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Why Do Some Men Like A Cuckold Relations?


Most people resist and hate the attitude of “cuckold relationship”. But there are some men who not only don’t resist but also like the feeling of cuckold relationship. In fact, it is also called female led relationship cuckold. What is a cuckold relationship? A Google search for cuckold relationship refers to letting another man you know or dont know sleep with your lover, that person enjoys, and you get that special pleasure from it.

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01. Why do some men like cuckold relationship?

1. What is a cuckold relationship

Have you heard of the cuckold relationship? In layman’s terms, he voluntarily asks you to go to bed with other men, and insists that you go cheating and put on a hat for him. He is watching this “live broadcast” by the side or hiding in the closet of the hotel room.

For this kind of men with perverted sexual mentality, some netizens have heard a friend talk about them, and he also knows a few of these men, some of them turned against each other because of the green cuck marriage, and some made their innocent girlfriends deeply involved. , Finally unable to extricate themselves.


2. So why do some men want to have this kind of cuckold relationship?

At that time, some netizens did not envy them at all when they saw their classmates in love. Some netizens often thought that some netizens would have girlfriends or wives in the future, and some netizens would not want this kind of meaningless relationship between lovers. . Why is this happening? Probably, the pursuit of excitement. Someone behind slowly felt that what he said was reasonable and meaningful. After going to university, some netizens made a girlfriend. She is a more traditional person. She is usually a classroom, dining hall and dormitory. She leads a particularly boring three-point line of university life. Some people have good family conditions, so some netizens often lead her to bars. Encourage her to strike up a conversation with other men or dress sexy to seduce them, and let her slowly enter that emotion little by little. This is a female led cuckold.


When the time was ripe and she was enjoying it, some netizens offered to let her sleep with other men, while some netizens hid quietly in the closet. She agreed in half-push half-and-half. And as long as you agree to it for the first time, it will be much easier afterwards.


3. Many men are afraid of “cuckold relationship”.

This is due to innate physiological factors: in the process of reproducing offspring, because men are not as fertile as women, it is impossible to be sure that the remaining children of the woman are their own offspring, so they always maintain a certain degree of vigilance. For men, the harm caused by “cuckold relationship” is not only emotional betrayal, but also includes a sense of humiliation as if they have been defeated. When people hear the news that a man has joined a cuckold relationship by himself, it is difficult not to vote. Come with a strange look.


In the eyes of most people, the status of the two sexes is in a state of unequal status, and women are more like accessories of men. When a man is betrayed by a woman, it is as if his prey has been snatched away by others, and he will inevitably feel disappointed in his heart. If the female partner cheating is a man of the same level as him, then this stress response will be aroused instantly. However, if the female partner cheating is a woman-a species that seems to be one level lower than him, he is unlikely to feel that his status is threatened. Fear of a cuckold relationship is not so much a fear of a girlfriend or wife empathizing, but a fear of losing exclusive mating rights.

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4. Why does cuckold relationship become popular?

Because fear is a powerful emotion. As long as it is emotions, it will bring a response to people’s psychology and physiology. It’s like “looking for stimuli” in our daily lives-such as riding a roller coaster, watching horror movies, and eating very spicy food. When subjected to these external stimuli, the human body will secrete the corresponding adrenaline, which brings physiological satisfaction. The feeling is enough to make people feel ecstatic. It is said that men with cuckold relationship fetishes, when they peek at their beloved woman and other men, amidst the waves of humiliation, they can get the best pleasure from it.


So far, the cuckold relationship is still not accepted by the mainstream society (even more difficult to accept than SM), but the plot of mass-produced adult entertainment products year after year still reveals that many people are fascinated by the cuckold relationship. , And expanded this small circle to a certain extent.


I guess that in the real world, if the sexes are completely equal, no man would like a cuckold relationship. Just like in reality, some powerful men have masochistic plots in their hearts, and some men who cherish their girlfriends extraordinarily prefer to be green-this is not necessarily a subversion and resistance to real characters.

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In this game of breach of contract and vulgarity, they embraced fear, surpassed fear, and even in the process of spontaneously creating fear and humiliation, they breed bursts of uncontrollable comfort.

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