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5 Mother Daughter Relationships Psychology

What is mother daughter relationships psychology? Do you have such an experience ”As long as we spend more than three days with mom, we will fight. “ “My mother just a word, can instantly make my day dark.” Every time I yell at my mother and look at her tears, my heart hurts. Mother and teenage daughter relationships psychology are complex.

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In the world, there is no relationship like the close, complex, subtle and tangled relationship between mother and daughter. There are five abnormal mother daughter psychology or mother and daughter relationship psychology that you should know.

5 mother daughter relationships psychology-the different relationship between them

1. Mother daughter relationships psychologyLooking up at the relationship

Maybe its rare in psychology today mother daughter relationships. Such a mother and you are always generals and soldiers, superiors and subordinates, the relationship between teachers and students, all the communication between you is about what problems you have, how to improve, and then the next step instructions, she is your brain: all the major events in your life are controlled by her, what major you apply for, which university you go to, what work you do, when to have children, what milk powder to eat, what clothes to wear, which kindergarten to go to, and which interest class to study.

With this kind of mother daughter relationships psychology, she is your “vampire”: you must listen to her, take her as the center, or even use all the money you earn, all your contacts, all your resources for her. Finally, you find that you have become her flesh ATM for her to squander, or for her to “favor boys over girls” and give money to your brother or brothers.

You are her emotional trash can, human sandbag: she will vent on you if there is any discomfort, and you must be responsible for making her feel good.

2. Mother daughter relationships psychology-Head up relationship

Your mother is not your mother, but your best friend. She will take you to catch adultery and watch your father’s record. When you encounter difficulties at work, she always asks you to vent her emotions. You attach so much importance to your mother’s decision that she can veto your boyfriend.

It seems that this kind of relationship is very close, but as you get older, you find that your mother can’t understand you more and more, and you will begin to regret that you let her be a military adviser and miss such a good man. You don’t want to be so close to her. You have many friends who know you better than your mother, but you worry that once you are alienated from your mother, how lonely should your mother be?

Gradually, with the impact of mother daughter relationships psychology, intimacy becomes performance, and love becomes a burden.

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3. Mother daughter relationships psychology-Overlooking relationship

In this mother daughter relationships psychology, you change roles, you become her mother, she becomes your daughter. Every time you quarrel, when dad wants to beat mom, you always stand in front of mom; Every time my mother has a mental breakdown, you are responsible for taking care of my mother’s meals and being a counselor for my mother; Since you were a child, you have been deeply implanted with the belief that if you leave, your mother will die.

Any man you are looking for must accept a prerequisite, that is, to be ready to serve a mother who has “Princess disease” with you after marriage. If someone in this mother daughter relationships psychology, they maybe hard.

4. Mother daughter relationships psychology-There is no relationship between you

Such a mother is a “ghost” in this mother daughter relationships psychology, or she is a workaholic, you can hardly see this person; Either you grew up in your grandparents’ home, mom is just a name, without any emotional factors; Or she is an emotional numb person, raise you as a dog, give you to eat, give you to wear, but will never have any feelings for you; Or she has love, but this love will only be given to your brother, you can only see the share.

In the psychological level, you are an orphan. When you grow up, your mother accidentally touches your hand, and you will tremble. What you can learn is to ignore that you are also a person in need of love. You turn yourself into a robot and live in the darkest corner of the universe.

5. Mother daughter relationships psychology-Changeable relationship

You don’t know why you can’t tolerate uncertainty in a relationship. As long as your boyfriend doesn’t give you a second, you’ll immediately call. In fact, if you look at your native family, you can see why the theme of your life is to determine what other people think. Because if you don’t have such a sensitive radar, you will be injured at any time. This is the power of mother daughter relationships psychology.

What you haven’t been able to do is to predict when your mother will suddenly turn from a “good mother” to a “bad mother” — one second, she will gently hold you and tell you a story, and the next, she can push you away and scold you.

Since then, you have lived in the minefield and never really relaxed. What you fear most is to have and then lose. So you’d rather forget the relationship than worry about it all the time, but if it goes on like this, your life will become a tragedy.

The above are the 5 mother daughter relationships psychology. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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