Mother-Daughter Relationships

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important? Whether a woman is happy depends on the mother-daughter relationship.

Many times, the problems we encounter in marriage and relationships ultimately point to unfinished issues in the original family. For daughters, the relationship with the mother has almost affected our entire life.

Unfortunately, too many women are suffering from mother-daughter relationships.

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Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important? Whether a woman is happy depends on the mother-daughter relationship.

Many times, the problems we encounter in marriage and relationships ultimately point to unfinished issues in the original family. For daughters, the relationship with the mother has almost affected our entire life.

Unfortunately, too many women are suffering from mother-daughter relationships.

Of course, most women have a lot of love for their mothers, but they don’t know how to resolve conflicts and how to get along with their mothers in harmony. Where should I start? Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?

If we want to deal with the relationship with our mother, we must look at the image of the mother objectively and understand the mother in depth.

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?
1. Understanding the mother is the starting point for smoothing the relationship

Maybe you often complain, and your mother doesn’t understand you at all. So, ask yourself, do you know your mother? Do you really understand the deep meaning behind your mother’s words or actions?

If you don’t understand anything, you can’t get along well with your mother. Sometimes mothers are strong because they want to protect us better, and they want to clear us in their way.

Many people may have experienced this situation:

When I was young, my mother would always pick our friends, always feel that they are not good and that is not good, and even force us to stay away from friends, because they think that such friends will lead us to harm.

Later, when we grew up, my mother began to dislike the person we picked again, either because he didn’t have a high income, or because he was born from a bad background, and finally broke us abruptly.

You may be confused, why does mother always try to interfere with our relationship with others? Why is she so picky? My mother is only protecting us in her way, but this kind of protection is a bit excessive. Because I love my daughter too much and I want her daughter to be happy, the stronger this desire, the more worried the mother will be that her daughter will choose the wrong person.

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?

Faced with a mother who loves us so deeply, what should we do?

We must understand the mother, understand her true thoughts, understand her values, views on marriage and love, and her limitations. As for the mother’s suggestion, we can listen to it, but we don’t have to follow it completely.

What does that mean? We only need a reference, not implementation.

When you have doubts about your mother’s suggestion, realize that this suggestion goes against your true inner needs, and worry that your ideals will be difficult to achieve, then you don’t have to follow it. Because life is one’s own, and only one can be responsible for it.

You may be worried that you will go astray if you don’t listen to your mother’s advice, but this is not always the case. We must look at mother objectively. Mother is not a god, and there is no guarantee that every decision will not go wrong. She is also just an ordinary woman. She has her limitations, she also makes mistakes, and she also has a lot of things she doesn’t understand.

At this time, we might as well analyze calmly what kind of person our mother is, what abilities and advantages he has, and then compare and analyze our own, we will know what is worth listening to and what needs to be considered and selected by ourselves.

If necessary, we can turn our eyes to the outside world and thoughts, look for higher-level teachers, and try to learn what we need from the other person. We must realize that no matter who makes a choice, there is a risk of failure, but following your own heart and being responsible for your choice is a sign of adult maturity.

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?
2. You must regain confidence

Many people are afraid of choice. At the root, it is also a lack of confidence in themselves. This is not conducive to our personal development, nor is it conducive to our interpersonal relationships.

People who are not confident will always find it difficult to express their true thoughts to others and are always used to living with a mask. Naturally, it is difficult to establish deeper relationships with others.

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important? Most of the lack of self-confidence is inextricably linked to our growing environment.

Sometimes, in order to protect her daughter, to keep her daughter obedient, and to stay away from bad men, mothers often unscrupulously say some ugly things, such as “You don’t listen to your mother at all. That way, you can’t get happiness.”

The mother may not know that it was these words that pushed her daughter to the side of the bad man. Because she has been in a growing environment of criticism, curse, and negation for a long time, her daughter will gradually doubt herself, become less self-confident, and even believe that she cannot be happy. And such a girl is the easiest target for bad men.

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important? What should I do?

We must regain our self-confidence.

