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What Is Your Love Language Test

What is your love language test or what is my love language quiz? In love, EQ is an important factor that affects the way two people communicate and get along with each other. How a person’s EQ in love is very important for a relationship. So, do you know how high your EQ is? Let’s get in and do this what is your love language test.

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What is your love language test

1. Do you always dare to face your heart sincerely?

Yes – jump 2

Dare not – jump 6

I don’t know – jump 4

2.  Do you often like to put off today’s work until tomorrow?

Yes – jump 7

No – jump 3

OK – jump 5

3. Are you afraid of watching horror movies?

Very scared – jump 8

No sense – jump 9

Boring – jump 12

4. When you see other people’s happy scenes, will you be affected by the atmosphere inexplicably?

Yes – jump 7

No – jump 3

OK – jump 11

5. Do you often lament that your talent is not met and that Bole has not found you?

Yes – jump 8

No – jump 13

OK – 12

What is your love language test

6. Which of the following colors do you like best?

White – jump 10

Black – jump 3

Brown – jump 5

7. Before you go out, the things you must do are:

Look in the mirror – jump 9

Go to the toilet – jump 14

Drink water – jump 12

8. Do you often regret your decisions?

Yes – jump 16

No – jump 15

OK – 19

9. Do you like grapevine?

Yes – jump 15

No – 18

OK – 20

10. Do you have a notebook collection that you used when you were a child?

Yes – jump 8

No – jump 5

Maybe, in a corner of the house – jump 13

What is your love language test

11. If you choose to play selfie with your mobile phone, do you prefer the following three venues?

Face the mirror – jump 14

By the window – jump 9

Balcony – jump 7

12. Do you have a large circle of friends?

Big jump 20

Not big – jump 16

OK – 15

13. When you look in the mirror, you often:

Can’t help squeezing blackheads — jump 17

Dislike oneself- jump 16

Infatuated with oneself- jump 19

14. If you can now choose a part of your body to make it perfect, your hope is:

Waist – jump 9

Face shape – jump 20

Leg – jump 18

15. For you, you prefer your breasts to look like:

Bigger jump D

More straight — jump C

Be thinner – jump B

What is your love language test

16. Do you usually wear body shaping clothes?

Yes – jump D

No – jump C

Fortunately, it’s just intermittent wear – jump E

17. What kind of underwear do you usually wear?

Cotton — jump F

Chiffon jump E

Not necessarily – jump 19

18. Which of the following three kinds of buffet do you like best?

Hot pot — jump A

Barbecue – jump 20

Seafood – jump B

19. When you are in a bad mood and can’t tell others, you will choose:

Listening to music – Dancing F

Sleep – dance D

Surfing the Internet E

20. Do you feel that you often think too much?

Yes – jump C

No – jump B

OK – jump A

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The answer on what is your love language test

What is your love language test: A

Your love outlook is very mature, and love EQ is very high

Noble and elegant, very affinity you, treat lovers with a gentle and considerate attitude, care about the feelings of partners, understand respect for each other, let the partner feel needed. Occasionally, it makes some romance, which makes lovers moved. The disadvantage is that when facing other positive opposite sex, the behavior is not decisive enough, which can easily cause harm to others because of the attitude of procrastination. Generally speaking, lovers will become lower and lower because of your high Eq.

What is your love language test: B

You don’t need a lover to help you grow your Eq

You are a gifted student in love. You are always surprised to be with you. Your endless sweet words can make lovers happy. Sometimes making small surprises can make lovers feel warm. And you can keep your mind clear when you are in love. You will not get angry with your lover because of a misunderstanding. The only disadvantage is that the emotions are too repetitive, which makes lovers feel difficult to ponder. You should pay attention not to let their changing emotions affect each other.

What is your love language test: C

Your love is heavy and sensitive

Once you fall in love with someone, you will put yourself low, think about what you can do for each other all day, and play the role of perfect lover carefully. I don’t know that too heavy love will only suffocate people. Love should be equal and respectful. If you have no principle, you will only destroy the balance of love and turn love into a prison bound to yourself. You need to learn to love yourself more, and others will love you more. You need to fall in love with more optimistic people, so that your EQ will grow slowly.

What is your love language test: D

Your tyranny is well known, and so is it in love

You always think your decisions are right. You always ask lovers to obey. You don’t know that everything everyone pursues is different. Maybe something that you think is trivial, but the supreme dream of others. Even if you can’t understand, at least learn to respect, and occasionally lower your proud head. You will find that it is not a difficult thing to show weakness in front of lovers.

What is your love language test: E

As we all know, your love is deep

Once you fall in love, you will be as cold and hot as a volcano. But with love comes a strong sense of possessiveness and suspicion. You have a suspicious nature, even if intimate as lovers, will not get your full trust. In the process of love, suspicion and temptation can make each other feel tired. You know, love is like sand. Sometimes the tighter you grasp, the more likely it will be to lose. Your EQ really needs to be improved, and the one who can help you is a passionate, innocent lover.

F answer of you

Love is more like a thrilling game for you

You like to pursue stimulation and change constantly in love, enjoy the strange process of twists and turns. Your optimistic attitude towards the upward is easy to infect others and create a happy atmosphere. However, if you encounter obstacles in love, you will probably wave your sleeves and not take a cloud away. This kind of play supreme attitude is easy to cause the lovers’ uneasiness, more sense of responsibility, will make your love more stable color. Your EQ doesn’t need to grow.

On what is your love language test you should know that it’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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