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Don’t Become Addicted To Sex Websites! A New Type Of Drug

Don’t become addicted to sex websites! Pornography – a new type of drug that is injected into the brain through the eyes.

Any sex sites, free sex sites, and free hookup websites are a psychological poison to minors.

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Don’t Become Addicted To Sex Websites! A New Type Of Drug

Don’t become addicted to sex websites! Pornography-a new type of drug that is injected into the brain through the eyes.

Any sex sites, free sex sites, and free hookup websites are a psychological poison to minors.

Entering the 21st century, we have completely entered the era of pornography. Pornography began to flood in the 1990s. At that time, it was the spread of discs. Many people could find bad DVDs at home. Later, the new millennium (2000) entered In the Internet age, bad content and sex websites have spread more and become more widespread, and they are still free to browse. Later, we entered the era of smartphones (after 2010), and it became more convenient to browse bad content and sex websites. And sex websites are legal, which aggravates the proliferation of bad content, but we have also realized the great harm of pornography and sex websites in recent years. They call pornography the new drug.


Don’t become addicted to sex websites!
1. Porn = Cocaine

On the surface, cocaine and pornography do not have much in common, but more and more studies have shown that chemical drugs can induce the brain to release exciting chemicals, and watching pornography has the same effect.

Just like drugs, when these exciting chemicals (such as dopamine and oxytocin) are delivered to the brain, they will build a new pathway in the brain. This pathway can induce porn users to browse pornographic information again. When the brain pathways are activated by pornographic information, the brain can release chemicals at the same level as the first time you browse. This process is similar to the process of drug addiction. Porn and sex websites are injected into the brain through the eyes. Drugs!


Don’t become addicted to sex websites! Any sex sites, free sex sites, and free hookup websites are a psychological poison to minors.

To equate pornography with drugs is the latest scientific research in foreign countries. This understanding is correct. Thinking about the state of H, it is really like drug addicts looking for drugs. Studies have shown that viewing bad content can cause your brain to release the same pleasure chemicals as cocaine. When drug addicts take more drugs, or porn viewers watch more sex websites, the neural circuits in their brains will become stronger, making it easier for them to take drugs or watch again, whether they want it or not. And sex websites. Just as drug addicts will eventually need more and more drugs to get pleasure, or even just to make themselves feel normal, sex addicts will quickly develop tolerance after watching a large amount of dopamine released by bad content. In other words, even if bad content can still make the brain release dopamine, it will not be as cool as usual.


Like drugs, the more stimulus, the more boring afterward. You have to look for heavier flavors and more excitement to achieve the pleasure of the first experience before. Many people have become psychologically perverted, and their sexual orientation has also been distorted. Watching sex websites will bring a series of evil consequences, which will make people fall into a vicious circle. At first, sexual orientation was normal. Later, to stimulate dopamine secretion, I would look at abnormalities. As a result, my psychology became more and more abnormal, and my sexual orientation began to be distorted.


“Don’t be addicted to sex websites!” Take the United States as an example. There are 2 million heroin users in the United States. Among these people, 600 to 800,000 are highly addicted to heroin. Compared with the above data, 40 million people in the United States watch online pornography and sex websites every day-this new type of drug. The reason why Internet pornography is a new type of drug is that the brain responds to drugs and sexual arousal in the same parts. Pornography is really a kind of drug. As a billion-dollar neuro-drug industry, pornography and sex websites are changing people’s concept of sexual behavior more rapidly through the accelerated development of the Internet. Bad content and sex websites are pervasive on the Internet. It suppresses people’s normal views on sexual orientation and leads people to a state of evil, perverted, indecent, and irresponsible beasts.


Don’t become addicted to sex websites!
2. The effects of pornography

Professor Jeffrey Satinover of Princeton University described the effects of pornography to the U.S. Senate committee: “It’s like heroin we invented. Users can use it secretly in their own homes and inject them directly into the brain through their eyes.”


