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A Test If You Are In An Unhappy Relationship Quiz

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What’s your relationship in marriage? Is it happiness or in an unhappy relationship? Are you sweet or unhappy in a relationship? Answer the questions below and find the answers.

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Start the test:

Unhappy relationship quiz 1. In your opinion, what is the most successful big wife relationship in the world?

A. Everything goes well.

B. Good and bad things happen alternately.

C. In most cases, it’s good.

Unhappy relationship quiz 2. As you are still in love, how can you solve some problems in your family in the future?

A. Occasionally.

B. Talk about it often.

C. It’s up to one person.

Unhappy relationship quiz 3. Which of the following is your couple’s current lifestyle?

A. I don’t see each other all the year round.

B. Always together, never apart.

C. Sometimes there is a brief separation.

Unhappy relationship quiz 4. What do you think of the situation that husband and wife quarrel, fight and belittle each other?

A. Great misfortune.

B. Better not.

C. This is not the most important thing. The key is to make up as soon as possible.

Unhappy relationship quiz 5. What kind of way do you like to spend your holidays?

A. The couple spent it together.

B. Spend time with family and friends.

C. Between a and B.

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Unhappy relationship quiz 6. How do you deal with the unpleasant housework?

A. I’m trying to do it.

B. Push it to one side.

C. Reasonable share.

Unhappy relationship quiz 7. How do you couple treat their sex life?

A. Where possible, quality should be considered.

B. Just pay attention to the quantity.

C. Focus only on quality.

Unhappy relationship quiz 8. What are your couple’s common feelings about sex?

A. It’s not only the enjoyment of emotional harmony, but also the desire to have sex next time.

B. The total performance is an unpleasant process.

C. It’s just a more emotional exchange.

Unhappy relationship quiz 9. What are the main reasons for the quarrel and fighting between your husband and wife?

A. Economic expenditure.

B. There are different ways to deal with things inside and outside the family.

C. Suspect that the other party has an affair.

Unhappy relationship quiz 10. What’s the reason for your husband and wife to make up after their quarrel?

A. One side gave in.

B. There are concessions.

C. I don’t want to give in, because of the persuasion of my relatives and friends.

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Unhappy relationship quiz 11. Do you agree on the issue of educating children?

A. Consistent.

B. There are serious differences.

C. In a few cases, it is inconsistent.

Unhappy relationship quiz 12. After a period of marriage and emotional setbacks, do you think it was the right choice?

A. A mistake.

B. Between a and C.

C. One of the smartest choices.

The results were analyzed

Unhappy marriage quiz 12-22:

Your relationship is very good. You love each other in life, which can be said to be a model couple. For you, marriage brings you closer, closer and more attached. Of course, sometimes, there will be some misunderstandings and discomforts between you, but they don’t affect your love for each other, on the contrary, they arouse you to cherish each other more.

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Unhappy marriage quiz 23-46:

Your relationship is OK. Compared with most people’s marriage, your relationship is ideal. Of course, you can’t ignore some disharmonious factors in your life. You have common goals, but you don’t necessarily have common results. Therefore, when dealing with some disharmonious factors in your life, you must be careful. That’s a normal phenomenon. Don’t think too much about it. Otherwise, it will leave some shadows in your happy marriage.

Unhappy marriage quiz 47-60:

Your relationship is not good. Your marriage has no foundation of love, or the foundation of love is very weak. Even if nothing happens now, be very careful. Once there is a problem between you, it will be very difficult to solve. Therefore, in your daily marriage, you must adjust the relationship between husband and wife and be diligent in communication. In this way, it may get better.

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