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What Is Your Most Authentic Relationship Standard?

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What is your most authentic relationship standard? I have had a message interaction to ask those couples who are very happy to give their single friends a suggestion on the relationship standard. Here are your answers:

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What is your most authentic relationship standard? 1. He knows how to be happy.

Whether he is a happy individual or not is an important factor for you to face together and be happier in the face of a mess of life.

What is your most authentic relationship standard? 2. Choose people who know how to communicate and compromise.

“Communication” refers to whether you can communicate. Your interests and love need not be identical, but their logic can be understood at the same level“ “Compromise” is accommodation and tolerance. It can’t be a one-sided compromise. But if after every quarrel and communication, the corresponding compromise is implemented into action, no matter how far away the two people are, they can get closer. If there is at least one more person with strong emotion control ability, I think it will be very difficult to separate.

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What is your most authentic relationship standard? 3. People who attract you and who are suitable for you

I think in choosing a partner, we need to distinguish between two things, you need to know what type of people are attractive to you, and what type of talents are suitable for you. When choosing, give priority to those you like and are suitable for you. If they attract and are suitable for you, it’s good. But be wary of people who are fascinating but can’t bring you the things you need in your relationship (for example, I need the sense of security and loyalty in my relationship, but the type of people who often attract me don’t).

And attraction may turn into like and love, but it doesn’t mean like and love. Those who attract you too much are likely to have some personality traits that you lack, but partners need to distinguish whether this person can really bring you the needs you want in the relationship. People who can’t meet your needs in the relationship usually can’t give you happiness.

What is your most authentic relationship standard? 4. One of the most important factors is to see this person and want to have sex with him.

In fact, the body’s reaction has already told you that you like this person, so don’t be shy at this time. You can be bold together when you have more contact with each other, confirm your character and basic economic conditionsOf course, the time of having a relationship depends on the individual, and protective measures must be taken.)

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What is your most authentic relationship standard? 5. Don’t imagine what is “love” and what is “love” in your mind.

Don’t compare your conditions to find a lover. Don’t refuse and give up when you don’t expect. Relax and enjoy the heart to heart connection.

What is your most authentic relationship standard? 6. Choose someone who doesn’t belittle other women just to please you.

For example, I won’t speak ill of my ex girlfriend in front of you, chew the tongue of other women, listen to you talk about other people’s affairs, and don’t make particularly excited comments.

What is your most authentic relationship standard? 7. I’m happy now.

I think perhaps the most important thing is to use your intuition. If you feel something is wrong when you get along with a person, feel that there is a string taut, and feel all kinds of small discomfort, don’t ignore them at this time, and don’t deceive yourself, because maybe your intuition has told you that this person is not suitable, and it’s uncomfortable to get along with.

And when you get along with a person, you can naturally show yourself, and get along with and communicate comfortably, maybe this person is more suitable.

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What is your most authentic relationship standard? 8. Choose people who are willing to discuss with you after a fight.

Maybe you will quarrel when discussing things, but both of you will continue to learn how to treat yourself and each other better and grow up together in the relationship.

What is your most authentic relationship standard? 9. Before I met him, I thought the normal state of love was thrilling.

After I met him, I felt very down-to-earth. All the imagination related to love was different, but I was at ease. Therefore, I think peace of mind is a very important factor.

What is your most authentic relationship standard? 10. About eating.

We grew up in different environments, and our living habits are very different. When we eat, we can reflect these subtle differences and observe those hidden preferences.

For example, he has a special liking for the dishes on the table, whether he will change according to your preference, whether he will make a lot of noise or be polite when eating, whether he will be dumb when paying the bill, or whether he will pay the bill and invite you to the next appointment. Many people’s mood is not only written on their faces, but also reflected in their conversation and appetite.

What is your most authentic relationship standard? 11. Emotional stability is the most important thing.

I’ve been with a lot of good-looking guys, but if I often quarrel or have a cold war, I’m tired of being good-looking. Not everyone has the wisdom to get along with me. Now my husband is in a stable mood, smart and not in a hurry. Although he is young, he can’t help asking for help in his work.

Any major or minor events in life can be planned and divided with me. If it’s something I’m not good at or don’t like to do, it will be taken over naturally. Therefore, it’s hard for us to imagine a quarrel between two people. Because he is in a stable mood, I don’t worry about a sudden quarrel at all. My life is full of security.

What is your most authentic relationship standard? 12. Choose people who trust you.

I went to drink with my friend in the middle of the night until dawn. After talking to him, he said, “can you tell me when you go to the bar?” I thought he would mind if I went to the bar. He continued, “I don’t mind how you play. I just worry about your safety. If you go to play in the future, tell me in advance and I can pick you up when it’s over…” this kind of trust may be something that can make our relationship go a long way.

What is your most authentic relationship standard? In general, there is only one sentence: the person who can provide you with emotional value is the one who is really right. The so-called emotional value is most easily highlighted when two people encounter contradictions or problems. Is he just self venting, or can he sit down and talk to you. Is he able to normally say good morning and good night to pick you up from work, or does he ignore everything.

What is your most authentic relationship standard? As for the contradiction between you, is he actively solving it or waiting for you to heal. It’s impossible to make big decisions every day. Feelings should be classified as daily trifles, whether he will carefully observe your needs, and whether the trifles he promises you are casual or do what he says. It’s necessary to build a sense of security. Two people together, the best is not to ask each other to change for you.

Instead, he believes that he is willing to change if he wants to improve his happiness. Imperceptibly, you all become better selves. Many of these changes are due to the influence of the other party’s daily behavior.

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