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How come my wife hates me? 3 reasons to tell you why

How come my wife hates me? First, you should know that the real beautiful feeling is that two people can take care of each other, If you always play with each other, you are never willing to really integrate into each other’ s life circle, and you are always unable to enter each other’ s inner world, then your relationship may not last long.

We long for love, because we want to get endless energy from a person, we want to get love and warmth.

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How come my wife hates me? If we refuse to tell our true feelings and thoughts to our partner from the beginning to the end, and we refuse to take the initiative to share with our partner no matter what things we encounter, then our relationship is likely to be deeply split.

Love is mutual warmth and comfort, is each other do not leave, is whenever and wherever you can think for each other. If you are not willing to talk to each other from the beginning, and you are perfunctory and indifferent to each other, then you may not be suitable for communication.

So How come my wife hates me? These are the reasons

1. How come my wife hates me? You didn’t satisfy her sense of belonging

The reason why women give up completely on a man is that men always neglect or ignore women in their relationship. Women can’t find a sense of belonging in this relationship. If a man can’t satisfy a woman’s sense of belonging and existence, you never take the initiative to care about a woman, and you don’t want to be considerate of a woman, then a woman may gradually give up on you after a long time.

How come my wife hates me? You should know that the real beautiful and warm feeling is that men and women can be heart to heart with each other. You are willing to put yourself in each other’ s shoes and offer the best to each other without reservation.

Women tend to lack a sense of security and belonging in their feelings. If a man usually lacks the necessary care and care for a woman, you are too ruthless to her, and you never pay attention to her existence, then women will naturally be disheartened to you.

In love, men should be more active and enthusiastic towards women. When she is in trouble to ask you for help, you should try your best to help her. You can’t help her. When she is upset or depressed to chat with you, you should also be willing to spend time listening to her true heart.

Only when you can fully satisfy a woman’s sense of belonging, you are willing to give her understanding and tolerance, a woman will love you more and more, and she will not easily give up on you. When you know this you can know the true reason of how come my wife hates me.

2. How come my wife hates me? You are not single-minded and sincere enough

The reason how come my wife hates me is that men are not single-minded and sincere enough. If a man’s attitude towards a woman is too perfunctory or playful, you always lie to her and you are not willing to be frank with her, then over time, women may give up on you completely.

When you can’t love a woman wholeheartedly in your relationship, and you are not willing to open your heart to her, then a woman may gradually alienate you and she will gradually give up on you.

Men should remember that the reason why women are willing to love you wholeheartedly is that you are responsible enough for her. You never cheat her feelings easily. You are willing to let her go into your heart.

If you have an affair with her and an ambiguous relationship with other women, even if you still can’t put your ex in your heart, no matter how much a woman loves you, she can’t help but want to leave you, and she will give up on you completely. When you read this you can that is the reason of how come my wife hates me.

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3. How come my wife hates me? You lack responsibility and responsibility

Another important reason why a woman will give up completely on a man is that she lacks due responsibility. If a man always shirks responsibility or evades problems when he encounters emotional problems, he is never willing to face problems directly, and he is not willing to actively find ways to solve problems, then women may gradually give up on him.

The real beautiful feeling is that two people can rely on and support each other together. No matter what kind of emotional problems or contradictions you encounter, you are willing to work together to find a way to resolve them, instead of shirking and fighting each other.

If a woman finds that a man has no responsibility, no shoulders, irresponsible in his words, no sense of propriety in his actions, and he never cares about women’ s affairs, then a woman will feel that men don’t love her enough, and she can’t help but give up on men.

If a man wants to keep a woman’s heart, you should pay more attention to her. You should be responsible to her in the end, and you should be specific enough to her. If you are in love, always eating the bowl, staring at the pot, you do not want to love her wholeheartedly, then women may want to stay away from you.

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