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Five Taboo Topics: Two Girls Having Sex

Don’t be a bed pooper when two girls having sex. Girls having sex with each other, five taboo topics you can’t make after intimacy.

If the girls sex each other, I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a situation where you curl up on one side of the bed and cry after having a shot with the other side, starting and ending. The other party is surprised, worried about whether you are uncomfortable, or what she did wrong, he can only keep tears, shaking his head to deny.

Two girls sex each other, don’t worry. It’s all because of hormones. During orgasm, your body releases a lot of hormones, including pleasant dopamine, stress relieving oxytocin, and prolactin that makes you want to rest. When you feel overwhelmed by sadness, it’s because your body is rapidly adjusting its physiological state.

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Two girls sex with each other, there is also a saying that after the pleasure of orgasm, the part dealing with fear and anxiety in the brain returns to its original state, the usual worry or rational thinking becomes clear, conflicts with the ecstasy brought by orgasm, and the physiological phenomenon of suffering and crying appears. Intimate time gives you rich sensory stimulation, but after satisfaction, you need more emotional interaction between breath. Even if you have not experienced the above situation, when a good partner, it is necessary to avoid being a disappointment. Check to see if you have committed any taboos after five major events.

5 taboo topics about two girls having sex

1. Two girls having sex: immediately evaluate the skill after the event

It’s not about pretending to be a good person and just speaking well, but about making constructive comments. In fact, it can’t help chefs improve their cooking skills if diners blindly criticize “not delicious”. What you need to say is: what kind of “not delicious”? Why doesn’t it suit your taste? Why does the other party deal with this? If there is a chance, how can the other party improve?

Two girls having sex. What’s more, it’s a big ng to quantify sex by scores! What’s the daily (continuous) climax? We are not sex performers. The number of high tides is not equal to excellence. Whether we enjoy the process and whether we have a deeper desire for each other is the real test of our skills.

2. Two girls having sex: upper body

For love, for courtesy, for the next time, whatever, please respect each other’s figure. It’s outrageous to spend the happy time after sex discussing how to reduce body fat, or what height to lose weight. Two girls having sex. No matter what fleshy or loose you touch in the process, or even whose vagina is “farting” in the middle of the way, please remember: you are sharing a very intimate moment, so please put down the “standard” ruler of your body first to protect the fragile state of mind after hormonal fluctuations, It can also avoid increasing the distractions and worrying about the posture when both parties are intimate in the future.

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3. Two girls having sex: raise serious or conflicting topics

Two girls having sex. I’ve also said that sex is not a panacea. Please don’t set up a meeting hall by the way when the two sides meet, carry out topics that need to be seriously discussed, or even continue issues that have already been divided. After the climax, you need to embrace, keep or cool down, or replenish your strength. Two girls having sex. Let’s keep calm before we continue to discuss the problems of real life.

Two girls having sex. When it comes to reality, some people may think of promises or future problems. I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s a mature behavior to talk about the future development of the relationship or the question of “next time”. In an era of diverse needs for everyone, sex and taste need not be equal to commitment. Your relationship status can not be measured by sex alone. In order to avoid dishonesty or catering to the situation, please judge through communication and observation after passion.

4. Two girls having sex: informal discussion of sexual experience or habit

There is no elitism in sex. No one is born a sex expert. We all learn it all the way. When you compare your current position with all your predecessors, you will only get two results: the other party has unlimited confidence, and then may not know how to get better; Or the other party’s self-confidence plummeted, embarrassed, and don’t know how to please you in the future. If the other party doesn’t ask, never.

Two girls having sex. Yes. no I used to be used to it. Since it is the past, let the old habits go! To expose one’s age, one should also quote the lyrics: “don’t say that you are choosing people, and people can also choose you.”. If you are so attached to the beautiful and wonderful bed experience in the past, don’t compare with the one in front of you. Thank you.

5. Two girls having sex: inquiry skills where did you learn it?

Two girls having sex. It’s good to be curious about the world, but we also need to understand the aesthetics of tacit understanding. Being a “ask everything” or a historian about sex is really a shame. In fact, there is no good answer for you, except to embarrass the other party (maybe she can’t remember). If you want to discuss technology and study skills, you can ask directly. If you want to lose face on this occasion, you will only have more misunderstandings.

Two girls having sex. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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