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Women Are Obviously “Playing With You”. 3 Traces

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Women are obviously “playing with you”. There are three traces that can’t be hidden.

Between the opposite sex, women are obviously “playing with you”. There are three traces that can’t be hidden

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In real life, we all hope to find someone who really loves us. To have a good love and marriage with hin/her. However, the reality is very cruel. Even if you give your heart, you don’t get a return. Sometimes there’s no echo at all.

Because now people’s feelings have been more and more weakened, not as pure as before. Although the true love also exists, but the number occupies very little. Sometimes others just play with you, but you don’t know it. Even a woman can sometimes be irresponsible for her feelings, which is just perfunctory

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Signs you’re being played by a woman 1. Women just chat with you, never meet

Nowadays, people often use friend making software, such as bothlive, to chat with their friends, in order to solve their emotional and physiological needs. However, not every woman who chats with you really wants to be with you. Maybe, the other party is just a little lonely and boring, just to chat with you, just to pass the time. You will find that such a woman will not take your feelings seriously and will not meet you in real life. She’s mostly playing with you. The possibility between you is very small.

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Signs you’re being played by a woman 2. Women keep an ambiguous relationship with other men while they associate with you

In love life, there are some people’s desire is very deep, difficult to fill. Even women have this possessiveness. Even if you have a man is not enough, maybe she will keep in touch with other men. Maybe she did it for excitement, maybe it was someone else intervention. However, it is also possible that she wants to find a spare tire for herself. If you have a bad relationship one day, maybe she will go to another man. This kind of thing is not without in real life.

Signs you’re being played by a woman 3. Women don’t want to marry you at all, they just care about your money

In love, if you don’t talk about money, then your relationship is likely to be illusory; However, we should not care too much about money in our relationship. Sometimes, if you care too much about money, then your feelings will fade accordingly. If a woman is by your side for a long time, but has been reluctant to talk about marriage with you, and at the same time does not leave you, and then a little bit from you to absorb the nutrition of money. For such a woman, nine times out of ten are just playing with your feelings. Please be objective and rational.

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Maybe, this kind of thing is not so simple. Because sometimes human nature will be more complex, once people become complex, then you are easy to fall into emotional crisis. Sometimes the more serious feelings are, the more vulnerable they are. Sometimes you can just let it go. The emotion between people is like this, walking on the feelings of light, walking on the people scattered. In the end, you may be the only one who can accompany you. However, as long as you love life enough, everything is expected. The above performance is that women are obviously “playing with you”, and men should not be silly any more.

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