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Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail? Normal Love Speed

Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail? With the rapid development of the times, people’s concept of love has also changed greatly. Different from arranged marriages and conservative love in the past, in the age of equality between men and women, love between boys and girls is a two-way choice. Wishful thinking. Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail? It is this overly relaxed love environment that has also led to the emergence of fast-food love. The so-called fast food-style love is to realize that it is only a few months after being together and breaking up. What does the rapid development of this couple mean? Of course, there are also young people who have a different concept of love in the current open society. What they pursue is the long-flowing, self-contained emotions. Therefore, when they are in a relationship, they will be worried when their relationship develops too fast. So today I will talk about the progress of love.

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1. Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail? What is the correct speed at which the relationship progresses?

The correct speed of love progress should be viewed from two aspects, on the one hand: according to the personality of the man and woman. There is actually no certain standard for the development speed of normal boy and girl friends. The speed that both parties feel comfortable is good. Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail? Some honest and introverted have been with boys and conservative girls for five or six years. When they got married, it was the first time they slept in the same room. There are also lively and outgoing boy and girl friends who just confessed on the first day, and the two moved together on the second day and finally achieved a positive result. So the normal development speed of male and female friends, as long as both parties feel that this speed is acceptable to each other, there is no certain standard. Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail? If one party feels bad, he should slow down, or even feel that the other party is bad, and after consideration, if he decides that he is not suitable for continued development, he should stop and stop. On the other hand: men and women respect each other. In fact, there are no standards to limit the development speed of the relationship between men and women, because dating is originally a matter of a boyfriend and a friend. As an outsider, its really hard to comment. You think there is a lot of blood in the relationship between the two sexes. Things can’t be said in the eyes of two people, it’s very normal. So as an outsider, just listen and see, don’t take it seriously. No matter what the development speed of normal boy and girl friends is, just follow your development speed. Because no relationship has a fixed development model, relax, the main decision is left to the person, maybe you will be in it when you are in love without knowing it!

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2. Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail? The harm of too fast emotional development

There are three hazards in a relationship that develops too quickly. First: There is no emotional foundation. Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail? In fact, many young men and women are confused and get together. When they see it right, they add WeChat to each other, chat and flirt with each other every day, and unknowingly confirm their relationship. Everyone knows quickly, progresses quickly, and has no emotional foundation. Break up quickly, no one takes it seriously. Second: Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail? This is because people are unwilling to spend time getting to know a person. After many men and women are used to fast-food love, they are reluctant to spend time and sink to get to know a person. It is too tired to get to know someone slowly. They only need a little response from the other party to be satisfied. Of course, such a relationship cannot last. . Third: Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail? It is because it is so easy to fall in love, so I no longer believe in love. Some men and women develop too fast in the first relationship, leading to follow-up problems: they dont understand, dont trust, use too much force and dont get the corresponding rewards, slowly they will not love as before, and they will not love love anymore. Have illusions. In the process of rapid emotional development, it is normal for most people to have sex. In this process, condoms must be used correctly. Bili Le condoms are very good, and they are a well-known international brand with safety and quality. All of them have been tested at various levels.


3. How to control the development of feelings too fast

When two people in love feel that they are developing too fast, they find that sometimes they talk too much, and occasionally they will suddenly have nothing to say, and for a few days it will not be sweet all day. At this time, don’t panic. If it’s normal, just focus on your own affairs and have some fun. It’s also good for two people to have a little time of their own to relax. Even if the relationship is not sweet, don’t worry, as long as the other person is always there and is willing to spend this light period of love with you, so that the development of the relationship can slow down, and the ending can be reversed. Then, I suggest that both of you should seriously discuss face-to-face, what are your needs for each other, and at the same time tell each other what is the bottom line, which I like, which you like, what do you like but I dont like?  Really, honestly and frankly, let us know each other better and see if you can go on for a long time.

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After reading the above three questions, I believe that the partners who have questions in this area have some clues, but the editor can only talk about this, and the direction of more emotional development depends on myself. But I have a little bit of my own experience that I can share with everyone: “If the relationship develops too fast, not only will you not be able to get your ideal love, but because you will be fully engaged at the beginning, and later found that it is not the case at all, you will turn to the right. Love is discouraged.So the editor thinks that if love is to last, its not a good thing to develop too fast. …


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