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What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? How To Maintain LTR?


What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? In fact, LTR means long-distance relationship. How many people clearly love each other, but miss each other because they are in a different place. “A long-distance relationship will only end up with a scorer.” This is probably a voice that many long-distance lovers will hear.


What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? I just want to tell every lover who is suffering from long-distance love, long distance is never a problem, the problem lies with your heart. In the world, there are many people who break up because of long-distance relationships, but there are also many people who end their long-distance relationships and eventually go to the wedding hall. How should a long-distance relationship be maintained so as not to break up?

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1. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder-The principle of respecting each other

In love, no lovers are perfect. Everyone has his own habits and principles. Respecting each other is equivalent to respecting oneself.


What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? If the other party doesn’t like to be disturbed while working, don’t ask him/her to reply in seconds and answer the phone in seconds; the other party must put on the mask every night before chatting, and wait patiently for him/her. She will accompany him/her well in a while.


What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? In a normal relationship, there will be friction between two people when they get along, and they should understand each other and run in. Don’t turn the sesame mung bean in your life into a big problem because of the long-distance relationship, and affect each other’s feelings!


2. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder-enough self-control

Long-distance relationship feels like being single, but it doesn’t mean you are single. If you really love someone, you must know how to keep your distance, make the other person feel at ease at all times, and let him/her know how much you value the relationship.


What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? “He/she is just a colleague/classmate” These words seem harmless, but in fact they are enough to make the other party heartache and disappointment. Rather than use weak words to argue, it is better to use actual actions to prove that you have sufficient self-control and the importance of this relationship!


3. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder-Maintain the habit of daily communication

Long-distance relationships will always encounter these kinds of situations:

1. At the beginning, I will talk for several hours every day, even if there is no topic afterwards, I still have to hold on. The longer I feel, the more I care about the other person. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? Until I get tired, and the other party is also tired of it, it just depends on who says it first.


Second, always fail to contact or not actively contact, in the end it becomes unnecessary.

Long-distance relationship is not terrible, I’m afraid that there is nothing to say between each other.

Contact and communication are nothing but the pattern of a normal relationship between couples. Every day is a new day, and there will be new things happening, from “the breakfast made in the morning is delicious” to “forgot to brush your teeth before going to bed at night”, no matter how small and ordinary things are, they can be between you. topic. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? Even if there is really nothing special to share, then a greeting, a phrase “I miss you” is enough to make each other feel warm.

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4. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder-Appropriate Communication

Communication is not only talking, but also the exchange of ideas.


What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? Two people have different ideas and different living environments, so naturally there will be differences in their views and ways of dealing with a matter. At this time, it is necessary to communicate with each other, discuss and understand each other’s ideas, and then reach an agreement. When two people can understand each other, the road of love can go longer.


5. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder-Send love and thoughts to him/her

If you really cant see each other for a long time, you cant express your love in words, and you cant “send” yourself to each other, then send something else!


Send him/her some Surprise from time to time, in addition to letting him/her surprise, it is more to express your thoughts and love for him/her. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? Gifts can be things that each other likes, or novel items that just happen to be found while shopping, or even love letters, photos, and small things made by hand. The more representative and commemorative gifts, the greater the meaning given to each other.


6. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder

Who said that long-distance relationships cannot be dated? Even if you and him/her are separated by half the earth, you can still date other couples sweetly. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? For example, if you watch a movie together, you can discuss the plot of the movie and share your experience while talking on the phone or sending a message after watching a movie; or go to a cafe you havent been to and tell him/her Which coffee is good? What happened in the cafe? Although we are in two locations, we can still do the same thing and share different times.


7. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder-Set a date to meet

Long-distance couples are separated for a long time, cannot see each other, and feel insecure. As a result, they are prone to doubt each other and gradually lose confidence in their relationship.


“When you are away, I always feel unreliable.” It is better to promise to each other how long apart you will see each other, or when you separate, discuss and set a date for the next meeting, and then count down with each other every day until you get together again. That day. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? Do not be disturbed by other foreign affairs as much as possible on the day of the appointment (such as friends gatherings, meetings, forgetting that there are other arrangements on the day, otherwise the other party will think that you do not value the relationship ), and finally meet him and focus on him/her wholeheartedly.


8. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder-Don’t Talk About Breaking Up

The word “break up” is a kind of injury in itself. When you say the word break up lightly, he/she who is far away in the sky cannot hold your hand tightly, or hold you from behind, begging you not to go, like in an idol drama. What Does LTR Mean On Tinder? How much does he/she want to go directly to you through space, but can only be alone in heartache and tears. The long-term relationship between the two is that they never talk about breaking up.

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