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How to use feminine energy texts? Understand those tips

What are the feminine energy texts? How to chase a man? The reason why they chase and tease is that they don’t like you very much at present. At least not yet. So he’s slow to reply to the news, occasionally he doesn’t reply and doesn’t take the initiative to find you. Isn’t that the normal situation at this stage?

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If he comes to you every day, sends messages every second, sticks to you every day, then you don’t have to look at this problem. Please lower your expectations. Chase a man doesn’t need to take the initiative to send him a message to wait for him to chase you. Chase a man needs a process. It’s the process of letting him know you from being unfamiliar with you. It’s also the process of letting him fall in love with you from not being familiar with you. It’s also the process of letting him talk about everything from not having any topic with you.

How to use feminine energy texts? You need to understand these

1. How to use feminine energy texts? You need to understand that there is no excuse for chatting

How to use feminine energy texts? Some people may be guilty, always afraid to take the initiative to chat with each other, the other party found their intention. And then we’ll find all kinds of weird excuses. For example: “senior, I can’t do this problem. Please help me to talk about it.”. Or: “classmate, you learn computer, my computer is broken, help me repair it.”.

Some of them are colleagues or partners. They always use work as an excuse to contact each other. They make themselves mentally retarded and annoy each other. The more excuses, the more obvious the intention! Unless the other party is a fool!

Many people ask me how to chat with him so that he doesn’t find his intention? How to use feminine energy texts? OMG is really too difficult, unless you two have a lot of intersection, meet each other every day, can chat about daily life, or really have a lot of common interests to chat about, but are you not afraid of each other to become good friends with you?

Why should I hide my intention? Don’t you have confidence in yourself? If so, then you still don’t chase, probably the rate is that they don’t feel worthy of each other. In fact, you should let the other party know that you are a little interested in him, but don’t break it, so that he will notice you, and then start to fall into the trap of guessing whether you like him or not, so that you will be half successful!

2. How to use feminine energy texts? Don’t be too careful with your language

And many girls, in the process of chatting 360 degrees to show their friendliness and politeness, all kinds of expressions and honorifics fly up!

The other party saw you were typing for five minutes, and then you returned a line of words. So I suggest that you chat with boys at will. If it’s not a very long sentence, don’t use punctuation. If it’s not necessary, don’t make too many expressions. How to use feminine energy texts? If it’s not necessary to express semantics, don’t use too many modal particles, such as “Wow! la Ah

For example, I’d like to invite my favorite boy to dinner. I’d like to make a strict choice of words and sentences? Are you free on Sunday? I heard that a buffet steak is delicious. I haven’t eaten it yet. Would you like to go with me

“Yes, Sunday night.”

“Wow, it’s great to promise so readily. I’ll see you on Sunday night.”

Don’t work overtime on Sunday. I know a Steakhouse is delicious. Shall we go together

“OK, no problem.”

“That’s settled. See you on Sunday.”

Although the first version may appear very lively, lovely and vivid, it will cause trouble and pressure for most boys, especially for many boys, because they will think you are so enthusiastic. How to use feminine energy texts? How can I reply to you to be polite? After a long time, they will feel tired and unable to get close. Dating is a very common thing Love, remember to relax and relax again, don’t give each other pressure.

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3. How to use feminine energy texts? Stop talking and be a listener

Some people can talk with others, especially express their own opinions. They can talk for hundreds of words every time. Such a person seems to be talkative on the surface, but in fact, not many people want to chat with him.

Because chatting with him is like listening to his personal speech.

In fact, the best chatting atmosphere is to let the other party say more and yourself say less. About 6 / 4. Before, there was always a customer who complained to me that the boy I liked didn’t like to return messages. How to use feminine energy texts? I took a look at the chat record and immediately found the problem. Why is the other party unwilling to reply to your message? Look through your chat records to see if you always start with “I” when you chat with him.

For example: “today, my roommate invited me for his birthday.” “I’m so sad that I didn’t pass the exam.” “what do you think of my avatar?” Please, if he doesn’t like you, he really doesn’t care about your life and has to cooperate with you. What’s more, it’s obvious that the other party is talking about something with you. As a result, you can’t pick up the conversation and instantly turn the topic to yourself.

How to use feminine energy texts? For example, boys say, “I have to work overtime until 9 o’clock today. I’m so tired.”. The girl said: “ha ha, yeah, it’s hard. I’ll tell you that we’ve arranged a lot of tasks today. I have a lot of papers to read. I’m going to hand in paper next week. I’m bored to death.”. If I were a boy, I would not return to you.

4. How to use feminine energy texts? You don’t need to chat every day

Chatting with the boys you like is not about chatting every day. It’s not about how long we chat every day, it’s about the quality of the chat, that is to say, we should pay attention to efficiency!

How to say, even if you only said two words today, these two words you said went to his heart and aroused his resonance, which is more useful than saying good morning and good night for a month, eating, sleeping and why.

How to use feminine energy texts? I remember that I once flirted with a boy. He liked football very much, so I did a lot of homework. Once I asked him for dinner. He talked about a game he watched yesterday. I simply evaluated the game, and he was very surprised. It’s no exaggeration to say that his eyes were shining at that time

In this way, he began to have some interest in me, because he felt that my girl was different from others. He thought that we had common interests. I knew him and could talk with him. This point for him can ignore the shortcomings of my appearance.

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