Don’t become addicted to sex websites!
(1) “Addiction”

The American Addiction Medicine Association used to believe that addiction is mainly a behavior. Recently, inspired by the new brain science community, the American Addiction Medicine Association redefines “addiction” -a brain disease related to the neural reward system. The powerful influence of Internet pornography and sex websites on the neural reward system is clearly in line with the new definition of addiction. Dr. Hilton believes that the impact of pornographic images and sex websites on the natural brain reward system is unique. It is different from the rewards brought by food or doing other things. The rewards brought by watching pornographic images and sex websites will lead to “neural synapses and plasticity.” The relevant ongoing changes”. In other words, Internet pornography and sex websites not only stimulate the increase of dopamine levels in the brain, and thus produce pleasure, they also actually change the physical organization inside the brain, so that new neural pathways crave bad content to trigger thoughts. Feeling of reward.


Don’t become addicted to sex websites!
(2) Pornography is a mixed drug

Pornography and sex websites are a kind of mixed drugs. It triggers two addictive chemicals in the brain by causing excitement (the feeling of “hi” caused by dopamine) and creating orgasm (the “relaxing” effect of drugs). This mixing mechanism makes pornography more prone to addiction and more easily tolerated. The tolerance of pornography requires not only larger doses, but also more novelty in content, such as more taboo behaviors.


Although the role of Internet pornography is similar to the combination of chemical addictions, the effects of Internet pornography and sex websites exceed those of chemical substances. For example, the “mirror neurons” in the brain give us the ability to learn: observe behavior and imitate it. Professor Struthers wrote that because of mirror neurons, “watching bad videos creates a neurological experience in which the viewer indirectly participates in what he sees.” This unique interactive addiction through The dual stimulation of the brain and the body is realized. In the words of Professor Struthers, “Pornography involves visual mechanisms (watch the video), motor mechanisms (SY), sensory mechanisms (genital stimulation), and the neurological effects of excitement and orgasm (the addictive dopamine Excitement)”.


Don’t become addicted to sex websites!
(3) Internet pornography has a powerful influence on the brain

Research on nerves has revealed that Internet pornography and sex websites have a powerful influence on the brain. Its effects are as powerful as cocaine and heroin, which are addictive substances.


In 2014, a research paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association-Psychiatry stated that frequent viewing of sex websites would make the brain slow to respond to sexual stimulation. German scientists pointed out that this means that the brain needs more dopamine to feel the same degree of “orgasm”, which results in seeking more ills. “Psychology” magazine published a paper saying that these dopamine surges mean that people who watch sex websites need more flavorful sexual perceptions and experiences to arouse sexual desire. German scientists believe that looking bad may cause brain shrinkage, and the more you see, the more severe the brain striatum area associated with rewards and stimuli shrinks. This is the first time that scientists have discovered that looking at sex websites is directly related to physical injury.

In addition, scientists also found that the more time spent watching sex websites, the more different the brain. The more sex websites you watch, the deeper the addiction. In 2013, researchers from the University of Cambridge found that when people with bad addiction watch bad views or videos, the “drug addiction” area in the brain will glow in brain scans. When young people who are addicted to sex websites browse badly, their brains will “glisten like a Christmas tree with colorful lights.” In the brains of addicted people, these areas responsible for processing rewards, stimulation, and pleasure are exactly the same as the highly exciting areas in the brains of drug addicts and alcohol addicts.


Don’t become addicted to sex websites!
3. Seven characteristics of internet pornography

The content of pornography and the way people interact with it have undergone dramatic changes in the past few decades. Internet pornography has the following seven characteristics:

(1) Free of charge.

(2) Easy to obtain.

(3) Freshness.

(4) Large amount of resources.

(5) Diversified locations.

(6) Easy to carry.

(7) Very addictive.


“Don’t become addicted to sex websites!” The quitting of pornography is defined as a new war, and now it is to fight against pornography and sex websites! Because pornography and sex websites are drugs, it is corroding batches of young people, destroying their bodies, minds, and health, turning them into waste and degenerating into beasts full of evil thoughts! We must recognize the hazards of pornography and sex websites, and we must win this defense war! Let’s act together! Let more people know the dangers of pornography, save their fallen souls and decayed bodies, and help them quit pornography and be reborn!

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