In fact, from a scientific point of view, alcohol paralyzes our brain’s reticular activation system, which causes the cerebral cortex to hyperfunction, and produces errors in the discrimination of surrounding people, events, and things.

Some people are too “counseling” and depressing themselves, breaking through their self-restraint through alcohol numbness, becoming vigorous and vigorous, doing things that they dare to think but not doing, and achieving the “drinking courage” effect.

People who are obsessed with wine often pursue this kind of “free and easy” feeling, feeling that only this time is the freest, relaxed, and unrestrained.

Alcohol that make you hornier?
4. Is it true that you will become lewder after drinking?

Does drinking make you hornier?

After ingesting a certain dose of alcohol, the central nervous system of the brain is inhibited. Alcohol makes a person’s ability to control the body and mind significantly weakened, and at this time it shows more of human instinct.

The so-called “responsibility” and “morality” have been left behind, but the most basic instincts of human beings-sexual desire and erection, are still preserved, so it is easy to cause a state of “drunk chaos”.

For men, as long as the central nervous system is not adequately suppressed, it is possible to complete an erection and ejaculate under the condition of sexual contact and other stimuli (part of the erection is controlled by the spinal cord, and coma patients will also have an erection).

Alcohol that make you hornier?
5. “Alcohol Myopia Theory” and “Alcohol Expectation Theory”

Psychologists also try to explain this problem from the “alcohol myopia theory” and the “alcohol expectation theory”.

Alcohol that make you hornier?

1) Alcohol restricts the ability of individual information processing, which is like myopia. Drinkers can only notice the most prominent and immediate parts of the characters and the environment. This phenomenon is called “alcoholic myopia.”

Due to alcohol myopia, individuals after drinking are susceptible to the influence of prominent external clues, and only a part of the clue information is judged and processed, which eventually leads to changes in their cognitive process. This theory is based on the interference of alcohol on cognitive ability.

Sonya Dal Cin and others from the Department of Psychology, University of Waterloo, Canada, researched in 2006 and verified the theoretical basis that alcohol is regarded as a “drunk disorder” through experiments.

The study invited participants to watch videos about unsafe sex that increase the risk of HIV infection. One group provided clues about condom use, and the other group did not.

It was found that the same amount of alcohol intake, condom use cues helped reduce the intention of unsafe sex.

Alcohol that make you hornier?

2) “Alcohol Expectation Theory” means that drinkers believe that drinking has led to changes in their social behavior.

Drinkers attribute their behavior to the effects of alcohol itself, and alcohol is an “excuse” for their “drunk disorder”. This theory proposes that because of the expectation of the results of alcohol in memory, even if there is no real drinking, the individual’s social behavior will change.

Researchers such as Laurent Bègue of the University of Grenoble in France have confirmed that people who have alcohol expectations, regardless of whether they actually drink alcohol, are likely to have unsafe sex with “drunk sex”.

Whether it is from a physical or psychological perspective, it is easy to “chaos” after drinking.

Alcohol that make you hornier?

Once drinking too much alcohol, the concentration of alcohol in the blood will increase significantly, and being in a drunk state will severely inhibit the central nervous system, including inhibition of sexual perception and sexual reflex.

At this time, if a person drinks unconsciously, loses consciousness, it is also difficult to get an erection, and there is no sex to do “that thing”.

If you are not drunk but have “chaotic sex”, then you should consider “chaotic sex” as “chaotic character”.

People who have gone through youth should have had the experience of being affectionate. Seeing the other person smiling at themselves thinks it is interesting to them, but few people will immediately flirt with each other because of this. Because he knows that acting recklessly will hit the wall and will be ashamed, and will often use reason and wait and see, and then act after judgment.

Alcohol that make you hornier?

In the name of the wine, indulge impulse, forget responsibility, reason, morality, etc., ignore the consequences and impact of behavior, only pay attention to and blindly satisfy one’s sexual instincts, and make short-sighted decisions.

This kind of “chaotic nature” may have been planned for a long time, is illegal and ethical, or it is a temporary rise, loss of morality, and rejection by others.

I want to remind the girls: Alcohol that make you hornier? NO. Girls have weaker physical strength than boys. Drinking outside is more likely to be accidentally dangerous, so you must drink less.

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