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6 Different Types Of Casual Relationships

What are the different types of casual relationships? Love is a universal and special thing, all people yearn for it, but it has countless forms and appearances. In these different types of love, the time of acquaintance is different, the frequency of meeting is different, and even the number of partners can no longer be the only one. However, no matter what type of love, once the love relationship is confirmed, it means sharing all the sweetness and pain of life.

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6 different types of casual relationships

1. Different types of casual relationships? Trial and error love

As the name suggests, trial and error method is a kind of learning method applied to multi-disciplinary, pure empirical verification. People who use this method in love tend to verify intimacy through experience, and try to find the best results.

This type of casual relationships has such characteristics: they have a clear purpose of marriage and love, which is essentially different from playing with feelings. They can find a suitable partner by quickly trying to love. Their love experiences are usually frequent, fast-paced, with low requirements for love threshold, and they can also pull away quickly.

This type of casual relationships psychological states of people in the relationship are: clear goal, functionalism, time crisis, experimental psychology and so on.

2. Different types of casual relationships? From physical relationship to love relationship

For this type of casual relationships, from a rational point of view, they think that sex and love can be completely separated, but they often encounter the object who only wants to have a physical relationship, but find that they can’t control their feelings.

This type of casual relationships psychological states are: body and mind, sensibility, lack of security, false alienation and so on.

3. Different types of casual relationships? The second choice love

In a close casual relationships, keep looking for the next partner, or always have this idea, or keep a friend relationship with other members of the opposite sex.

People who have this kind of relationship often have this kind of characteristics: they have no feelings or are not satisfied with their partner, and are not willing to actively admit their partnership, but the other party’s efforts bring them satisfaction and a certain degree of guilt. They’ll get into the relationship first, and wait until they find the right person.

Their psychological state is self-interest, fear, emotional rupture, loneliness, lack of self-worth and so on.

4. Different types of casual relationships? From one to the end of love

Love only one person in your life. This kind of relationship mostly germinates in the youth, has the long time stable foundation. Two people in love, gradually into the family, friendship and other feelings, the relationship between the two people is very firm, and the two have a “unique” special significance to each other.

This type of casual relationships psychological state is generally familiarity, long-term love, emotional stability, love inertia and so on.

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5. Different types of casual relationships? Love and kill each other

In this kind of relationship, two people love each other and hurt each other, which is a tangled love. Love each other very much, long for together, together and many hurt, long for apart. Two people in the way of life, three view is not appropriate, but still repeatedly entangled pain, can not be separated, sometimes sweet burst, sometimes torture each other, pain unbearable. Cannot separate, and take the pain as the deep love evidence.

They are often addicted to pain, self abuse, revenge, emotionality, sense of salvation and so on.

6. Different types of casual relationships? Formative love

For this type of casual relationship, simulation nurturance game is a kind of game type, which needs to cultivate specific objects (people or animals) in the game and make them succeed, thus bringing a sense of achievement. In the formative love, one side has obvious cultivation and manipulation to the other. The main feature is cross age love, with a difference of about 10 years. The older one is more mature and advantageous both physically and psychologically, and has different degrees of intervention in the other’s life and thoughts.

This type of casual relationships psychological state displays for the control desire, the self-discipline, the strong, the psychological stability, the sense of achievement and so on.

In addition to the above types types of casual relationships, I believe there are many different types of casual relationships that have not been mentioned.

Of all the different types of casual relationships, I feel that the most important thing is each other in the relationship. Love is like a contract, because love, we are willing to fulfill. All the terms and conditions in it need not be understood by others. As long as they are comfortable and agree with each other, they are warm and lovely. They are only our secrets.

The above are the different types of casual relationships. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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