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Skinny Vs Curvy What Do Guys| The Woman’s Body Shape That Men Like

Skinny vs curvy what do guys? As we all know, men are visual animals. The first impression of a woman is her appearance and figure, but it’s not bad. Who doesn’t like to give themselves better visual enjoyment. So in the eyes of men, what is the most perfect body standard? What kind of women do men like?

Do men like curvy women, skinny or curvy? What is the standard of a woman’s perfect figure? There are surveys that show that among the people who participated in the survey: Among 8752 people, 39.6% chose plump and weak type, followed by bodybuilding type (28.4%) and plump and healthy type (24.2%), while bony figure pursued by many women ranked last, accounting for only 7.8%.

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Research shows that when they show heterosexual men pictures of beautiful women, they get the order of the attractiveness of different parts of women’s body to men, which is: body-building, sexy lips, plump chest, slender legs, round hips and thin waist, hemispherical hips, charming eyes, long hair, small nose, skinny women, streamlined back, streamlined pudenda, beautiful women’s body A long neck, face.

Skinny vs curvy what do guys? Men’s favorite women’s figure

Soft, curvy females vs skinny women: most men’s ideal woman, should be “soft as boneless”, the body is round, concave and convex, bones must have fat package. Now popular “bony beauty”, in their view, is a morbid performance.

Skinny vs curvy what do guys? Flat, powerful abdomen: abdomen is one of the sexy parts of a woman. A woman with a protruding belly, no matter how delicate she looks, can hardly catch the eyes of the opposite sex. Flat, soft and powerful abdomen is the exciting point to stimulate men’s desire.

Wide hips: skinny vs curvy what do guys? a man with an inverted triangle is considered healthy and strong, which is the best embodiment of masculinity. And for women, they should have big hips and slim waists.

Slender legs: skinny vs curvy what do guys? it is every woman’s dream to have a pair of slender legs. Sexy legs always capture the opposite sex in the first time.

Streamlined back: skinny vs curvy what do guys? soft curves can show women’s unique beauty, while geometric shapes and edges represent men’s beauty. The upper part of the back in women is narrower than that in men, and the lower part is wider. The bent back can make the buttocks out and the chest forward.

Slender neck: skinny vs curvy what do guys? the neck of a man is shorter and stronger than that of a woman, so as to protect himself in hunting or fighting. A woman’s slender, tapered neck has become an obvious feature of gender differences. Many painters like to use their slender necks to highlight women’s beauty. When kissing, men also like to linger around a woman’s neck.

Plump chest: skinny vs curvy what do guys? breast is an important secondary sexual feature of women. Beautiful shape of the breast should be plump, straight and elastic, moderate size, shape to hemispherical for the best.

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Skinny vs curvy what do guys? Men’s favorite women’s body shape

Skinny vs curvy what do guys? Skinny girl with curves, such as soft “marshmallow shape”: Recently, marshmallow shape is very popular among men. Even among women, they think soft girls are very cute, and they can’t help but want to hold them, right? Men’s opinions on this are “no matter where they feel soft, feel very good”, “even the naughty meat on the belly is so cute”. Skinny vs curvy what do guys? Therefore, women of this size can put a little snack, and it is also popular to lose weight without so much effort.

Forward and backward: this kind of figure is characterized by thin waist and thighs even though the chest and arms are plump, which is the kind of sexy figure most women envy. Men’s views on this are “too sexy to see enough” and “just look at it and feel very excited, very feminine”.

Healthy standard body: not fat not thin standard body is also the dream of many women. Men think it’s “healthy and reassuring to look at” and “the cutest body”.

Skinny vs curvy what do guys? Beautiful slim figure: this kind of figure is to wear clothes to show thin, take off clothes will not feel “ribs figure”, but very feminine. Men’s views on this are “whether it’s looking at or holding people in a good mood”, “slim body feel good, simply can’t stop”.

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