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Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

Yesterday, I watched a video on YouTube called: what are the things that stop you from achieving your goals?

To put it this way, we asked a thousand people: what stop you from achieving your goals?

We expect people to say: time, money, work, health and debt.

We expect people to say: it’s stress, laziness, procrastination, exhaustion, giving up, no one to support and no motivation.

But people’s answers surprised us. The most common answer was: fear.

Then there were some interviewees on the video,

The first is a lady who likes to travel. She said: many people don’t pursue their dreams because they tell themselves that they can’t and no one will understand them.

The second one is a painter. He said: there is pressure everywhere all the time. Maybe people don’t like your story. Maybe people think what you do is vulgar. What they fear most is that your reputation will be damaged.

The third is a lady who likes to make wine. She said: we are always close to failure. It’s a miracle that we can make wine from fruit every year.

The fourth was with the boxer, he said: we started very hard, I was knocked out in the first battle.

The fifth just wants to do what he likes, he said: sometimes you will fail, sometimes you will feel very difficult, sometimes you will cry on the phone to your mother.

The sixth is a girl who likes dancing, she said: people want me to give up, I have thought of giving up?

Put the video here, there is a question mark in your heart: what are the things that stop you from achieving your goals?

At the beginning, many people will have a goal they want to achieve. Some people may stick to it, while others give up.

There are many obstacles and difficulties on the way to achieve the goal. We can only get there if we cross the past and overcome them. If we can’t cross the past and die in the middle, we can only miss it.

It seems that the word “fear” is really the fatal point for us to achieve our goals. We are afraid of failure, we are afraid of not being understood, we are afraid of being ridiculed, we are afraid of not getting anything after spending time, energy and money.

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What are the things that stop you from achieving your goals?

It is like some people like to talk and debate, but they are timid. When they are interviewing and recruiting, they just watch people coming to the interview come to the stage and watch them speak better than one. In the process of sitting under the stage, my heart said to myself many times: go up, there is nothing terrible, no chance to go up again. When the left foot just stepped out, another voice in my heart sounded again: or not, how humiliating is the bad performance, and what can’t be done if you can’t answer the question?

When the two voices in my heart are fighting, the opportunity is lost once and again. When asked if there is anyone else want to go to the interview, silence, so after all, can only quietly hide in the corner.

Even the courage to stand on the stage has no, at this time, not to others, but to lose to themselves, lost to their own bravery, not self-confidence.

What are the things that stop you from achieving your goals?

Some people like to draw. They bought the painting board, the brush and the paint in middle school. They were ready to attend the training of art students in the school. I hope that they can take an art related school and find a job related to art in the future. But, at this time, the teacher in charge said: you can still score, you can take a good school without learning art, and it will waste your review time and delay your professional class.

At this time, you are also afraid, you half way to join in, in case art did not learn well, also dropped professional class how to do? So you wrap up your painting board, brush and paint, concentrate on professional classes. Only occasionally can you think of the brush that you dust in the corner of the wall.

Art dream has not begun to end, you lose to yourself, lost to your uneasiness and perseverance.

In the end, there are many factors that stop you from achieving your goals. It may be because of your timidity, your fear, other people’s eyes and incomprehension. Therefore, in the end, you gradually give up your goal.

Singer Siegel has a saying: if a person can do what he likes to do and support himself by this, and can be with the people he likes and make them happy, it can be called happiness.

But happiness is often not so easy to get, and it may be cut in part, which may be your hobbies, your work, your love or your self.

Perhaps on the way to achieving our goals, what we fear most is the incomprehension and ridicule of others. No matter who they are, familiar or unfamiliar, we are afraid that they don’t understand how they have this idea to achieve such a thing, that they laugh at their own overconfidence, and that they are also afraid of their attack and disdain.

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Get rid of those things that stop you from achieving your goals

No matter whether you will give up what you are doing or want to do because of others’ denial, the fact is that often those who are unsuccessful and accomplish nothing will laugh at your unrealistic dream. Successful people will always respect your ideas, because their success also starts with “unrealistic” ideas.

No matter those who look down on you, they think you are incompetent, think what you are doing is just a joke, or your parents, relatives and friends, they want you to be self-contained, don’t want you to take risks, you should keep your original heart, don’t let it be changed, and don’t let your goal be stopped.

In addition to others do not understand, it may also be your dream or your persistence can not support your life, so everyone advises you: “give up it, give up your goal, work safely, make money and live a life.” What would you do then? It is possible that most people will give up and only a small number of people will stick to it. Therefore, only a small number of people can achieve top results in some areas.

What is the weight of your dream in your heart or the weight of other people’s denial? If it’s the former, you can move on without them. If it’s the latter, it shows that your determination to achieve your goal is not so great.

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So at the end of the video, “what stops you from achieving your goals” it says, six people overcame their fears.

The dancer in the video said: you have only two choices, fear or conviction. I want to be a successful dancer while I discover my career. Instead of affirming, people will often deny you, ignore their negation, forever?

The Boxer said: only with the first punch can you really eliminate your tension. My goal is to be a professional boxer and to be the best. Success is to set a goal and then beat it down.

The artist said: the energy you put into it is where people will resonate. Create new art and touch people’s hearts.

Wine makers said: all this will pass, because there is always hope ahead. The fruit of wine making and the wine in the cup are my greatest passion.

The fifth said: I want to do what I like. I’d rather live by it than live a boring life. I want to create a world in which I want to live?

The traveler said: I am willing to take risks, because I will experience many beautiful things during the journey. I want to have a boat, because it means freedom. Success is that you are very satisfied with yourself, when you look at yourself, you will say:

Well, I am very good, I am really good.

I think, my goal, no matter whether it can be achieved or not, first of all, I have to defeat myself, and then I have to win others.

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