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When A Man Tells You He Loves You

How to know when a man likes you?

In relationships, men and women are not the same.

If a woman meets true love, she will be willing to give up her career for him, give up the things she likes, and just stay home to raise her children, which she feels is her ideal life.

And the man is not going to do so, his world is big, will not give up the whole world for a woman, even if he met true love, will consider whether it is worth doing so.

This is the woman encountered love, will choose the moth to the flame, while most men are calm and sober, even if they love a person again, will restrain themselves.

When a man tells you he loves you, how do we know?

Some men always talk well, every day the “I love you” hanging on the lips, but you can not see his actions, even you do not know whether he is true love in the end.

Shakespeare said, “True love, it is difficult to express in words, behavior is the best description of loyalty.”



To judge the sincerity of a person, words are the most superficial, although they make the heart happy.

How to know when a man likes you? A person’s sincerity, the most withstand is the test of time. And this test of standards, behavior is the most accurate.

When a man says he loves you, a few points of truth and a few points of falsehood, hidden in the subconscious behavior when getting along. The longer the time, the more there is no way to pretend.

How to know when a man likes you? People who love you from the heart, and the surface love you, there are four differences, but not pretend.





The response at home and abroad

Some men are very talented in life “performer”.

How to know when a man likes you? At home and outside, the two faces switch back and forth, comfortable with it.

In front of outsiders, you do whatever you want, the response is exaggerated, so people think you have a good relationship. When you get home, you are immediately benched, like the most familiar stranger.

He cares, it is never your opinion, but the outsiders to his evaluation.

The actual “gentle”, “respect for women”… everyone sees, is his carefully performed persona.


How to know when a man likes you? The only thing you can do is to spend time with him and see the real face under the disguise. This is the surface love you people.

On the contrary, the heart loves a person, simply do not care how other people see, but more concerned about how you see him.

How to know when a man likes you? He does not need to perform, and will not obey you, but naturally show your true. The actual fact is that you will be able to respect you in front of people, and you will also respect you at home.

All of the behavioral reactions, all from the heart, never to pretend to outsiders to see, as two.




The attitude towards you with money

The surface love you, than love you, he loves money more.

How to know when a man likes you? Some men, in getting along with you, fool themselves over. He thinks he loves you, he can tolerate your little nature in some places, can also casually say “love you” two words.

But once you and money together, he is determined not to waver to choose: money.

How to know when a man likes you? You use a point, he wants to be clear and clear. You use a piece, no matter who you use it on, no matter how legitimate the use, he can not help but to break up a fight with you.

Some men, he is not poor, but stingy.



On the contrary, people who love you from the bottom of their hearts, even if he is really poor, will not be anxious to go on fire to argue with you for money.

He is only afraid that he does not give you enough, so you feel that he is not good enough.

How to know when a man likes you? The person who really loves you, even if there are only ten dollars, but also willing to spend ten dollars for you. People who pretend to love you, even if they have a hundred, are not willing to spend one for you.

The person who is willing to let you spend money, not because he is much rich, but because he cares about you, so willingly.

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Dependence on your performance

Talk about love, can not be separated from dependence.

When a man tells you he loves you, how do we know? No matter men and women, really love a person, will always be unable to control to rely on each other.

This dependence, often not material, but emotional.

How to know when a man likes you? The heart loves a person, is no matter how can not cover up their own care.

When you are with you, he is comfortable, is happy. When you’re not around, it’s empty and uncomfortable.


No matter how far you are from each other physically, your heart is very close.

He still seeks you out to talk and share with you just like he did when he was with you. Sometimes you take the initiative, sometimes he takes the initiative.

On the contrary, the surface love people, never is very stressed “free”.

The longer we live together, the more we lose the initial freshness, the more he wants to stay alone.

Even if two people are in the same room day after day, but also hope that it is best to do their own, do not interfere with him too much.

How to know when a man likes you? When they are not together, they have more legitimate reasons to be happy to get away. The initiative to find you is very little, even if you take the initiative to contact him, but also not necessarily willing to respond to you in a timely manner.




The degree of caring for you

The person who says he loves you may also be just a selfish person.

How to know when a man likes you? Some men, in life, he can also show some care and attention to you, some heartache. Perhaps, even they themselves think that he has actually loved you a lot.

But in fact, he only surface in love with you, than love you, he loves himself more.

When you are sad, he never really stand in your perspective to feel sorry for you, just the same old sentence “do not cry”.

How to know when a man likes you? When arguing, he never only cared about his own feelings, cared about whether he stood the upper hand.

On the contrary, people who love you from the bottom of their hearts, get along, he may not be able to do what you want so perfect, but also do not let you completely sad.


But he will really face up to the problem and try to reassure you.

How to know when a man likes you? You have to listen to every word you say. The time you’re having a hard time, he is feeling the same, both heartbroken you, but also chagrined himself.

How to know when a man likes you? The person who really loves you, the love for you, not on the surface, but in the heart.

The heart how to love you, action will be how to love you, this point, no matter how can not deceive people.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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