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11 Types Of Dating Relationships, Which One Are You?

More and more Types of dating relationships have appeared. This is because as the social value becomes more and more diversified, everyone’s feelings and Types of dating relationships have become more and more abundant, and the only partner is no longer in love. Specific mode. So, what are the different types of dating relationships between couples? What about the daily life and emotional interaction of both parties in different modes? We have summarized several typical Types of dating relationships in adult love, including entj dating, lets see if there is one with you.

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01. Types of dating relationships-ethnographic love

There is a method of investigation and research in anthropology called “ethnography”. It refers to conducting research through first-hand participatory observation by entering the (cultural/social) environment of the desired research. Also known as “Field Ethnography”. This type of lover, holding the spirit of anthropological research, aims to collect interesting human beings, and start dating and love.

The characteristics of this Types of dating relationships: Every date has a distinct and attractive characteristic. This kind of lovers are curious about human nature in their love. They are more interested in understanding the strange human beings than the intimate relationship itself, and even try their best.


02. Types of dating relationships-role-playing love

Sociologist Goffman pointed out in the “drama theory” that society can be regarded as a theater, and everyone creates an image of themselves by playing roles. Role-playing lovers move the daily life of love to the theater. They rarely show their true selves completely and fall in love like script characters.

The characteristics of this Types of dating relationships: Both parties have specific role positioning, lines and plots are packaged, and a certain personality and certain plots are deliberately shaped, with a certain degree of game nature.


03. Types of dating relationships-Open relationship type love

An open relationship is a non-monogamous intimate relationship that both parties (or even multiple parties) of the relationship agree with. It mainly emphasizes that there is no exclusivity in the relationship between the two parties from a sexual perspective, and absolute loyalty is not required.

The characteristics of this Types of dating relationships: In a relationship, both parties can be dated or have multiple partners at the same time. This type of people can hardly focus on the only relationship, find the traits they like from different people, and can carry out the relationship at the same time. Intimacy of many people.


04.Types of dating relationships-Years of old friend love

From a friend to a lover.The characteristics of this Types of dating relationships: the two know the roots and have known each other for many years, and they have spent different stages of life together. They have a deep understanding of each others personality, background, and concepts, and have a stable and deep-rooted relationship foundation, and even all the feelings they have experienced with each other. Everything is well understood. Two situations are more common. One is that years of friendship have turned into love, and the other is that one party has always had the purpose of being together, accompanied by friends, and waiting for a suitable opportunity.

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05.Types of dating relationships-symbiosis love

An intimacy related to addiction. Both parties in love have an absolute emotional dependence on each other, and part of the dependence is also reflected in the close connection in daily getting along. The characteristics of this Types of dating relationships: In such a relationship, the dependence of one party can bring a sense of accomplishment to the other party, and personal value is reflected, so the other party “depends on the dependence of the partner.”


06.Types of dating relationships-trial and error love

Trial and error method is a learning method that is applied to multiple disciplines and is purely empirical. People who apply this method to love tend to prove intimacy through experience and try to find the best results.The characteristics of this Types of dating relationships: They have a clear purpose of marriage and love, which is fundamentally different from playing with feelings. They can find a suitable partner by quickly trying to fall in love. They generally have a lot of love experiences, have fast progress, have low requirements for love thresholds, and can quickly withdraw.


07.Types of dating relationships

A partner who grows out of a physical relationship and stays together.

The characteristics of this Types of dating relationships: From a rational point of view, they believe that sex and love can be completely separated, but they often encounter objects who only want to have a physical relationship, but find that they have no way to control their feelings.


08.Types of dating relationships-Spare tyre love

Constantly looking for the next partner in an intimate relationship, or have always had such an idea, or maintain a relationship with other people of the opposite sex.

The characteristics of this Types of dating relationships: I have no feelings or dissatisfaction with my partner, and I am reluctant to actively admit the relationship between the two, but the other party’s contribution brings them a sense of satisfaction and a certain degree of guilt. They will enter the relationship first, and wait for the next suitable person to change.


09.Types of dating relationships-from one to the end type love

I love only one person in my life

The characteristics of this Types of dating relationships: Most of these relationships sprouted from a young age and have a long and stable foundation. In the relationship between two people, they gradually merge into the feelings of family, friendship and other feelings. They are very firm in the relationship between the two people, and the two people have a “unique” special meaning to each other.


10.Types of dating relationships-love and kill love

Both love and hurt each other, very tangled love. Love each other very much and longing to be together, together and many hurt and longing to be separated.

The characteristics of this Types of dating relationships: two people are inappropriate in their lifestyles and three views, but they are still entangled in pain repeatedly and cannot be separated, sometimes the sweetness bursts out, sometimes tortured each other, and the pain is intolerable. Unable to separate, and use pain as evidence of deep love.


11. Types of dating relationships-Raising and forming love

Simulation development game is a type of game. It is necessary to cultivate a specific object (human or animal) in the game and make it successful, which brings a sense of accomplishment. In a relationship, one partner has obvious training and manipulation of the other partner.

The characteristics of this Types of dating relationships: The main feature is cross-age dating, with a difference of about 10 years. There is a big difference in mental maturity. The older party is more mature and advantageous both physically and psychologically, and has varying degrees of intervention in the life and ideas of the other party.

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