When he realizes he lost a good woman, he will regret

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When he realizes he lost a good woman, he lost this kind of woman. Since as long as a person is good enough and attractive enough, no one will not like her. So, ah, she was pursued, spoiled, and praised by all the stars, but in the end, there will be a boy who will pass the exam.

Then she became serious and addicted. She could not hold a completely stable heart to love herself. She spent most of her energy and feelings on loving each other. Naive and emotional girl, too easy to be blinded by love. She forgot how she was worthy of being loved at the beginning. She stubbornly catered to each other with a cavity of blood.

Too much investment, she is destined to become possessive, extremely vulnerable, vulnerable, small bellied, weak tolerance, left the boy on the fragmented heart.

Such her, once lovely, but now in the eyes of boys, lovely is not, charm is not. From the point of view of human generality, the girls that most boys like are not good or loving to them. Even, you don’t need to love him much. What they like is the girl who can leave them at any time.

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When he realizes he lost a good woman, he lost this kind of woman

1. When he realizes he lost a good woman, he lost a woman who doesn’t use “being nice to him” as a way to keep him

Yes, you are very obedient to them and let them feel selfless and great dedication from you, so you are doomed not to be cherished.

To be more precise, if you are only good to him, but have no other attraction, then he will not be willing to stay with you all the time.

You know, he loved you because of your shining point, because he saw your charm in something. And these shining points are your own attributes, not the replaceable and everyone can do “be good to him”.

2. When he realizes he lost a good woman, he lost a woman doesn’t let love occupy the whole life

Being carried away by love is a stage that many girls have experienced. But this stage can only be regarded as a green road of growth, not in every relationship. When you put your whole body and mind into your feelings, you will magnify the flaws in the process of communication, and then use unnecessary ways to vent and attack. In fact, this process is wearing away the impression of boys on you.

Boys are brainless creatures. They prefer to communicate freely. Sometimes, being too sensitive and reserved will make them impatient and dissatisfied. The fundamental reason why you are too sensitive and implicit is that you care too much and put in too much energy. If in your life, love no longer dominates, but focuses on personal development, then you will naturally reduce the over consideration of emotion and unnecessary expectation of each other. The most important thing is, in his heart, you will become a natural queen from a grumpy woman. Why don’t you love her?

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3. When he realizes he lost a good woman, he lost a woman who knows it’s important to be sensible, even if you love less

At this level, men and women may be diametrically opposed. Girls can actually understand some negative emotions derived from love. Such as possessiveness, jealousy, anger, and even make a demon quarrel to break up. For a girl who lacks a sense of security, she hopes her boyfriend can turn over her mobile phone on his own initiative. She also thinks her boyfriend’s jealous appearance is lovely.

But for boys, it’s hard to understand the negative emotions derived from love in girls. They only look at the results of girls’ performance and bring their own feelings.

Therefore, the girl’s small temper and temperament, boys will be tired after a long time; jealous possessive, boys will escape; too much control, boys will feel suffocated.

Often, the more girls love, the more likely they are to expose these shortcomings uncontrollably; and the more exposed they are, the more tired boys will be.

So, in fact, one of the keys to let a boy get along with you is: you don’t need to love him much, just let him relax. At least don’t let this kind of love generate your negative emotions.

Because your negative emotions will not get his understanding and sympathy, but his unhappiness.

4. When he realizes he lost a good woman, he lost a woman with irreplaceable characteristics, the higher the objective value, the better

Maybe you are just a young ordinary girl, not superior to other girls. Then, you have to have the trait of keeping away from other girls. This trait represents the reason why he has to be you. For example, you look outstanding and make people look back; for example, you have rich connotation and interesting soul; for example, you have high quality and full marks. In a word, it is necessary to develop one’s own specialty. The more you are praised by the stars, the more boys love you, not only for protection, but also for appreciation and worship. This kind of emotional interweaving will make him want to give up on you.

5. When he realizes he lost a good woman, he lost a woman who loves myself most

The reason why this is put at the end is that many girls can’t do it. I’ve met most girls. After they have the people they like, they always have a sense of mission. Everything habit to each other, put each other’s feelings in the first place, even if you wronged yourself, also want to help each other.

It’s not great. Because people’s emotions need to be balanced, the selfless dedication you think of actually constitutes your subconscious expectation of the other party’s feedback. In other words, your compromise is likely not to become the favor of the other party, but also become the shackles of your emotional kidnapping of the other party.

In your own every move, the other party will observe, imitate, and set their own standards for you: even if you don’t care about your own things, how can he feel important?

So, before you fulfill him, make sure that you are mentally balanced and that you are worthy of yourself. After all, these behaviors can directly enhance your sense of value in the other person’s heart, and he will know how to treat you better.

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