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?
 (1) Find something you are interested and passionate about to do

We need to find some things we are interested in and passionate about, such as contacting the colorful world by reading books and watching movies, building our value system, or seeking professional help to find our shining points. The power to gain self-affirmation.

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?
(2) Gain self-affirmation through work

We can also gain self-affirmation through work, devote ourselves to work, and hone our business capabilities.

Generally speaking, as long as you work hard and make achievements, you will naturally get praise from your boss and colleagues. Over time, the affirmation of others at work will overwhelm the negative evaluation of our mothers in the past, and self-affirmation will gradually increase.

However, in some respects, no matter how hard we try, it is difficult to achieve our expectations. This is because everyone’s talents and abilities are different. In this case, instead of embarrassing yourself, it is better to tap your advantages and find what you are good at doing. For the work that is not good at, we can ask a good colleague to do it for you.

In this way, it will be easier for us to shine in the workplace, enhance our self-confidence, and get more recognition and praise. For example, as a content producer, you may be able to easily handle the text part but are not good at designing, then this piece of content can be handed over to other good colleagues to do, you only need to focus and develop your advantages Just fine. In addition, we can also join some clubs or groups such as the circle of friends and gangs to show ourselves in social activities and gradually regain self-confidence.

Self-affirmation is the cornerstone of a person’s happiness, and it is the soil on which a person depends for survival. Only when we are confident can we believe that we can be happy, that we can believe in others, and that we can get closer and closer to happiness.

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?
3. It’s time to take responsibility for your life

For an adult woman, no one can easily manipulate you unless you want to.

The reason why some adult women are willing to be manipulated maybe because they still position themselves as “children.” If you really want to get rid of the control of your mother, then please assume the posture of an adult and take responsibility for your life.

Nowadays, more and more young people are going to fight for more developed cities, and these developed cities are usually far away from home. At this time, some parents may put pressure on their children, hoping that they can return to their hometown, do a stable and easy job, and be with their parents. At this time, whether to choose to go home and live a comfortable life or continue to stick to their dreams and struggle in a big city has become a multiple-choice question that many young people must face.

There are always young people hesitating about this: If you compromise with your parents, you must give up more possibilities; if you stick to your ideas, you may hurt your parents. It seems that no matter how you choose is wrong, you can’t make a decisive choice just like that. As a result, it is often regrettable how to choose.

Why is this so? Because they are afraid of losing any possibility, whether it is the asylum of their parents or the broader world. After all, I still haven’t placed myself in the position of an adult, and I can’t and dare not take responsibility for my choice.

Perhaps we are all missing a lesson-how to switch ourselves to the role of an adult and be responsible for ourselves?

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?
(1) We must be responsible people

What is a responsible person? At least, to achieve personal financial independence. In this era, even women must have a reliable job, earn money independently, support themselves, and support themselves. If conditions permit, you can consider moving out to live independently if you save enough money.

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?
(2) We must realize that we can be responsible for our lives

When you must make a choice, stop relying on your mother, but make your judgments.

Please don’t pay too much attention to the opinions and opinions of your mother or other people. Don’t always think about whether others will be upset, let alone being dictated by other people’s choices. If you can prove that you can be responsible for your future, then your mother will have fewer worries, which will help win the other’s understanding and ease the tension between you.

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important?
4. No matter how close the mother-daughter relationship is, there can be no loopholes

Maybe your mother didn’t give you enough warmth, but she still taught you to be brave and strong. Maybe your mother put too much pressure on you, so heavy that you can’t breathe, but she also gave you all the support.

Maybe she loves a bit awkwardly, maybe her love is out of control, maybe you were stabbed by this love, but please don’t blame your imperfect mother, because she really spares no effort to love you.

Now that we have grown into responsible adults, we can guide mothers to release the energy of love and create a better mother-daughter relationship.

There is no perfect mother or daughter in this world. We are all learning and growing into more qualified mothers and daughters, but please give each other some time.

Why Mother-Daughter Relationships Are Important? Don’t forget, a perfect mother-daughter relationship requires the fulfillment of both mother and daughter.

I hope that all mothers and daughters will finally reconcile, find a suitable way to get along with each other, and meet their happiness.

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