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8 Things Cheaters Say When Confronted

What are the things cheaters say when confronted, or what cheaters say when confronted? For feelings, betraying feelings should be the most unforgivable, whether it is spiritual or physical derailment, only the first time there will be countless times, but many men will eventually be confused by women’s rhetoric, choose to continue to believe!

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Here are 8 things cheaters say when confronted

1. Things cheaters say when confronted: Mental infidelity but no harm

This sentence is full of self deception. Everyone’s heart, put into only one person. In particular, women’s spiritual infidelity is not far away from their physical infidelity. After all, it’s easy to conquer her soul first and then her body. What she thinks is harmless, that is to have confidence and assurance that there will be no real action.

2. Things cheaters say when confronted: The body betrays but the soul is loyal

The body is betrayal, but my favorite is my husband. Love is the only, there is no third party. Once there is an infidelity, it is a betrayal of her husband. It’s just the body, it’s the soul. If the soul is loyal, it will not allow itself to have relations with others. If the soul is loyal, it will give a serious warning to the body at the first time.

3. Things cheaters say when confronted: To make a play on occasion is to play on the world

Men can support each other, why not women? Yes, indeed. But you have to understand that you are not experiencing emotion. After all, you are married. You also have to think about the person around you. If you are an unmarried woman, you can do whatever you like.

4. Things cheaters say when confronted: I have something to do tonight. I won’t go home for dinner

In the relationship between husband and wife, women are more family oriented than men. If there is a period of time when their wives suddenly work overtime and attend parties for various reasons, they often go home late at night. For example: “today I have to work overtime, don’t wait for me for dinner”, “Today my boss told us to have dinner, I’ll go back later”, “I have something to do tonight, I won’t go home for dinner”.

Maybe she really has something to do, but when you ask her, you will change the topic. As long as you pay attention to her recent developments, you will understand.

It’s normal for two people to report their whereabouts to each other before. If your wife has this kind of situation, even if she hasn’t cheated, it’s not far from a problem.

5. Things cheaters say when confronted: Don’t touch me. I’m tired today

When you want to make out with her, she always finds an excuse to refuse, “I’m a little tired today. Can I change my day?” Don’t touch me. I’m sleepy. “

For the first time, you can choose to believe it. For the second time and the third time, your wife rejected you with the same reason. Are you suspicious? A woman’s body never lies. She should have someone she likes.

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6. Things cheaters say when confronted: You just don’t trust me

A woman always says this when her husband is a little sensitive. She uses her temper and the feelings between two people to block her husband’s suspicion. Take advantage of her husband’s little love and care for her.

7. Things cheaters say when confronted: Enough of you

If a woman is under your pressure step by step, then the whole person will directly blow up her hair and say that she is fed up with such a life and use divorce as a threat. By the time you get to this point, you may have understood that women are cheating. She’s really fed up with you, because with a new love, she can abandon you at any time.

8. Things cheaters say when confronted: How could I be that kind of person

It’s not sure if you say it twice, but if you say it again and again, it’s a ghost in your heart. If you say it again and again, you are really derailed.

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