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What Are The Signs That Girls Just Treat You As Friend?

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What signs she doesn’t like you more than a friend? Confession is always a song of victory, not a clarion call to charge.

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She doesn’t like you more than a friend? I don’t know if the readers who click in are also hesitating about advertising. I feel that the interaction is very frequent, and the chat is also full of talking and laughing. There is an ambiguous atmosphere between you, which makes your heart itch. In your eyes, you should have feelings for each other and even like each other. You think that as long as the advertisement pierces this relationship, you can be together.

Well, I hope you will first suppress the impulse to express yourself, and then I will review your process carefully to see if there are the following phenomena. The more satisfied the situation is, the more likely the girl will just want to treat you as a friend. 

Signs she doesn’t like you more than a friend 01. Don’t be so impulsive that you can’t even be friends.

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No matter how well she talks, she just doesn’t want to go out alone with you

Many friends will encounter this situation. They have a good chat, but they just can’t make an appointment. Even if you are willing to come out, you will find that she did not come alone. She always brings a best friend with her, and some of them even have to think about small parties with a lot of people.

She doesn’t like you more than a friend? Being alone is one of the most important ways to warm up your relationship. At this time, you can do some intimate behaviors that you don’t usually do in front of outsiders. She doesn’t want to go out alone with you. There are two possibilities. The first is that girls are afraid of embarrassment and don’t know what to do. Second, girls are afraid of misunderstanding and don’t know how to explain to others.

These two situations are not suitable for advertising, and the second point is not to say more. I’m afraid that I still like you for fear of misunderstanding. This logic simply doesn’t work. So the first point is to be afraid of embarrassment. Then you have to slow down. The girl has not adapted to the progress of the relationship between you. This kind of embarrassing relationship even makes her feel uncomfortable. Once you’ve confessed at this time, it’s very likely that she’ll avoid you more, and then the relationship will be more difficult to progress.

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Signs she doesn’t like you more than a friend 02. You interact a lot, but she’s averse to touch

She doesn’t like you more than a friend? In this usual contact, you walk closer. You can’t avoid touching your hands and touching your shoulders. Or two people study a problem or watch something together. Boys hold their hands on the table and girls sit on the chair. It looks like girls are leaning against boys. This kind of touch stimulation, again and again let you heart, eager to put her into his arms.

If you think about the girl’s reaction, let it be, or run far away? If a girl keeps a distance from you immediately, or in subsequent interactions, she is more likely to resent intimate contact than shy.

She doesn’t like you more than a friend? Intimate contact is also one of the important ways to warm up feelings, through the touch of the skin of the limbs to speed up each other’s heartbeat, which can be more sure of each other’s relationship. If a girl rejects this kind of contact, she just wants to maintain a friend relationship with you. No matter how shy a girl is, she runs away when there are too many people, not when no one finds out.

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Signs she doesn’t like you more than a friend 03. Have a good time, but she just won’t let you take her home

She doesn’t like you more than a friend? Today two people go out to have a good time together, you think it’s late, or the girl suggests that it’s time to go home. At this time, even if you are not on the way, you will say, “I’ll take you home.” If you have a car to pick you up, if you don’t have a car, you can take a bus together. If you are close to home, take a walk home. Chat on the road for a while, and even set the time for the next appointment.

At this time, girls generally refuse. It doesn’t matter if they refuse two or three times. Some girls think they are not familiar with it, and some are considerate. They are afraid that you will go around a long way. If you refuse to send her home every time, there is a great possibility that she doesn’t want you to know her home address.

Why don’t you know where she lives? Just think about it. A person’s mobile phone number can be changed, contact information can be deleted, but the home address is not easy to change. Once you have confessed, she doesn’t mean to refuse you. She is also afraid that you will pester her. She also knows where her home is and can wait for her on the road. She just wants to be friends with you, so it won’t give you the chance to pester her.

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