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What Should I Do My Boyfriend Lets His EX Control Him

In a love, both the man and the woman will have a certain desire for each other. However, sometimes the ex is quite destructive for a relationship. Whether the man or the woman keeps in touch with the ex, the other half will automatically arrange all kinds of possibilities.

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“My boy friend lets his ex control him, why do I have to be friends with my ex?”

“Now that you’re with me, why contact your ex?”

“Since we love each other so much, why did we break up at the beginning! Does he love me or not? “

“Where did I do it without my predecessor? So get in touch with your ex? “

Why did I lose my love to his predecessor? How can you fight back your boyfriend lets his ex control him and defend your love?

What should I do my boyfriend lets his ex control him 1. Correct your mind

We have to have a good attitude towards our predecessors. It’s just an experience. Most men who are considerate and know how to cherish love have one or several predecessors who “painstakingly cultivated” him. We should be grateful for that, shouldn’t we?

And you just need to enjoy this finished product directly. Isn’t it good? The ex that your boyfriend still contacted, in his mind, is just a friend who knows himself. Why can’t you get along with the other’s friend? A strong person will never care who is better than his friends or himself.

Your love destiny is in your own hands. Instead of being afraid that your ex will control your boyfriend, you’d better do well in the present, because you can never change the past.

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What should I do my boyfriend lets his ex control him 2. Be yourself

If you treat your boyfriend’s ex with a defensive attitude, you will distrust him. Who doesn’t have many heterosexual friends? This can only show that we have low self-esteem and are worried that we will not be compared with our predecessors. To gain the so-called sense of security by means of control will only make him feel that there is no personal space to fall in love with you, that there is no sense of comfort, that the pressure is full of overflow, and that he will naturally have the idea of escape.

When the problem of my boy friend lets his ex control him appears, it has a crisis to your feelings. We should constantly improve ourselves and try to make up for our shortcomings, so as to prevent the slightest.

If you feel that you are not good in appearance, you should build yourself through weight loss, fitness, hairdressing, makeup and other means. If you feel that you lack connotation, you should enrich your life, read more books, make more new friends and new social circles.

Constantly improve yourself, so that you can show your culture, cultivation and knowledge at all levels among your friends, and show your unique charm and attraction. Your boyfriend’s eyes will always stay on you. Then, why are you afraid of the invasion of your predecessor?

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What should I do my boyfriend lets his ex control him 3. Tolerance

When she comes to find her boyfriend, she may use some “tricks”, such as asking her boyfriend to do her a little favor today, giving her an idea tomorrow, asking him to help fix something in the house the day after tomorrow.

In this case, you have to calm down, even if the heart hate her to the bone, but also to show her a look of pity, let the man see your tolerance and calm. Rational women should know to distinguish right from wrong, trust is an essential thing in love, don’t be easily provoked.

Of course, it’s not just allowing him to keep in touch with his predecessors and the opposite sex. While providing each other with personal space, we should also communicate with each other frequently to see if something is wrong.

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What should I do my boyfriend lets his ex control him 4. Self reflection

It may be that the ex has something we can’t give him, or it may be that we really can’t do it well. In fact, the accumulation of passion, romance and memories is indispensable for running a love relationship. Just because the current one doesn’t do this well, others feel like you are not in a love relationship, so they go to find other people to satisfy themselves. 

So do not have a boyfriend will not leave your idea and produce inertia, love also need to think of danger in times of peace, together to maintain or do better, such as our image, attitude.

To sum up, to fight back an ex is to treat your boyfriend or husband as your own person. In front of your ex, you must stand in the United Front with your boyfriend or husband to resist the invasion of your ex. Let him see that you are better and more attractive than your predecessor, so that your predecessor will not have the opportunity.

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