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5 Reasons Why Young Relationships Break Up Easily


Young relationships are very beautiful. Many people who choose their romantic partners after graduation and working for a long time will often express such exclamations, “Why don’t you cherish Young relationships”. Why do people have such feelings, what is more of Young relationships than love after maturity?


I think Young relationships have a feeling of freedom and not being affected by other trivial matters in addition to what everyone says is pure. Even so, is the love after maturity necessarily worse than Young relationships? I don’t think it is true. Love after maturity is actually very good, not worse than Young relationships.

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The difference between young relationships and mature love

01. Only after maturity can I understand love better and know what I really want

Young relationships are often accompanied by ignorant and ignorant and beautiful words. On the surface, they seem to be beautiful and pure love, but I think Young relationships are more of an impulsive and ignorant desire for love. Why do you say that? Young relationships are not only about liking someone, but more about being curious about love. When love is not as good as you imagined, you will be disappointed in love and will have a perfunctory psychology, and you will not be able to satisfy your inner desire even if you keep asking your lover.


But after maturity, after experiencing life’s ups and downs and the ups and downs, and seeing too many sorrows and clutches, you will be more aware of what you really want, and you will not have too many unrealistic illusions about love. . The tacit understanding and mature thoughts between two people when they fall in love can reduce conflicts and increase happiness. So I think love after maturity is actually not worse than Young relationships.


02. Nostalgic for the past life, without intention to discover the beauty around you

People always have regrets about what has happened or those who have been lost. Therefore, the Young relationships in the memory are all about good memories, and even bad memories will be automatically beautified in the heart. I think it is precisely because of this kind of psychology that most people think that learning Young relationships is the best in life, and there will be no substitutes in the future. How can people who are always nostalgic for the past discover the beauty of maturity? Love after maturity is the love that accompanies oneself to old age.


Even if Young relationships persist until after graduation, they will not escape the test of reality, and they also need to face many problems, and they will not keep the beautiful Young relationships on campus as usual. So I think whether love is good or not has little to do with people, it’s just that a special period gives you a special feeling. People always grow up and cannot stay in a certain period forever, so you don’t need to be attached to Young relationships, you can only find with your heart and you can harvest a beautiful love after maturity.


Maybe there are still many people who stubbornly believe that Young relationships are the best in life, and they will not be able to get this kind of love again after they mature. But I think the beauty of Young relationships is just that everyone has beautified the past time in their memory. After maturity, most people actually understand their responsibilities and are more capable of giving their lovers happiness. Isnt the two to create a better life together is more desirable than Young relationships who only know how to talk about love? Do you think that love after maturity must be worse than Young relationships? Please leave a message in the comment area to share your views.

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02. Reasons why Young relationships are easy to break up

The love of young relationships is very beautiful, but it often ends without a disease. Every graduation season is also equal to the breakup season. Many people think that Young relationships are not reliable. So what are the 5 reasons why Young relationships break up easily?


1. Reasons for Young relationships-different growth directions

Every year when they graduate, couples have to face different choices. Whether to choose to continue to study, or choose to enter social work. If you continue to study, do you want to be in the same city?


No matter what choice you make, there is actually no right or wrong. But when making a choice, it means that two people are going in different directions. Young relationships have made different choices, and the things you care about and pay attention to have also begun to change. He didn’t understand the professional question you said. You can’t feel the pressure in the workplace that he said. With different growth directions and fewer topics, it is natural to break up easily.


2. Reasons for Young relationships-immature love

Young relationships’ view of love is still too naive. I think that we can be together only by looking at each other’s eyes, but what we pursue is freshness. It’s easy to think of good feelings as love, but they are reluctant to break up. Not long after being together, they often face breakups.


From falling in love to breaking up, it may take only one or two months. After breaking up for two or three days, I started the next relationship. The graduation season is also a good excuse to break up. Breaking up not because of graduation, but because of breaking up. This kind of reason for breaking up, in fact, has been planned for a long time.


3. The reason for Young relationships-the idea is too simple

Young relationships need to consider too few issues every day. Parents will pay for living expenses, so you only need to think about reading every day. When it comes to love, two people are just playing and making trouble. They just need to think about how to play and how to date, but they rarely pay attention to the essence of love.


After we are out of society, we need to face all kinds of pressures. People who have just walked out of the ivory tower are not as strong against pressure, and they need the encouragement of their partner. As each other gets busier and busier, the sense of security in the heart will decrease. If there is no way to encourage each other, it will be difficult for Young relationships to stay together for long.


4. Reasons for Young relationships-Facing more temptations

Once students are out of society, they will see a different world of colorful flowers, and there will be more temptations to face. These temptations may come from appearance, money, position… Two people want to be together for a long time, first of all, they must be able to hold them. Once the two people in Young relationships have a slight deviation in their thinking, they will make choices that they regret. Once the wrong choice is made, the relationship will begin to break down. Even if you want to regret in the future, it will never be too late.


In fact, Young relationships are not all unreliable. Some people can go from students to couples, and some people are constantly changing their partners. Maybe many people will tell you that Young relationships are not reliable. But as long as you really want to be together, don’t shrink back when you encounter a little difficulty.

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